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  1. I recently dug into some old drawers to find loads of my Clone troopers from the CW era sets, but realized that my younger self tried "customizing" them with sharpies/other permanent markers and... well, let's just say they're not the greatest. Does anyone know of a way I can remove the marker without damaging the printing? Like some kind of liquid I can leave them in for a while or something? The marker has been there for quite a few years now, i'm not sure if that would affect anything though. I just really want to salvage these minifigs somehow.
  2. Malgax the Destroyer (Also known as 'The Dark Titan') This is one of the biggest MOCs I have ever made. I spent quite a few weeks working on it, and spent some money to get all the parts I needed from Bricklink. I think he comes up to about 2 ft tall. Pretty much everything is made of CCBS, with the exception of a few Technic parts and a couple of Bionicle parts. Every part of his body is custom-built, including the hands, feet, limbs, torso and even the head. Sadly a few days ago, he fell from a high place and got smashed to bits, so I had to spend a while fixing him. If anyone wants any extra photos, just ask. Sorry for the bad photos by the way, I had a really hard time trying to get the best possible lighting which took days, and even the final result didn't turn out well. I really do doubt I will win, because there are so many amazing entries here. I've never won any contests before, so maybe this will be a first? Maybe? Possibly? I guess to whoever gets 1st place, enjoy your nice gold mask! Photos: Lighter photos: Main Photo: Character Description and backstory: Thousands of years ago, on the mythical island of Okoto, before the Toa, before the Mask Makers, there were the three titans - The Titans of darkness, light and time. These titans towered above all who lived on the island, keeping the island peaceful, ruling their own regions. One fateful day, Malgax, the Titan of Darkness, wanted more power and murdered the Titan of Time taking his land from him. The Titan of Light fought Malgax, but Malgax created an army of his own, using his Staff of Chaos to corrupt inhabitants of the island, horribly disfiguring them and twisting them to carry out his will. When all seemed lost, the Titan of Light used all his power and sacrificed himself to defeat Malgax, ensuring nobody else would suffer. Both Titans were thought to be destroyed, and over the years the inhabitants of Okoto eventually forgot the past. Little did they all know, Malgax would one day return to wreak havoc to the island once again. A prophecy was discovered. A prophecy that told of six heroes that would one day arrive at Okoto to save it from the oncoming darkness. A prophecy that will soon come to be.