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  1. Can i connect Cada motors to a S-Brick to controll the funktions ?
  2. Verry nice model ,look's good . Here in Belgium the company where i work is authorized Dealer for Morooka Belgium . The New 3000 serie is a real nice machine ,you have also the one with the rotating upperstructure .
  3. Mybe already ask before ,how many time you need to full charge a buwizz 2.0 ,connected with an adpter to 220 V ?
  4. Ripper can also move front and backwards ,
  5. Verry nice and higly detaild model ,with some nice funktions . Worked a few times at the real model . Was in the year 1970 -1980 the most powerfull hydraulic excavator ,with a working pressure over 400 bar .
  6. 80% from the copy cats models in Lego Technic are from moc. Designers .
  7. Still not more info from this new set ,in the past we had at this time already more info about upcoming new Lego Technic sets .
  8. technicbuilder

    [WIP] John Deere 8RT 410 tractor

    Verry nice,this will be a really challenge to build this model in Lego .
  9. Excavators does have the same system for tension on the tracks ,all the idlers have a spring ,its also for safty on the tracks whan there is something blocked between the tracks .
  10. I now that he makes the building instructions for the models from Eric trax ,my son is building the Liebherr dozer for the moment ,alternate for 42100 .
  11. Again a great model that you have made .All the technical funktions are working verry good and smooth. Great job . Are you gonne make building instructions for this model ?
  12. Ps4 controller ,works perfect
  13. If you change the gears in the wheel hub ,you get also more torque . 10 tooth and 24 tooth
  14. technicbuilder

    TrixBrix for Lego 9volt switch

    Everybody ,thank's for the information .