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    MOD: LEGO Bike Shop & Café 31026

    Thanks. Hi Trisha, I've never experienced this before myself but I'm guessing online wise LEGO has this option for missing pieces... which leads to this page so you should be able to resolve the issue with your country listed there. Hope that helps.
  2. Hi All, Here's my 3 x Modular combo review of the Grand Emporium, Pet Shop and Parisian Restaurant. As I was doing some re-organizing of our LEGO I decided to do an overview of these 3 really nice sets. The full overview with detailed images here I really enjoyed looking back at these sets along with taking the pictures so I hope everyone enjoys it. Do feel free to comment and feedback. Tobysan
  3. hey mkeller234, My best and personal favourite would be the Parisian Restaurant. It has lots of character and details inside and out which makes up for its size, furthermore I have a thing for classic art and design. Thanks for the feedback.
  4. Tobysan

    Treehouse set?

    I bought one for my son and thought I might go nicely in a park of a town or in the backyard of the Family house. So far our town is made of a few official modulars and a couple of MOC's and we have not been able to find a right place for it yet. I think the tree house will work better if one was building a suburb or neighbourhood with lots of parks and open grass. But as a nice easy-to-store set with an affordable price it was worth getting one for my son to play with anyway. Here's a post i did on the set
  5. Tobysan

    [MOC] Lighthouse

    Hi All, Here's one of my earlier MOC projects. I have always liked Lighthouses and I was looking around for a Lighthouse for our small town project, but there were 2 problems 1) Lighthouse Island 5770 was rather small compared to modulars and 2) Lighthouse Island was retired which meant any available 5770 sets were to be outrageously overpriced. so out goes my idea of modding one. The objective of this Lighthouse is to fit with a coastal town and I added the concept of a field station to bring in a layer which I felt would offer a unique play factor for the kids and myself of course. That is why I called it the Lighthouse Field Station. I went a little further with it and worked in a crank and gear system out of Technic parts so that we could have a rotating Light brick installed. Anyway I won't ramble on too much and let the MOC speak for itself. You can check out more detailed pics here. There's a video too if you want to watch the lightbrick/crank in action Hope you guys enjoy it and any feedback is welcomed. It's also open for support at LEGO Ideas so if you really like it your support would be awesome.
  6. Tobysan

    MOD: LEGO Bike Shop & Café 31026

    Thanks and no worries AirborneAFOL. Hey thewatchman, Sorry but I was pretty much freestylin' with the build so I didn't get a chance to document parts or instructions. The build took 2 tear downs before getting to this one which made it harder to remember the specific details of parts I used as I tested and utilised parts I had lying around from various picking session. Hope my photos help though, I intentionally uploaded larger sized images so that everyone could have a closer look at the build. Tobysan
  7. Tobysan

    MOD: LEGO Bike Shop & Café 31026

    Hi All, Just updated my post with a video. (finally found a way to embed) Enjoy:)
  8. Tobysan

    Review of LEGO City Fire Station 60004

    Thanks Kinggregus. Maybe more pics when I ever get around to doing our Fire Station Modular MOC.
  9. Tobysan

    MOD: LEGO Bike Shop & Café 31026

    Cool! Nothing wrong with making it yours, this mod was put together with coincidentally found parts and colours a well. Enjoy your build!
  10. Thanks all. This only means I need to wait to get another 3 more modulars to do another review like this. Sigh:)
  11. Tobysan

    MOD: LEGO Bike Shop & Café 31026

    TrIsha, coincidentally I got the 31026 before I got the Parisian. Which kinda ended being a good thing cause I built the 31026, left it in its original nice build for a while. Then I got the Parisian and learnt alot from it to built this. Hope you found a got deal. Can't go wrong with the 31026 either way.
  12. Tobysan

    10246 Detective's Office

    This set is awesome. So much detail, the secret compartments are gonna be fun, the kitty tail roof is cool and gotta love the Pool table and the ceiling fan. I gotta have now!!!
  13. Tobysan

    Topic title editing requests

    Hi, Could a Moderator assist to edit this post title to: 'An overview of Grand Emporium, Pet Shop & Parisian Restaurant' I didn't really need to place the set numbers in the beginning. Sorry about that. Thanks Tobysan
  14. Tobysan

    [MOC] Lighthouse

    Thanks. True True, those Red+White Bow Inside and Out 2x2 corner bricks are hard to find here
  15. Tobysan

    MOC: Studdington Station

    Love the attention to detail, especially the round tiles! Awesome.
  16. Tobysan

    [MOC] Lighthouse

    Hi @Captain Braunsfeld, There's a resident dog and a Research person. As it was a field station for 'Research' I guess its more of his office, there a little reading room above as well.
  17. Tobysan

    MOD: LEGO Bike Shop & Café 31026

    Hi Jules35, Thanks and congratulations on your new purchase, you certainly won't be disappointed. The piece variety and count makes the set worth having, furthermore you technically get 2 buildings so you can't go wrong there. Let's see, additional parts if I recall right: - Flat white 1x1 tiles - Flat white 1x2 tiles - Flat white 1x8 tiles - White Profile 1x2 bricks - Medium Gray 1x~ bricks - White and Dark Blue 1x2/3 Sloped bricks (Needed a couple of dark blue of sloped bricks to reach across both sides) - White and Azure 1x1/2/4 Plates for the signage - 1 x Brown Ladder - 2 x Bikes That's what I can recall off the top of my head, but if you need more reference to parts just take a look at the additional detailed pics. We had most of the above parts from previous Pick-a-Brick sessions but some had to be specifically acquired to achieve what we needed like the bikes and the signage. Anyway the original Bike Shop & Cafe set is one of the few sets that have enough pieces and design elements to modify and extend so I think you'll enjoy figuring out what to do next with the set when the time comes.
  18. Tobysan

    MOD: LEGO Bike Shop & Café 31026

    Thanks for all the positive comments, much appreciated. It was a fun build, took about 2 rounds to get it right but we got there. Highly addictive!