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  1. 45 minutes ago, Sir Gareth said:

    Considering Arkham Asylum is a ToysRUs exclusive, will it be available at brick-and-mortar LEGO stores?

    Keep in mind in the US, the most recent super hero exclusives (Dr. Strange - Target, Civil War Tanker - TRU and Rhas Al Gul - Walmart) were not available at brick and mortar Lego stores. They were online only if you wanted to buy through Lego. Previous exclusives have been available at brick n mortar so it's anyone's guess for the Batman ones.

  2. 30 minutes ago, BrickHat said:

    What??? Discounts on newly released sets??? What area do you live in?

    It's very YMMV. One of the walmart inventory checkers has/had lower inventory prices compared to the msrp and some have had luck getting Walmart to honor the discounted price.

    I'm not sure if it still reflects the lower price as someone had posted the screen shot of it on Reddit a couple days ago if I recall.

  3. Good news... Picked up the Ocean Voyage set last night. Packaging looks great and one would never suspect it was part of the princess line save for the Moana mini doll. Obviously scale of the Island 'portion' character is minuscule, but the play feature of the island really represents the movie well for those who saw it. Inclusion of the coconut creatures is a really nice touch as well. Would love to bricklink about 100 of them and build a full scale ship of those evil coconuts.

    Bad news... It's for my daughter so it took all my willpower not to open and build it. Wife saw I was eyeing it so she promptly wrapped it and stashed it.

    Good news... Wife didn't notice the Batcave I picked up for myself that was mixed in with all the other gifts I picked up for the kids.



  4. 18 hours ago, BrickHat said:

    Yup! Went to a Target nearby and found nothing, though.

    My experience with the Target's by me is that each store has a specific day for a 'reset' of the endcaps... so if the new sets are scheduled for an endcap display, regardless of street date, the employees won't put the new stuff out until 'reset' day. That being said, I've never not been able to get a new set from them as long as the DPCI shows in stock even if it's two weeks prior to street date. So even if you don't see them when you go back, just ask them to pull it from the back for you.

  5. Just picked up the new Batmobile ($59.99) and Mr Freeze ($19.99) sets. Looking forward to building the Batmobile after seeing how the wheels rotate. 

    Slightly disappointed in the Mr Freeze packaging. Hope it doesn't become the norm for a $20 set to use the push in tab style box often used for the $9.99 to $12.99 sets.

    Also.... not sure if it's YMMV, but Target had a 20% off toys mobile coupon. Lego is listed as an exclusion, but when I checked the receipt, 20% was taken off all of the toy purchases i made today, including the Lego sets. Didn't notice it at first as the 20% off is listed separately on the receipt as a total, not next to each individual item, so in the end wound up paying $48 and $16 for the two Batman sets.

  6. 1 hour ago, BrickOCD said:

    After recovering from seeing that you had put the Castle in the sand, I read the story and loved it.  Great imagination!   Good pics throughout too.  

    I was thinking Nooooooooo! The sand is going to scratch the Lego's (not sure if it's possible or not). But amazing picture seeing it in the sand.

    Just unfortunate the mistake in the instruction book has claimed another victim of the dreaded sticker being partially covered on the left front turret.

  7. 9 hours ago, atomic80 said:

    Thank you BrickOCD again for the tips...I made some modifications to mine. I used a white 1x6 tile instead of brown and grey 1x3's on the sides so it blends in better. I also added LED lights and I must say that's probably the single BEST modification for this set EVER!

    LEGO Disney Castle by Jason Tang, on Flickr

    Minnie Mouse fits MUCH better now..I also added two black 1x1 plate pieces under Mickey's feet so he's taller than Minnie. 

    LEGO Disney Castle by Jason Tang, on Flickr

    Wow! This is fantastic Atomic80. Would love to see you add lights to your other stuff like the Eiffel Tower and Carousel and see them altogether.

  8. 1 hour ago, BrickHat said:

    Took a while. Weren't they supposed to be back earlier?

    They never had an exact date whenever I asked, just sometime in the fall. They had a limit of 18 when I placed my order earlier today.

    The actual Lego stores in the US are supposed to receive them on either T,W, or Th along with more Disney castles in a ground shipment separate from their regular Tuesday shipments, so anyone still looking for the Castle, definitely start checking your local stores on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


  9. Mine came a little beaten up, with a gash or two here and there. Personally it doesn't bother me (and I got it for free, so I can hardly complain!), but I've cared about the condition of other boxes, so I hope it doesn't happen to others. Mine was packed with another set, so there was a bit of extra space in the box, which was filled with those large air pouches. Came direct from Billund.

    On day 1 of VIP sales at my local store, they were packed two to a shipping box. As they were unboxing them for customers, all of them had either crushed edges, punctures, dents. Nothing major in any way, but definitely not MISB condition. Ghostbusters HQ were packed the same way to the stores and also had similar shipping issues for the sets sent to the stores. The managers kept sounding like a broken record telling every customer that all the boxes were in similar condition as they complained about the minor imperfections.

    The cardboard used for the Disney Castle and Ghostbusters HQ is very thin just like the Slave 1 and nowhere near as sturdy compared to the nice thick cardboard used for sets like the Hellicarrier, Tumbler, Sea Cow. Problem is that since these two sets are double the size compared to the Slave 1 packaging, it doesn't hold up as well.

  10. So what, if anything, do you think TLG should do about the scalpers? Search "Lego Disney castle" on eBay and you'll see dozens of listings of this set at $450 to $1800. I don't mind of someone wants to buy one or two and then flip it for a profit, but some of these people are hoarding them (one listing has a picture of 18 sets!). Either the 2-set limit isn't working, or they're buying from each other.

    Anyway, this is going to make the supply issues worse when TLG eventually has more in stock...I'd say the solution is to dedicate more production capacity to the set to "flood the market" and remove the incentive for the scalpers until the set is closer to retirement, but they can't do that without wrecking their plans for the next year. So do they start tracking shipping addresses to tighten up the buying limit? Reduce it to 1 set per customer to at least make it more tedious to stockpile?

    I would think Lego would want large sets like this to be scarce in order to increase hype and demand for the sets they do produce. If they flood the market, it could result in less sales as people may not buy them up as quickly since there is no sense of urgency. In a sick twisted way, scalpers are actually helping them sell out of these sets as soon as stores receive new shipments.

  11. How are you confused? The castle is Cinderella Castle from WDW's Magic Kingdom. There is absolutely no doubt of this. There are photographs of the actual castle in the set. Part of the reveal was shot on location.

    Some people think this is the same castle as the non existent castle which is attached to movies. It isn't.

    Geez, don't people read. I'm confused over their conversation, not what the castle is modeled after.

  12. Its official name is 'The Disney Castle'. No Cinderella except for the references in the kitchen vignette and the glass slipper.

    It's a little confusing, but from what I can follow in the preceding posts, they are referring to the Lego set as 'Cinderella Castle' because the set is modeled after 'Cinderella Castle' in Disney World, and not the movie intro castle often referred to as 'Disney Castle' which is a hybrid of both the 'Cinderella Castle' and the 'Sleeping Beauty Castle' in Disneyland.... So technically, the actual name of the Lego set is incorrect... Which is what the whole conversation was referring to... Not that they were mistaken in the actual set name that Lego is using for the set. Even after typing this, I'm still confused somewhat.

  13. I don't believe it helps in that matter at all. Cinderella in name, but no Cinderella. Just seems dumb to me.

    I really want the castle, but with only 5 minifigures (only 1 of which I'm interested in) it's been too hard to justify. Also, the shields are stickers, so that's another strike.

    You're paying $350 for a spectacular building experience and one of the best display pieces Lego has created this past year. Not for a dozen minifigures and an utterly forgettable building experience. If you want that, Lego offers Assault on Hoth and 60's Batcave for those who care about the number of minifigures or lack there of.

    If you REALLY want the castle like you say you do, then just buy the set and enjoy one of the best building experiences you'll have this year instead of worrying about number of minifigures or use of stickers. I mean seriously, I think the majority of AFOLs would gladly sacrifice more than half of the minifigures that come with Assault on Hoth or 60's Batcave if the sets themselves were worthy of a UCS style display piece instead of oversized playsets offering a dozen plus minifigures.