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  1. 2 hours ago, HarrisonWells said:

    What is the DPCI? I've never heard of this before.

    You can check store inventory via DPCI at BrickSeek with a number such as 204-00-1948 which is for the Riddler Racer. If it shows in stock, simply ask a Target employee to check a DPCI number.

    The sets start at 204-00-1945 and go up to 204-00-1955.

  2. 4 hours ago, ToaDraco said:

    Dang, at the LEGO store I frequent they are super friendly and actually provide recommendations on what to feel for lol.

    At the two Lego stores near me, they will feel and find the figures for you as long as it's not during peak hours.

    2 hours ago, HarrisonWells said:

    Hey, is there anybody else here who has found no LBM sets? The only new 2017 set my target has out is the scuttler, nothing else, I'm super disappointed. Before I thought they were too smart for their own good for not putting them out early, now I just think their stupid for not putting them out thus far.

    Have you checked their inventory via DPCI? If it's in the back, all you have to do is give them the DPCI and they will get it for you. Not sure why so many keep posting that their Targets haven't put anything out yet. All you have to do is ask.

  3. 3 hours ago, Duncan Young said:

    Hi guys. I've got the Freeze, Croc, Riddler and Clayface sets so far. Ordering the Catwoman and Scarecrow sets on Amazon later today. Which of the larger set/s would you recommend I should get. From £55+ 

    I know it is waaaaaaayyyyyy overpriced, but I've built 12 of the 13 sets so far (waiting for Disco/Tears Batman promo to pick up Arkham) and the Killer Croc set is my personal favorite. Obviously the Killer Croc big fig is the main draw to the set, but the Tarantula figure is great (zebra man is kind of blah) and just seeing Croc on the back of the monster truck is hilarious with the 8ball gear shift and steering wheel. I was fortunate to get this for just $45 US at Target during their pre-Christmas $25 off promo when I bought this with the Clay Face set, otherwise I probably would have passed. Glad I didn't.

  4. 3 minutes ago, BrickRapper said:

    No. I have to do the same. Because in some places of the world Lego stores don't exist. So eBay is out only solution. And if we have to pay those peices, then so be it. All you Americans appreciate. 

    I understand the regionality part, but I'm referring more to the fact that this is a FREE polybag that will be given out until at least mid February (or supplies last) when the movie hits the theaters. There will be plenty of these available on eBay as each day goes by and prices will plummet once all the Lego stores start giving these away. For goodness sakes, they just started giving these out 2 days ago, yet they are selling as if they were an über limited special ultimate chrome plated bat signal.

  5. 48 minutes ago, RyanMe said:

    yeah, I just don't get why there are a total of 12 sets on the shelves, and they won't put out any of the Jan 1 sets, not just the batman

    Target's generally have a toy 'reset' once a week for their endcaps. The day for a reset varies from store-to-store and this is typically when they will restock as well as put out new releases (even if the street date was a date prior to the scheduled reset). Because of this, most Target's will gladly pull toys from the back when requested and many or so lax on the street dates, that this is why so many members here can get sets days if not weeks prior to the street date.

  6. Just now, BubbaFit45531 said:

    Didn't see any Batman CMF at Barnes & Noble. Saw a bunch of sets, but zero indication of any sale price. Didn't see any at Target either, but they have a ton of CMF 16.

    Zero luck getting any Batman Pod polybag, and if you're a kid, you get a paper Batman mask, not polybag, not minifigure mask, a paper mask.

    You need to ask an associate about the 'accessory' pack/bat signal polybag, they will tell your kid/s to search for the six small Batman minifigure stickers and to then come back to see them for the polybag. Here is a pic of the accessory/bat signal polybag that they gave my kids today so people don't get this confused with the 'battle pod' polybag.

    Lego Batman Movie 'Bat Signal' Polybag


  7. Just wanted to let everyone know that the Lego Store is giving out for FREE the Lego Batman Movie polybag that includes the Bat Signal, Batman minifigure, stickers and a poster for free. No purchase neccesary. They gave one to each of my kids after they found six small Batman stickers placed around the store. I did not ask for one myself as they had already given one each to my kids so I don't know if they are giving them out to adults, but I'd be shocked if they said no if someone asked for one.

    --- Update --- apparently the polybags are only being given out to kids as a prize for completing the mini scavenger hunt.

  8. 37 minutes ago, Nsk97 said:

    Picked up all the CMFs today at the Lego shop, love all of them to be honest but weirdly I think pink power batgirl is my least favourite despite her double sided head :sadnew: Also how is the printing on everyone's CMFs? They seem way better than the Disney ones but a couple of mine have slight flaws, my March Hare has a chip on her hips :cry_sad:

    After all of the printing errors with the Disney CMF, I was a little concerned with the Batman series, but I bought 36 packs in all and happy to report (at least with the ones I opened) that the quality control is significantly better.  I noticed maybe a couple minuscule flaws on 3 out of 36, but nothing compared to the Disney CMF which routinely had printing errors such as missing print, too much print, etc...

  9. Thank god Target released stuff early in the US. Was able to get the Scuttler and Riddler Car for $85 total and Killer Croc and Clayface for $80 total during the weekend of $25 off $100 promo. Picked up the Arctic Roller and Catwoman earlier in the week. Still need to get Arkham, Scarecrow and the tiny Joker set to complete wave 1. Was never able to find any of the CMFs yet.

  10. Went a little overboard with the Target $25 off $100 and picked up Clayface and Killer Croc one one transaction and Riddler Racer and Scuttler on a second transaction for a total of $50 off of $215.

    Only one Target near me showed Joker Balloon, Catwoman and Arctic Roller in stock, but no luck getting any of those. But most of  the Target's in the suburban Philly area all have the four I picked up. Couldn't find the CMF's either though.