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  1. Hi All,

    Here's a Classic Style Hotel MOC that's I've had in storage for some time.


    I originally started this MOC with the concept of a Grand Hotel to explore classical exterior features and builds but somehow hit a creative block when it came to interiors.

    The Hotel features a working elevator, large lobby area, classical style entrance facade with glass awning, 2 rooms, a rooftop cafe with large balcony area and a removable skylight roof.

    Built on a usual 32x32 baseplate the Hotel MOC features standard connector pins to fit other modulars, as mentioned the MOC still needs some major interior work and floors so do pardon the somewhat minimal furnishings.


  2. Thanks for all the comments.

    Nice one! That turbine would generate more than enough power for that house. Some slopes added into the prefab rock pieces would really improve them.

    See your point now that I look at back at it.

    I love your videos (and your MOCs!) Tobysan/BrickToyCo- this one was no exception! I do have to wonder though: how stable is the house? It seems like one of those things where it's strong on the corners, but if you pressed down on the middle, the floor would cave.

    Thanks so much. The interior floor section is fairly strong because I placed a few long plates beneath so it won't cave in with pressure but the front balcony area is a little weak. Overall I reckon the entire base of the house could do with an additional layer of plates for added strength.

  3. 27690204282_8af6a44b92_z_d.jpg

    A LEGO Wind Turbine MOC and MOD of the LEGO Vestas Wind Turbine 4999.

    The original 4999 sets are not only hard to find today but expensive so we worked with what we had in our inventory and bricklinked most of the key structural parts which were the 9 x White Slope, Curved 8 x 6 x 2 Double part #45411 and Curved 8 x 6 x 2 Inverted Double part #45410.

    Since we were starting from scratch we changed the original scene of the restaurant into a modern seaside house.


    The modern and modest seaside house features minimal interiors with PF lights for both interior and exterior


    Here's a full overview video of our LEGO Wind Turbine MOC in detail with all it's Power Functions in action. Enjoy!

  4. I love this moc especially the door. Can you post some pictures of the door design (the technic part of it)?

    Hi Zeki,

    We've just finished our tutorial of the Garage Door, hope that helps!

  5. Reminds me of Jim Dear and Darling's house in Lady and the Tramp.

    I really love this design! The swing really sells it to me. This is the kind of house I have always wanted in real life.....

    Love the medium blue color scheme!

    Thanks and Glad you love it. Darling's House would be an awesome MOC!



  6. Hi All Thanks!

    As others have already said, the color is fantastic. I'm also a major fan of the music/lighting combo and just subbed to your channel. However, I have to ask- wouldn't the hinges interfere with combining it with other modular buildings? I've had it in my head for a while now that the modulars make a good shopping district, but that a neighborhood area behind them would work well.

    Sorry for the late reply, for the hinge to work they had to be placed right at the edge of the baseplate so unfortunately it would actually interfere when placed with other modulars side by side as most modular sidewalls are flushed to the edge of their baseplates as well.

  7. Hi All,

    Just sharing our latest MOC The Victorian House, a classic style modular home with lots of nice details and interior finishing.


    Here's some highlights of the MOC details:

    - 3 floors including attic

    - Openable Style Modular (similar to LEGO® Haunted House 10228)

    - Porch facade with swing

    - Center bay Window

    - Gabled Roofs

    - Ground floor: Entrance, Fireplace with Cosy Recliner, Study Area, full kitchen with dining table

    - Upper floor: Bedroom, Lounge area, bookshelf, bay window seats

    - Attic floor: Folding Ladder to Attic with lots of stored surprises (& friends)


    Here's our video detailing the MOC

    For more information about the Victorian House with closeup images


  8. I love this moc especially the door. Can you post some pictures of the door design (the technic part of it)?

    Hey Zeki, I'm planning to take some detailed shots of the MOC soon, will make sure I'll cover the Technic portion of the garage doors. I'll update the post once I get around to it.

  9. Thanks for all the comments everyone.

    Very nice, I especially like all those functions and the overall playability. :thumbup: However, the garage/station needs an "Aral" sign. :wink:

    I'd love to invite this to the Flickr Gas Stations Group, do you have a Flickr account?

    Hey Erol, Unfortunately I don't have a flickr account, and you're right the Auto Garage does have the Aral look and colors, what a coincidence:)

  10. Hi Everyone,

    Just wanted to share our Auto Garage MOC.


    I really wanted to build a nice service station/ auto garage for the kids and town so I decided to build the entire structure on an X-Large Baseplate.

    The use of the x-large baseplate meant I could really go large and wide giving the kids a chance to really get in a play easily.


    The fun (and toughest) part about this build was to get the wide custom Garage Doors working and folding with Technics.


    The Gas Pumps were also a fun little build, needed to keep them small and minimal to leave space for cars to move in and out.

    Here's a full overview video of the Auto Garage MOC

    Hope everyone enjoys it.


    We've just uploaded a Step-by-Step Tutorial of the Garage Doors used in the MOC.

  11. Thanks all!

    Here's an update on how the Fire Station looks with the latest Detective's Office! (couldn't resist)


    Good thing the design fits well.

  12. Thanks for all the comments everyone.

    Nice work. I think this might look even better in the fire brigade color scheme.

    Yes the Dark/Brown Red, Grey, Sand Yellow Fire Brigade colour combination would be nice for this build, just wish those colours were more easily available in my area.

    I additionally wanted to tile the interior floors as well but tiles are another tough find.

  13. Thanks.

    I had the option of white which I have at hand but ended up going with red.

    Unfortunately I could only find black and green doors here which somehow didn't seem to go.

  14. Thanks for the comments everyone!

    ....Wondering how it looks next to a modular building from TLG :wink:

    Hey langezwieper

    Here's the Fire Station between the Grand Emporium and Parisian Restaurant.


    I've also placed the MOC next to the Pet Shop in the video @ 2:25

  15. Love the 'remodelling'. I have also considering buying this for the sole purpose of re working it into a modular. Apart from baseplate and pavement tiles, would you say it contains enough to build something viable? I know you have already but I want to copy your excellent example.

    Hi Lankygit,

    To be honest 1 x 31026 set doesn't really have enough to be a full modular, as you can see from the build I didn't have enough bricks to go across the 32x32 baseplate hence the structure ended up being a small end lot.

    This build already used extra white bricks to get to this size, I had to add some dark grey bricks for the base as well. I did have left overs from the original set like the tall roof tiles, black and some azure (blue) bricks.

    I really wanted to work with only 1 set which only provided me with about ~60-70% of parts needed to do this build, if you really want a full size modular one will need to get 2 sets as most have done, some have used 3 sets.

    My only issue with multiple sets is that the architectural features tend to be repetitive.

    Wow, that's a very nice little modular redesign! You should try making the other building too.

    Hey CityBuilder, unfortunately there weren't enough left over parts to do the other/another building as I mixed both buildings from the original set, Top half white and blue, bottom half uses the brown and black....but now you got me thinking of what to do with the leftovers....hmmm

  16. Hi All,

    Hope everyone is having a great 2015 so far.

    Here's a Fire Station that I was working on late last year, I actually finished it just before Christmas but have only just managed to find time to put together the details of the build.


    I've always wanted a classic Fire Station for our town so I went ahead on designing and building one.

    Built on a modified baseplate with 3 Garage bays with Shutter doors the Fire Station was put together with parts and vehicles from a Fire Station 60004 set and quite alot of used bricks to manage cost,

    The Fire Truck 60002 was also added to this Fire Station crew.

    Feel free to check out more information of the MOC with detailed images here as usual.

    Also a video here too.

    Thanks and enjoy the MOC.

    [uPDATE: Build instructions now available]

  17. Excellent build! :classic: Enjoyed watching the video to all the details inside the shop. :thumbup: Perfect replacement for Cafe Corner for those who didn't managed to get 1? :grin:


    Hi all! jut finished building it. It was great fun, though I encountered two issues: I seem to be missing a grey 1x2 plate and I am also noticing colour differences in the "powder blue" bricks. Anyone else? How do I go about it? contact lego or lego store?

    Thank you very much!


    Hi Trisha,

    I've never experienced this before myself but I'm guessing online wise LEGO has this option for missing pieces...

    which leads to this page so you should be able to resolve the issue with your country listed there.

    Hope that helps.