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  1. zekee

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    Hmmm, well they have plenty of Jedi to make. Kit fisto would be a good one!
  2. zekee

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    I wasn't sold on the Constraction figures to begin with, but I got Grievous (best one) since I have got Obi-wan, Phasma and Kylo Ren. They've really grown on me. I may invest in them all. Yoda, he would make an interesting one, not sure how it would work? It seems they do 3 'good guys' 3 'bad guys' per wave.... Yoda, Chewy, C-3PO? Boba Fett, Poggle, Darth Maul? Could be cool!
  3. zekee

    A big hello from South Wales, UK!

    Croeso!! I'm also in South Wales
  4. zekee

    LEGO Pirate Photography

    Picture didnt work, sorry
  5. zekee

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    We need Jurassic Park! Ian Malcolm, Alan Grant, Muldoon and John Hammond!
  6. zekee

    Blacksmith Duel

    Awesome MOC!
  7. zekee

    [MOC] 6263 Imperial Outpost Redesigned

    Cool, wheres the details of this contest?
  8. zekee

    Jurassic World 2015 Rumors & Discussion

    Please make Jurassic Park sets, I need a John Hamond, Alan Grant, Ian Malcolm and Muldoon min-fig!!
  9. zekee

    LEGO Ideas Doctor Who

    Im not into Doctor Who, but something about the sets seem awesome!
  10. zekee

    The Wizard of Oz Rumors and Discussion

    tic-toc anyone? The flying moose couch or Jack the pumpkin, the wheelers? Return to Oz characters would be cool :P
  11. zekee

    LEGO Ideas WALL-E

    100% getting this!!
  12. zekee

    Review: 21303 - WALL-E

    Cant wait for this!!