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  1. Hello everyone! Here is one of my recent work based on the Marvel Universe, and hope you guys enjoy it! For more details, please check the link below. If you like the model, please give your support. Thanks a lot! THE SET This project features the scene from the TV show: Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. It includes a small SHIELD base, two vehicles, and nine minifigs. The very first idea that comes into my mind is to add as much playability as possible and, at the same time, to avoid making the project too large in size. So, I tried my best to minimize the piece count, and now what we have here is a set with 807 pieces and plenty of playability:-) THE S.H.I.E.L.D. BASE The base has 273 pieces of bricks. We have a SHIELD logo and some computer screens in the centre, featuring the main entrance of the base. There is a gym on the left, where the agents can do physical training. And the small lab on the right is the place for research and medical care. At the back of the base, there is a garage where you can park two vehicles. THE VEHICLES Lola is probably the coolest car ever appeared in the TV show. I used 185 bricks, mainly in red, to create it. It can fit one minifig and, surely, can switch to "flight mode", just as it does in the TV show. The black 4x4 (308 pieces) is my favorite part of this set, not only because its strong and aggressive look, but also because the details inside the car. It can fit four minifigs, and it has a small control room with radar screens. There is also some room for weapon storage inside the black SUV. THE MINIFIGS This project includes nine minifigs, all of whom are the main characters in the TV show: Coulson, Skye, May, Trip, Simmons, Bobbi, Fitz, Hunter and Mack. They all have some accessories based on their personal specialties, such as pistols and lab tools. Thank you all for viewing! And finally, please be sure to check my other projects, which also features the scene from the Marvel universe: Red Skull's Flying-Wing Chase: Hydra Jet Escape: Please support the project on LEGO IDEAS to make it a real set! Thanks a million!
  2. ArtGONG

    [MOC] Hydra Jet Escape

    Hello everyone! Here is another project that I just submitted on LEGO IDEAS, also based on the movie Captain America: The First Avenger. Several months ago, I just posted the project Red Skull's Flying-Wing Chase on the forum. Chech this link: For more details, please check the link below. If you like the model, please give your support. Thanks a lot! THE STORY This project (392 pieces) features the scene from the movie Captain America: The First Avenger. After a gun fight with Captain America and Bucky in a Hydra base, Johann Schmidt turns into the Red Skull by tearing his face apart, showing the audience his new, horrible, red face. He is going to escape with the cosmic cube in his jet. Unfortunately, Captain America and Bucky fail to stop this bad guy because of the big explosion in the Hydra base. THE HYDRA JET The jet (173 pieces) is built mainly with dark grey, light grey, black and some dark red bricks. The front cockpit can open and fit one minifig, probably Red Skull himself. It has two flick missles on both sides. The three big propellers on the back of the jet can rotate freely in 360°. Also, when you finish playing with the jet, you can "plug" it into the base, which provides a nice stand for the jet. THE HYDRA BASE The color of the base is similar to the jet. It has two main layers. The upper layer is mainly for minifigs to board the jet, where we have a movable walk between the base tower and the cockpit of the jet. When the jet is took off the base, the movable walk can be released down. The lower layer of the base is a car parking area, where we have an armed motorcycle. Of course, if you refer to another project of mine:, you can put that Hydra roadster below the base, too, or any other vehicle that you like. THE MINIFIGS This project includes three minifigs: the Red Skull and two different Hydra henchmen. One of them is a foot soldier, with a cosmic super-weapon in his hands, just like in the movie. The other, however, is an armed motorcycle-soldier, who has a different helmet. The Red Skull himself is carrying the cosmic cube, which gives endless power to all the weapons they have. Thank you all for viewing! And finally, please be sure to check my "Red Skull's Flying-Wing Chase" project, which also features the scene from the movie Captain America: The First Avenger: These two sets may share minifigs with each other, which, I believe may greatly increase playability. We have Captain America, Red Skull, Agent Carter, Colonel Chester Phillips and two Hydra henchmen in these two projects. Also, I am still working on other projects tha may contain Bucky and Prof. Zola. So, let's keep up the hard work and happy building:) Please support the project on LEGO IDEAS and thanks a lot!
  3. ArtGONG

    Marvel Superheroes 2015 Rumors & Discussion

    Yeah! Hope LEGO can do it just like the Flash minifig.
  4. ArtGONG

    Marvel Superheroes 2015 Rumors & Discussion

    WOW!! Very exciting news! But my favorite iron man minifig is the Iron Patriot.
  5. ArtGONG

    [MOC]Red Skull's Flying-Wing Chase The project was featured on LEGO Ideas of the Week! Also, it was posted by! I have made one more rendering image of this project, showing Captain America and the flying-wing are about to crash into the icy seawater with the cosmic cube. Please support the project if you like it. Once it gets 10,000 supporters, the project may become a real LEGO set in stores! Thanks a lot:)
  6. ArtGONG

    [MOC]Red Skull's Flying-Wing Chase

    yeah! I made one with real bricks:) Thanx a lot for your support!
  7. ArtGONG

    [MOC] Citroën DS

    It really cool! Very impressive!
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    Minifig Backhoe

    Very cute! And it is great that it can fit a minifig!
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    [LDD MOCs] imvanya's sports cars

    WOW!! Nice models and beautiful rendering!
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    [MOC] Seven Towers

    WOW!! Really impressive work!
  11. ArtGONG

    Good Cop pulls Emmet over

    The legs of the minifigs don't lie