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    Marvel Superheroes 2016 Rumors And Discussion

    Just finished the Dr. Strange set. Picked it up from Target this morning. Out of the five new Marvel sets, this is my favorite. Wasn't sure if I was going to like the build as I'm not really into "playset" builds but wound up liking this even more than the Bridge Battle (and that was a really great set as well). The only one of the five that was kind of a letdown was Doc Ock.
  2. Cmay91472

    Marvel Superheroes 2016 Rumors And Discussion

    Also just finished the tanker set. Agree with Butterfingers27 about Spiderman being one of the best minifigs this year. The tanker was a nice surprise as the flame play feature is a pretty clever design. However, the whole truck seems like it was flattened. It really needs to be at least two bricks in height higher. Having only one wheel on the tanker's trailer seems a bit odd. Already added it to my civil war IKEA cube mini display.
  3. Cmay91472

    71040 The Disney Castle Discussion

    I'm really excited about this set, probably more so than any other set since the Sea Cow was part of the TLM second wave. Display space is starting to become an issue with these large sets. Will have to move either the Helicarrier, Tumbler or GBHQ to make room for this as these sets seem to keep getting larger and larger (not a bad thing).
  4. Cmay91472

    DC Superheroes 2016 - Rumors and Discussion

    I'm really glad they had the blue night wing. I never really watched any of the shows with the red nightwing and honestly didn't know who he was when my son got the figure with the bat copter/man bat set. But I've since watched all of the DC shared universe animated movies so the blue nightwing is the one I recognized more so than most of the fans who've followed DC for years. Only thing I feel a little guilty about is buying the DVD for my son, but keeping the figure for myself.
  5. Cmay91472

    The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    Well, the figure looks like it will be a perfect version of Carrie Kelley from the Dark Knight Returns from the hair, goggles and girl shorts even if it's Dick Grayson.
  6. Cmay91472

    The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    Not sure if this was mentioned, but everyone seems to be referring to this Robin as a "he". I believe this Robin is a "She", the Carrie Kelley character.
  7. Cmay91472

    [MOD] A More Attack-y Attack on Avenger's Tower

    Looks great! If you do add another floor, I recommend having it angled to give the tower more of a sloped look to it. Being able to slide out the lower levels definitely was a suburb idea. Excellent work all around.
  8. Cmay91472

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    I was shocked to see the Tie Advanced vs A-Wing for $89.99 US dollars when I was at my local Toys R Us in Langhorne PA. Sadly, still bought it.
  9. Cmay91472

    LEGO Marvel's Avengers Video Game Discussion

    Looked for the new DLC packs today and couldn't find them in the PS3 Store. Only saw the season pass and older DLC packs.
  10. Cmay91472

    Custom Avengers Tower, 8 stories

    The size and height of the tower looks perfect within your Lego city you've created. I really like the last photo you posted. Very impressive work.
  11. Cmay91472

    [ MOC ] Avengers tower

    Sort of looks like the Triskelion. Looks good so far.
  12. Cmay91472

    Marvel Superheroes 2016 Rumors And Discussion

    The original printed head piece definitely looks better in my opinion. The way the Ninjago piece extends out just doesn't look right to me. The use of an actual mask in theory sounds good, but for those wanting a version from the WS movie, the polybag version is still the way to go. The polybag also has the nice leg print as well. But obviously those not wanting to pay the mark-up on the polybag, the Ninjago mask is still more than adequate as an alternative. The mask came from one of those spin flyers that Toys R Us was giving away a week or two ago with a $50 purchase. It came with two masks and my son gave me the extra.
  13. Cmay91472

    Marvel Superheroes 2016 Rumors And Discussion

    Here's a comparison between WS with the Ninjago mask vs the original printed head.
  14. Cmay91472

    DC Superheroes 2016 - Rumors and Discussion

    Love the Javelin, but I still rank the Milano as my number 1 favorite among the super hero ships released thus far.
  15. After building Giant-Man from the Airport set, decided to build a couple other giant-size figs. BvS Batman Ant-Man without stickers or printed pieces These were really fun to build! Hoping to see others come up with giant-size versions of their favorite minifigs.
  16. Here's the new Quinjet next two the previous two for those wondering about size comparison. Also.... Did anyone else get two ant-man microfigs in bag 2?
  17. Cmay91472

    Marvel Superheroes 2016 Rumors And Discussion

    For those wanting to see a size comparison of the three Quinjets.... and holy Giant-Man decal anxiety.... I dreaded seeing the stickers on this set (Airport) being of the 'decal' variety but kind of knew that going in due to the Quinjet cockpit and knowing all the stickers would then be printed on the clear decal material. At least with sets like Scooby Doo Mystery Machine, they used regular stickers so if you misalign, you can carefully peel up and reapply without damaging the sticker. Unfortunately, as many know... With the decals (printed on clear material) they are much stickier and much harder to remove and reapply without either damaging the decal or causing the area under the transparent area to become 'cloudy' upon re-application where you can still see residual glue. So decided to go with the windex method for Giant-Man. Because the decals with the exception of his mouth piece are opaque, the windex (others use water) works perfectly. I normally don't like to use this method because the decals just don't have that same crisp and clear look under the transparent area compared to just applying directly. One tip, to ensure the printed areas allign up... Apply the middle torso first, then the top torso, then middle belt, followed by left and right belt.
  18. Cmay91472

    Marvel Superheroes 2016 Rumors And Discussion

    Built the Black Panther set last night which I bought primarily for the Black Panther minifig. Surprisingly, the build for the jet was very interesting and not what I was expecting in regards to how poor many of the vehicles in small sets or used as throw in's in the larger Marvel sets can be. Unfortunately, Cap's jeep is even smaller than Hawkeye's jeep from the Hydra Showdown set but the spring loaded missile firing from the front grille is a nice design aspect. Sticker haters will moan at the 6 main stickers that need to be lined up on the wings (3 on each side) similar to the Mystery Machine sticker application but it definitely adds a nice design element once applied and lined up perfectly. The most disappointing aspect of the set for me is actually the minifigs. As already mentioned by many, the lack of leg printing on Black Panther combined with the silly looking head piece is a bummer and the Winter Soldier lacks the cool printing that the polybag had on the leg piece. Cap.... wish there was at least a slight difference between this and the ones in the Ultron and Hellicarrier sets, so now I have yet another Cap with the same body and legs, but different head piece and/or hair. Overall, definitely worth a purchase for Marvel fans just for the BP and WS mini figs and the BP jet is a better build than any of the other add-on vehicles (not including Quinjets) to date from any of the first or second Avengers waves in my opinion.
  19. What people need to do is stop generalizing anybody who criticizes the set's price as someone who needs to get a better job as 'brickhithouse' does. Nothing he said was wrong in regards to him liking the set or for that matter disagreeing with those who don't, but in my opinion it goes against the spirit of this community to then try to characterize those who complain about the price as individuals who need to get better jobs. I for one am very grateful that I can spend what I want on this hobby and certainly can empathize with those on lesser budgets. It's just irritating to read what 'brickhithouse' calls 'spoiled' when if anything his response is the definition of a spoiled mentality. In regards to my opinion of the set being 'lazy', I definitely see the other point of view and respect that. I just feel that more effort could have been put into the design and making it one large display or at least something more coherent rather than three unfinished sections with way too many loose pieces (computers, etc) as well as instead of having 1000 stickers, printing some special exclusive pieces such as the Hellicarrier runway plates (ahem Batcopter helipad). But I definitely can see why this set would appeal to others especially fans of the show. Again, I just feel it's uneccesary to criticize one's funds or lack there of just because they disagree with the cost complaint.
  20. Wow. Talk about ignorance and elitism. I have the funds to purchase any Lego set at anytime regardless of cost. I've purchased the GB HQ, Tumbler, Slave 1, Helicarrier and Sea Cow all within the past calendar year not to mention about another $2,000 on other smaller sets for both myself and my two kids. So cost of a set is obviously not an issue for me. What I do have an issue with is Lego's recent choice to release two $250+ sets (60's Batcave and Hoth UCS) both clearly aimed at AFOLs but designed as overpriced kid's play sets. Just because I have the funds to buy this horrendous example of laziness, does not mean I'm going to just throw away money when the only thing in this set I remotely have any interest in is the Wayne Manor section and the Batmobile. On to your comment about telling others to stop complaining and get a better job, that is about the most obnoxious statement I've seen anyone post in here in quite some time. Instead of being an elitist, step back and be grateful for the situation you're in right now. Not everyone can afford to buy multiple large sets like you and I and must often pick and choose what sets they will spend their money on. Just because they have less money to spend on Lego doesn't mean they didn't work just as hard for that money than you did with your get a better job attitude. So if they want to voice their displeasure with this set, they have every right to do so, just as you have every right to say you love this set. What is inappropriate is for you to dismiss their opinions in an elitist manner by saying what you did in regards to someone's budget or lack there of.
  21. I agree 100% especially since we know the Lego designers visit these forums.
  22. Cmay91472

    75827 Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters Discussion

    Unless you plan on leaving the sides open without the roof on, then instability is not an issue. The reason for any possible instability is because when the sides are open, the sides of the wall are not on the tiled mat that the building sits on. They hang off the side of the mat. When open with the roof on, there is no instability.
  23. In place of the blank tiled piece in the lower right hand corner, you could try replacing the two 1x1 bricks the 1x2 finishing tile is attached to with a 1x2 dark grey grooved/ridged brick.
  24. That photo was originally posted to Reddit by a Lego store employee who was building it for the store display. He also had another post of it actually being built as well.
  25. When you said not your building preference, Is it because you do not like using stickers in general because of the way they look or because of the act of having to apply them? The stickers for the Firehouse are fairly simple ones to apply, nothing tricky like UCS display plate stickers or the clear decals for trans pieces such as cockpits or the Avengers Tower logos.