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    MOC Rocket Racoon Warbird

    Hi, this is my first MOC. Picked up the Rocket Racoon polybag over the weekend and was going to build a Warbird using the SDCC set instructions. However, that set looks nothing like the actual ship so wanted to build one closer to the actual artwork I've seen online of the ship.
  2. Cmay91472

    MOC Rocket Racoon Warbird

    Thanks! The Milano is actually sitting on a small clear acrylic container that I found at Target in store in their kitchen storage container aisle. Cost about $4.00 if I recall. It's about 10 inches long, 2 inches wide and 3 inches high. It works really well for models with long and narrow hulls like the Milano and Benny's spaceship which I originally bought them for due to the sheer length of the ship. I essentially flip the container over and rest the ships narrow hull on the bottom of the container. Added bonus is that the container has small rubber pads that prevent the ships from sliding around so I can move the container back and forth and the ships stay firmly in place.
  3. Cmay91472

    Custom Iron Man Gantries

    Here are two custom Iron Man creations I worked on. I used the basic concepts used in the unofficial bootleg sets to start, then customized from there on out using official Legos. Most of the changes were to add stability to the models as well as increase the overall size. My goal was to build matching gantries using the same black, grey, transparent light blue color scheme as some custom Iron Man Hall of Armor creations others have posted online that I really liked. Thanks to the person who built and posted the MOC Hall of Armor using the black/trans LB color scheme as this is what inspired me to start building stuff other than official sets. Iron Man 2 Gantry Avengers Gantry Hall of Armor Thanks for looking.
  4. Cmay91472

    MOC Rocket Racoon Warbird

    Thanks for all of the positive feedback so far. I finally had time to upload some hi-res images with side, top down and rear shots of the Warbird. Thanks for looking.
  5. Cmay91472

    MOC Rocket Racoon Warbird

    Thanks. Here is one next to the official Milano for scale. Didn't realize the Warbird was going to turn out so big. I only recently started building with Legos when my son started asking for sets. A few months later I found myself buying sets of my own. I've customized a couple Iron Man gantry models using official Legos and stabilizing the shoddy design of the unofficial bootlegs, but this was really my first model that I needed to design myself.