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  1. Hello , As mechanic i worked more than 8 years at this kind of machine and i have to say ,you did a really great job .Pneumatic functions working verry good and verry smooth .4 wheel steering and crab funktion great to see how it works in this model . Mybe one verry little thing ,for me the boom from the retro is a bit out of proportion ,but i now building with Lego Technic has some times his limts . For me the best model i have seen build with Lego Thechnic .
  2. technicbuilder

    Steph77's Moc corner

    Hello. Verry nice and well detailled Volvo wheelloader. Good job.
  3. technicbuilder

    Fake / Phishing LEGO related Sites

    If you have some good braines than you now that you don't have to order Lego at this sort of site's . I'think for the TLG it's a little bit difficult to follow up this kind of thieves . Those people changes their site every day if they want .
  4. Hello Everybody , For the moment i'am building a full rc Claas Xerion with 7 motors , controlled with 2 S'brick . Rotation for Cabin will be disconected for the reason that i don't use this fuction and in future build there are coming 12 led's in the cabin roof . I can not uplaod more pictures
  5. technicbuilder

    [MOC] Ferrari Testarossa

    Verry nice ,highly detailled . Good job .
  6. technicbuilder

    [MOC] Mercedes trucks, trailers and more

    Hello. Welcome at eurobricks .i have been looking a few day's on your creations at rebrickable .The models are looking verry good but in the part list there are a lot of errors .Parts with wrong color and missing pneumatic parts . Are you planning to covert this models into a pdf file or somthing like that .Technic models building in LDD is not an easy job .Thank's for the work you have made.
  7. technicbuilder

    Liebherr LR 11000

    Hello , A great and huge crane that you have build . A lot of details and great functions ,how you have build the weight system is for me the most ingenius system i have ever seen . Thank's for sharing this project here on eurobricks .
  8. technicbuilder

    [MOC] Liebherr R 926 Compact Litronic

    Hello , I'am following this building proces from the beginning ,this is gonne be a real master piece ,and one of the most detailled excavators i have ever seen, build with Lego parts . In my daily job i'am working at Hyundai excavators ,and this one from Lego (Ok it's a Liebherr )is comming really close to the reallity . Keep up the good work .
  9. technicbuilder

    [MOC] Back to the Future Toyota

    Hello , Verry well done ,cool creation . A few years ago ,i had this model from Toyota, verry good performance for off road driving .
  10. technicbuilder

    [MOC] John Deere 648L Skidder

    Hello, That's great news ,i'am a huge fan of this model . The best Jhon Deere skidder i have seen so far . Keep up the great work .
  11. technicbuilder

    [MOC] Mercedes-Benz Actros MP3 - Mammoet & Nooteboom

    Great truck again Jaap ,verry well detaild ,i build the model before also the MB 4160 in black ,hard to decide wich coler i'am gonne build this model . New trailer ??? ,now i'am curios .
  12. technicbuilder

    My train layout WIP

    Hello everybody Thank's for the positive comment ,all trains and train loc's are driving with a 9V motor ,only the 2 outher train track's are powerd with 9 volt .
  13. technicbuilder

    My train layout WIP

    Hello everybody , Here on Eurobricks i wanne share some pictures from my Lego train layout . It's a work in progres ,i'am already building about 2.5 years on this layout specially in winter time . The models you see ,some are designd by other train builders ,some of them i modified ,there are also models that i bought on ebay ,some orinal Lego models and a few designd and build by myself . The next project in this layout will be a big cargo building and some freight crane . Here some pictures:
  14. Hello , Here again a nice mod from the Claas ,it's from the same builder where in this topic already see some movie's
  15. Yust amazing ,great job . Picture quality outstanding .