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  1. [MOC] Liebherr R 926 Compact Litronic

    Hello , I'am following this building proces from the beginning ,this is gonne be a real master piece ,and one of the most detailled excavators i have ever seen, build with Lego parts . In my daily job i'am working at Hyundai excavators ,and this one from Lego (Ok it's a Liebherr )is comming really close to the reallity . Keep up the good work .
  2. Hello , Verry well done ,cool creation . A few years ago ,i had this model from Toyota, verry good performance for off road driving .
  3. [MOC] John Deere 648L Skidder

    Hello, That's great news ,i'am a huge fan of this model . The best Jhon Deere skidder i have seen so far . Keep up the great work .
  4. [MOC] Mercedes-Benz Actros MP3 - Mammoet & Nooteboom

    Great truck again Jaap ,verry well detaild ,i build the model before also the MB 4160 in black ,hard to decide wich coler i'am gonne build this model . New trailer ??? ,now i'am curios .
  5. My train layout WIP

    Hello everybody Thank's for the positive comment ,all trains and train loc's are driving with a 9V motor ,only the 2 outher train track's are powerd with 9 volt .
  6. My train layout WIP

    Hello everybody , Here on Eurobricks i wanne share some pictures from my Lego train layout . It's a work in progres ,i'am already building about 2.5 years on this layout specially in winter time . The models you see ,some are designd by other train builders ,some of them i modified ,there are also models that i bought on ebay ,some orinal Lego models and a few designd and build by myself . The next project in this layout will be a big cargo building and some freight crane . Here some pictures:
  7. Hello , Here again a nice mod from the Claas ,it's from the same builder where in this topic already see some movie's
  8. Yust amazing ,great job . Picture quality outstanding .
  9. Hello everybody , Indeed ,this is a great technic model ,i olso can't wait when Lego release this model . At the end of the 90,s i had the chance to visit the Claas factory in Harsewinkel Germany ,where they at that moment developped the first model of this great and amazing pice of equipment
  10. [MOC] John Deere 648L Skidder

    Hello , A great job you have made here , i'am a huge fan from these kid of machinery ,in the most John Deere . The skidder has a great performance too ,perfect working funktions . Verry well done .
  11. Technic in Real Life

    I'am working as service technieker for Hyundai Heavy equipment ,our company has dealership for whole Belgium . So the 8043 and other heavy equipment build in Lego is not strange for me .
  12. [WIP] Gold Wash Plant

    Hello everybody, I'am gonne tray reponse all the message in one awnser There are now instruktions availebale,i have build everything without LDD ,MCLad ore somthing that has to do with computer stuff ,yust building and when somthing not work start again.(old school) Everything works pretty well and smooth ,a few things has to be improved , but for the moment the hole wash plant was put into a box ,maby in a few months i will pick up agian this project . The bucket on the 8043 is from the older backhoe 8862 ,the technic links on the dozer are the orginal dark blush gray from Lego ,i think with the light from the foto it look's like silver coler. Thank's for the intrest .
  13. Hello Everybody , Just finished this great model. It was at verry nice to build this RC Car , the quality from the building instruktions are great ,Thank's for Sharing . Also the stickers deignd by Jaap Technic are from exellent quality . The model i build are with the 4 XL motor's ,i used 2 battery box with AAA batteries and as discribed at the begin af this topic ,the battery box is going into safety when you are driving . Is this problem solved when i use 2 recharchibale battery box from Lego ???. (Sorry for bad english) Here some pictures
  14. Hello, Great model ,verry high details and the funktions are working perfect . Nice video. Hall of fame +1 :thumbup: