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  1. I built the Avenger tower (standard model, for now. I'll think about some modification once I find the place where I could store a two-three times higher tower) and I'm wondering whether to put the "Avenger Logo" sticker on it or not.

    Of course the Logo is required for a movie-accurate recreation of the tower but it will those nice transparent blue parts. It's a hard decision :classic:

    Hey BrickSev, if/when you do apply the Tower stickers, place the one that goes on the 2x6 translight blue brick first. Then apply the left sticker on the curved window. Then the ones on the right last. Use the "inner white circle" to line up the stickers.This will help ensure that they line up perfectly. Definitely one of the trickier sticker applications for those who seek perfection.

  2. Indeed :classic:

    I know sometimes it's hard to be a collector because marketing reasons will always prevail. Especially when it comes to toys. Anyway who knows, maybe one day we'll get Raven.

    I'm sure not a lot of persons thought we could have got Brainiac Minifigure. Of course he's a central point of the recent "Convergence" but I guess he is not as popular to younger Lego fans like Batman is.

    I'm just glad this years sets included a number of the "original" Legion of Doom characters like Brainiac from one of my favorite cartoons Super Friends as a kid. Let's hope next years include a few more of the original villains. Wonder Twin Powers Activate!

  3. I never said it was not smart, marketing wise :wink: Like you you said they want to focus on the main characters. Yet, I wonder why they focus more on Batman than Superman.

    I actually said "Is anyone surprised etc".

    Beside I think even someone at Lego is "obsessed" with Batman :classic:


    Typo corrected

    I definitely understand what you are saying. My original comment was aimed at the posts above yours that mentioned the inclusion of characters like Raven as a selling point to get people to buy into the game. I was just echoing/agreeing with Just2Goods post that it would actually have to be the opposite when launching a new game.

  4. It's smart. Batman is arguably the most popular DC character. Makes sense to make him a starter character on the covering and stuff.

    I agree 100%.

    As a collector, obviously I'd rather see other characters, but from a marketing standpoint you want to start with the most popular characters that have already have been released mini-figure wise several times over. As much as we would like to think that they would hear us, this game is clearly aimed at kids obsessed with Skylanders, Disney Infinity, etc, not the AFOL's. Most kids who only casually follow super heroes will have no idea who characters like Raven are and will buy the game to play as Batman, Superman, etc. It's all about driving sales and unfortunately Raven will not do that.

  5. Yeah i got that, but isn't it better to buy Ultron Drones now? maybe it's just me and the hype but i see more potential in AoU

    I'm surely not saying don't buy them :snicker: (that would be silly) i'm wondering what your interest is in the old Avengers sets?

    For many newer collectors like myself, they may not have been collecting at the time the set was originally in stores. I just started buying sets last summer when my son started requesting LEGO sets so I'm one of those who would definitely be interested in the old Avengers stuff, which is why I think the current Amazon $90 price with free shipping is pretty good. I routinely saw it hover around $110 - $120 last year. The lowest I saw Amazon price it since last summer was around $75, but they sold out within minutes and I missed it. When it was restocked, price was back up to $100. I was actually considering ordering it last night since I don't have any of the original wave mini figures but wound up ordering just the Loki figure off of Ebay for $10.... so I can definitely see why Marvel_Geek would have interest in picking it up especially since the current price is fairly low.

    On another note.... Has anyone built or seen someone post an MOC of the Aven-Jet? Was thinking of building one but wasn't sure of the correct scale compared to the Quinjet.

  6. Would anyone recommend getting the Helicarrier set.

    I highly recommend the set especially if the cost is a non factor for you. The build is fantastic and looks great next to the other Avengers stuff. My only negative about the set is the use of stickered tiles in between the printed runway plates, but it's a fairly simple modification to the runway and underneath supports to eliminate the need for them to create one seamless stretch of printed plates,

    16394159164_76979a07bc_z.jpgSo here's what I've completed so far... by cmay91472, on Flickr

  7. Hello! Very Good Work������

    Do you have news progress and Photos?

    Many Thanks

    Thanks. Much appreciated. Version 3.0 is the most recent update that I made to the tower. That's the 8.5 story tall version of the Tower that I posted new photos of at the top of the post awhile back to replace the original photos of the Tower's first incarnation (version 1.0) which was only 6.5 stories tall. The older photos of version 1.0 and Version 2.0 are still viewable on my Flickr account under the Album (Custom Avengers Tower) as I have had a few people ask me about the smaller version since they were planning to combine only two sets, and not something as big as version 3.0 which can be found in the album (LEGO Avengers Tower 3.0).

  8. The color used on the exterior of the Milano is actually "bright light orange".

    I think the color works well and there's really not many better options. Orange seems completely wrong, as does regular yellow. I do suppose dark orange would look well, but it would make the ship look quite bland actually. Personally I think the bright light orange looks great and accurate. Plus it makes the ship bright and fun looking.

    I think I found where the issue lies in regards to the color scheme. When googling, the majority of the artist renditions/renderings of the Milano ship have that light orange/yellow that the LEGO model has. However, screen captures from the movie are indeed orange. I even just went back and put in the Bluray of the movie and watched various scenes such as the shot of Starlord leaving the abandoned planet at the beginning of the movie and at the end when they rebuilt the Milano and James Gunn does use a much brighter/vibrant orange in the actual movie, the same orange that Rocket Racoons Warbird in the movie uses as well. So I guess the movie itself actually strays from the correct color scheme that the Milano is supposed to be and that's why I always expected the Milano to be similar in color to the Warbird orange.

    So is the LEGO Milano accurate to the artwork..... Yes.

    Is the artwork and/or Lego model the same color as in the movie.... Definitely NO. Keep in mind, I'm not saying the color scheme is wrong anymore after seeing artist renditions, I'm just saying that the Lego model is definitely not the same color as the cinematic version in the movie. See the below pictures to see the differences in color schemes.

    16279630573_340480f219_o.jpgUntitled by cmay91472, on Flickr

    16899703055_4217a61b62_o.jpgUntitled by cmay91472, on Flickr

    16898777651_12cc452299_z.jpgUntitled by cmay91472, on Flickr

  9. OK, so I've been thinking of getting some MCU sets to go with the Antman set I plan to purchase

    Overall, which do you guys think is best, the new Quinjet or the Milano?

    I've seen reviews and videos of both of them and I'm still not sure, as minifigure wise they both have advantages over the other.

    Any ideas?


    If you plan on getting BOTH, I would say get the Milano first. I love the Quinjet set as well, but that will be on store shelves for the rest of the year. Here in the US, the Milano is at "clearance" prices at a few retailers and who knows how much longer it will be easily available without having to go to the secondary market with higher prices. If you are only getting one, then that's a tough decision and I would still probably lean toward the Milano. I have a feeling that as we get closer to GOTG 2 (and especially if they don't release an updated version of the Milano assuming it's in the movie) that a lot of people will be regretting not picking up this set at its current "discounted" price.

  10. EDIT:

    Just a quick question :classic: Did you simply assemble the towers one over the other or did you have to make some modification to increase stability etc?

    I'm very interested in upgrading my tower so any info would help me a lot. Thank you :classic:

    It actually took quite a few modifications for both stability and aesthetics.

    Stability wise, the biggest issue is the LEGO design (those that have the set will know what I'm talking about) has 1x1 bricks next to the 1x12 bricks. This is fine for the original design of the set. But as it got taller and taller, it became more unstable when I would move it, so I needed to "sister" each 1x12 brick with another 1x12 brick and the result was a significantly sturdier tower.

    I also modified each floor so it would be light grey bricks on either side of the dark grey plates. This also improves overall stability as well as cosmetically making everything symetrical, which in the original set is not when you get to the upper section by the balcony.

    Obviously as you build downwards, each floor needs to be larger than the one above. This required a lot more dark grey bricks than what I anticipated and had to disassemble a couple of other sets for those pieces as well as for additional 1x12 bricks.

    The most challenging pieces to come up with for most will probably be the trans-light blue pieces. From my count, even if you bought three towers, you would still be short by quite a few. Luckily, I had plenty of trans-light blue pieces that I ordered for MOCs such as my "Tron" style Batman MOCs and Iron Man MOCs. To build the top floor, I took apart Lord Business' evil lair and used the small trans-light blue windows to create that mosaic trans-light blue wall as well as for the sides of the inverted sloped part of the balcony window.

    The only thing I didn't get to do that I wanted to was for the bottom floor, I wanted to use eight trans-light blue 2x6 bricks (4 on each side) so it would be like a descending pyramid style with those pieces, but I couldn't bring myself to take apart one of my Iron Man MOCs for those eight bricks so wound up using door frame pieces instead.

    Hope this helps. More than happy to answer any other questions anyone might have if they are trying to build one themselves.

  11. Impressive :classic: So impressive I had to share it on Reddit. I hope it is ok for you, I gave you credit of course :wink:

    Congratulations for your project :classic:

    Thanks BrickSev. I appreciate the positive feedback and am perfectly fine with others sharing on other sites What exactly is Reddit though? I've heard of it, but never actually have seen or used it before.

  12. Finally figured out how to embed images using the bbc code link on Flickr. Updated original post at the top with the photos of the final modifications to the 8.5 story tower v3.0.

  13. Made what is hopefully my final major modifications last night. Added two additional levels for a total of eight floors not including the drone turret at the top. Hardest part was coming up with all of the needed dark grey pieces to finish the lower level since each successive level at the bottom needs to be bigger with the 1st floor the largest in order to support the weight and height. Still need to add some internal stuff and exterior decorations, but finally built something that dwarfs even the Helicarrier when they are next to each other. Will post some photos later today and update this post when I upload them and will have them labeled LEGO Avengers Tower 3.0 in my flicker account. Will keep photos of versions 1.0 and 2.0 up so people can see the evolution of this massive tower.

  14. Very nice, how many towers did you get to build it, or did you have a lot of spare lego for it?

    Thanks. It took two Tower sets plus quite a few extra pieces. Uncommon pieces I had to pull from other sets include additional trans-light blue 2x6 bricks (I think 6 more than what is provided in the two sets combined), trans-light blue 1x2 studded plates and finishing tiles, the trans-light blue small windows used at the very top (took from Lord Business Evil Lair) translight blue semi-cylinder pieces (took from Hydra Fortress) used for the revolving door at the entrance, and additional but more common miscellaneous pieces such as slopes, bricks and finishing tiles. There might be a few others I can't remember, but the trans-light blue pieces listed above were the less common ones I had to pull from other sets.