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  1. Bellevue, WA. that was only a quick guess. It's probably really more than 25 or so. They had piles of them behind the cash register even after 10 had already purchased them ahead of me.

    On another I have two sets of these. Has anyone figured out how to combine the front and back yet?

    I would recommend building the back from scratch using photos for reference. The rear is very different than the front in real life with its own unique features.

  2. When I went to the LEGO store this morning to get the newest architecture sets they had PLENTY of these Disney castles in stock. I estimate that they must have sold at least 40 when I was there.

    What store location? That's an awfully high amount of stock for even the largest volume stores.

    Another odd thing i noticed about the instructions...steps 294 and 358 are basically identical builds except in 294, they use light grey strips and in 358 they use black strips. These strips are what attaches to the castle, so they are not really visible, but when looking close up, you can clearly see the two different colors on opposite sides of the entrance on the pillars/turrets. Again, not a huge deal but just seems odd since these pieces are sort of visible and throws off color symmetry in a very minor way.

  3. The S@H site appears to have sold out their stock within 2 hours of US release...

    Someone mentioned on Reddit that they were told by S@H when they called that it won't be back in stock in the US until end of Sept. You can still get it at Disney's own store website, albeit higher cost due to shipping.

  4. Hi All,

    I searched this topic and this was brought up before, but I wanted to hammer this home. On page 180 of the instructions, they have you putting a rock sticker on what becomes the left center tower. I don't believe that the book is printed correctly here, and I contacted TLG about it too. I would either wait until you get to the taller tower sections to put this on, as the alignment in the book seems to never be correct. If you look at other's photos who built it, I have yet to see someone actually have that sticker in the correct place. Be warned about this spot... might be the same on the other side too, but this is where I've seen it the most. hth

    I posted about this on Reddit the other day after seeing so many people make the same mistake.

    One of the commenters as you will see contacted TLG as well regarding the mistake in the directions on step 291 and linked the response he got from them (which was essentially that they will send you a new sticker sheet if you request it).

    I had to correct mine as well as I also made the mistake of following the directions.

    Disney Castle alternate views

    I originally called them about getting a replacement Minnie head and leg piece and asked about a new sticker sheet a couple days after it was released, they told me they weren't available yet but she noted in the system and said to try back after Sept 1. Having received replacement sticker sheets from TLG in the past and seeing that they were often reprints that were sometimes not the same quality as the original sheets, I just went ahead and got the stickers from somewhere else.

  5. Another question .. how are people attaching Tinkerbell to the castle I managed to work something out but just wondered how others had done it ?

    I used one of those clear rods that came in the Dr. Strange set and attached it to the maroon 2x2 single stud smooth plate in the 'mirror, mirror' section. What did you end up doing?

  6. Lego does care about minor inaccuracies. That's why they released Vision again, almost exactly the same, just with a tiny little dot of yellow instead of a blue one. And the spider logo is much more noticeable. I think they will definitely print a new torso for him.

    The lines of his face are different colors as well.

  7. Are there fish included in the build of the kitchen? Since learning it is supposed to be inspired by the Little Mermaid I need to make sure it includes Les Poissons.

    If not I will have to scavange some from other sets.

    No fish included. The Sebastian figurine from the little mermaid castle set would look good in the kitchen as well.

  8. This new Death Star follows Disney's "vault" strategy of retiring a movie, causing panic from those who missed out, causing huge secondary market mark-ups, re-releasing the movie a couple years later with a couple extra features, slapping a new edition name such as platinum edition, ultimate edition, collectors edition, etc and charging a premium for the 'new' edition.

    All kidding aside, I missed out on the original Death Star. If it wasn't being released so close to having just bought the Disney castle, I would most likely bought it even though I'm not a fan of playsets preferring display pieces instead.

  9. Can anyone say if the Magic Carpet from the Princess Jasmine set will fit where the provided one is? I don't think the one they included looks good enough and plan to swap them out, if it will fit right.

    Yes, but you will need to remove the two circle pieces on the bottom from the version from the princess set I believe. Otherwise both builds are 4x6 with clips on the end (albeit different ones).

  10. Seeing that it sells really well: how long do you think this will be available for purchase?

    You've got some time based off of the recent large sets. The Hellicarrier is still available and was released in Feb of 2015 so that's already 1.5 years, and both the Tumbler and Sea Cow were available for about two years before being retired. Now, how often it is actually in stock during a two year window? That will be the tougher thing to predict.

    Being a huge bluray collector, I know Disney likes using their 'vault' strategy as they like to keep their in-house 'properties' available in short supply and for short periods of time only to re-issue the same thing a few years later for more money.... Hmmnn. Sound familiar?

  11. Haha! and my wife was just commenting on how OCD I am when she saw me aligning up the word Lego on all the gold round studs on the very last section of the build.

    I did notice that a few of my pieces were in the wrong bags. In bag number one, I had one of the wide brown bricks. I kept thinking I missed a few steps throughout the entire build only to then finally need it near the end when it calls for the use of four of them (the other three were in the correct numbered bag).

    There were also a couple of instances where I swear they do not tell you to use a piece in the manual only to then see it magically appear used a few pages further when I had to figure out why I had an extra piece at the end of a bag. In the end, I still had two white 1x2 white plates that I never figured out where they went.

    Lastly, for sticker freaks.... Take your time with the two stickers on the front right and left pillars that go on the big round grey pieces. If you don't put the sticker on the correct place (Manual doesn't quite have you put it in the right place)may wind up getting partially covered by the long grey things often used in space ship builds (sorry I don't know the correct piece names) and I know that will annoy those who are perfectionist.

    I made that mistake by following the instructions and forced me to re-apply one of them which I'm still annoyed at.

  12. If you REALLY want the set and don't want to chance it being sold out when double VIP points eventually rolls around again, then (at least to me) an EXTRA $17.50 US dollars worth of reward points on top of the $17.50 worth of points you will already be getting off of a $350 set shouldn't make or break your decision. If you are just on the fence, then yes the extra points could sway someone. But you're still getting $17.50 in reward dollars regardless and will be able to satisfy that "Lego addict" impulse we all have as AFOL.

  13. Just picked this up a little while ago. Very excited to start building. It did seem smaller than what I was expecting when looking at the display model. Store had 20 of them at opening. Sold about 8 of them to customers waiting at the doors they said. I got there about 30 minutes after opening and 4 more were sold as my kids looked around. Seven left after I bought mine. Would not be surprised at all if most of the brick and mortar Lego stores were sold out by closing.

  14. Will be there when the Lego store opens to pick one of these up on Wednesday, but not digging the number of 'stone' pattern stickers. I don't have an issue with or applying stickers, but have always felt the fewer needed on the front of a model the better such as the GBHQ which albeit had a lot of stickers, only needed 4 small ones on the front garage door area. This has 12 rather large ones that appear destined for the front of the castle.

  15. Mmmmh, I am just a little worried; you guys think the Dr. Strange and Tanker Takedown sets will still be available in october? I really want these sets, but want to wait until we get duoble VIP points again (which may happen around october)...

    Not sure if I should risk it...

    How much extra money are you actually getting by waiting for double VIP points on two small sets? An extra $1.50 worth of points per set? Is that really worth waiting for even if the chance neither set is available at the next double VIP points is minuscule.

  16. Planning on Picking up the Scarecrow set Wednesday. Builds are nice. Like the Minifigures. Planning on decorating my LEGO Town for Halloween and that set would be perfect.

    Not so keen on the Killer Croc builds though.

    I'm trying to talk myself into getting these two but can't seem to pull the trigger. Already picked up the five new Marvel and Rha's sets, but the builds for these two seem really weak to justify the $80 and $60 price tags. I do want the Blue Beetle and the three Squad figs though!

    Someone tell me something positive about these sets so I can justify it in a twisted sort of way.