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  1. Is anybody else having trouble with the front of the roof not resting flush? A gap is developing on mine and I can't figure out why.

    It's probably caused by very minor bowing on the long plates that the roof is comprised of. I added a couple additional smooth tiles with the single stud in the middle and it made mine sit flush.

    As a purist.... that double corrugated door MOD makes me cringe as the door within a door was shown being used by Sigourney Weaver's character when she first visited the firehouse HQ.

  2. Just built Heroes of Justice: Sky High Battle. I have to it's not as good as people say it is. It's better! The Batwing is simply fantastic. Lex's plane is good for what it is. All the figures are even better in person! Wonder Woman is perfect, simply perfect. I highly recommend it, even at regular price!

    Definitely my favorite of the five new SH sets released on Jan 1st.

  3. In EVERY set with so many stickers, I'd sign that. Wouldn't be too much extra cost I suppose.

    I'm OK with the amount of stickers since there weren't any huge stickers like a UCS stand sticker or upcoming Batcave helipad duel huge stickers, but would have liked the ghostbuster logo tiles and firehouse in the very front to have been printed tiles especially since the Ecto 1 has printed logo pieces.

  4. Finished the first box (numbered bags 1-3) and am amazed at how great even just the first floor looks all by itself. I've never built any of the modulars before so some of the techniques used that are familiar to others were new to me. I did get a little confused with the 1x2 small plates that are attached to the top of the windows and had to go back and fix that section when I was scratching my head trying to line up the rail pieces that go on top.

    Only nitpick so far is the use of stickers for pieces that I think should have been printed such as the 'firehouse' sticker in the front. Would have like to have been a nice printed tile. Would have liked to have had the ghostbuster logo tiles printed as well.

    Finally, anyone notice that in the box art/manual cover that the stickers are crooked such as the 'one way' sticker, the tiny sticker to the right of the main door, and the locker name stickers. Not sure if that was intentional or not.

  5. I may be in the minority on this one but I have zero excitement regarding this set. If I'm going to pay $200-$350 for a set, I want to build something large and grand like previously mentioned sets the Sea Cow, Hellicarrier, Firehouse Headquarters and recent Star Wars UCS sets. Just looking at the video and pics, I'm left very underwhelmed when thinking of what I imagine a high priced set will look like when anticipating the reveal. Instead this feels like they decided to sell a bunch of small to medium sets as one giant set. If the actual set was just the Wayne Manor section and the Batmobile, i would have really been interested in the set if it was just a $100 set. But as someone else mentioned, the other two sections of the set seem like filler to justify the high price tag for collectors who want the mini figures and vehicles.

  6. I strongly believe that it will be available for more than Tumbler as it attracts both GB and modular building fans. But no one can be 100% sure.

    Regarding the quality of the box - those of you, who already got the set must have noticed that it has nice glossy finish. It also does not seem to be a lot thinner (if it is at all) than e.g. Detective Office's box. I think that the argument, that TLG cuts costs of packaging is not quite valid.

    Just picked this up. The box quality may be similar to very recent sets, but just compared to my boxes for the Sea Cow and Helicarrier and it's definitely lesser quality. Yes, it may have a glossy finish, but the thickness of the box for my other two large sets is much much


  7. FYI.... Target has raised the online price of the Avenjet set to $59.99. However, when I was in Target (YMMV) this morning picking up a bluray, the sets in-store were still $49.99. Those still interested in this (and the Heroes of Justice) may want to make a trip to Target before the prices on both of these sets are changed in-store as well.

  8. FYI.... Target has raised the online price of the Heroes of Justice (Batwing) set to $59.99. However, when I was in Target (YMMV) this morning picking up a bluray, the sets in-store were still $49.99. Those still interested in this (and the Avenjet) may want to make a trip to Target before the prices on both of these sets are changed in-store as well.

  9. Clash of the Heroes is a great little set. I think part to the appeal is the armor variant, and the glow in the dark eyes.

    Just built this set. Initially got one for my son when I was getting the Batwing set. Saw his after he built it and decided I needed one!

    Super Hero Staredown

    My poor attempt at trying to make it look like the bat signal shining on a hovering superman.

    Also... This is the first time since I've been collecting the super hero sets based on their movie counterparts that I thoroughly enjoyed building all of the sets in the series when there were/are multiple sets released. It always seemed like there was at least a dud or two but not with the BvS sets.

  10. Also picked up clash of heroes (my son) and sky high battle (me). My target didn't even take the new sets off the truck when we were there this morning. Had to go across the street to Toys R Us and price match target's $49.99 price.

    Was contemplating the Avenjet set also, but some a-hole took all six of the Avenjet sets while we were browsing. He also took the last 10 clash of heroes, but luckily my son had already grabbed his.

  11. I might be the last to know this, but I didn't realize the wings on the new Batwing fold upwards with a lever in the rear. At first, I wasn't that impressed with the preliminary pics of this set but after seeing how the wings fold in I'm now very impressed with the design. Can't wait til this shows up on shelves.

  12. I don't like how pink Thanos's face is. I'm getting the set, regardless, for just to have him and Cap. Marvel in my collection. However, it really makes me hopeful for an MCU version.

    I should also add that I actually enjoy this Avenjet than the one from the cartoon. This one is much sleeker. In the cartoon, I am always wondering how that thing is even able to maintain flight.

    Lol. Beat me to it. Read some comments about how bad the Avenjet in the set looks and was thinking it still looks much better than the actual Avenjet from the show itself.

  13. Hey everyone. Just started building some sets following a 6 month break after picking up a couple SW TFA sets and decided to re-visit one of my very first MOCS from a year ago.

    I widened the vehicle, streamlined the front and replaced push firing flick missiles with the new spring loaded missiles.

    Definitely happier with the final result as I had more parts to work with then just the basic pieces when I originally first built this Batmobile.

    Electro-Suit inspired Batmobile Updated

  14. Great idea with the garage at the bottom. I was thinking about adding something like this to my original design from back in March when this set first came out to accommodate my custom Black Widow flying car but never got around to it. I may have to revisit this and figure out a way to add a garage at the bottom while maintaining the proper slope. Overall, very impressive.