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  1. This is so awesome! Post it on Ideas and will suppport and follow! Could you build it with LDD and share it please? :D
  2. Anduin1710

    LOTR Barad-dur MOC

    And to design the minifigures was a lot of work.
  3. Anduin1710

    [MOC] Hobbit: Sons of Durin

    That's cool! :D
  4. Anduin1710

    LOTR Barad-dur MOC

    One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie. Barad-dûr was held together by dark magic and was the greatest fortress in all of Middle-earth. It was originally built in the Second Age and razed after Sauron's defeat in the War of the Last Alliance. Sauron had Barad-dûr rebuilt during the Third Age as he rose back into power, but the tower was forever destroyed immediately following the destruction of the One Ring, as it was constructed and held together using the Ring's dark magic. This project includes 5.364 pieces! In comparison, the 10189 Taj Mahal had 5.922 pieces! Here you can see the size compared to the Lego "The Tower of Orthanc". I think that's the perfect height for the tower, not too small and not too big. Please click on the images, to see them in HD. You can find all images on my Flickr album. It has 9 floors and they are: (ranging from below) : A basement with an old skeleton The Throne room A blacksmith with a door A Palantir Room A prison A kitchen A room with the helmets of the Nazgûl A library with ancient books about witchcraft and dark magic And a chamber with the 9 rings of the Nazgûl The minifigures are: King Elendil with his sword Narsil Isildur with a sword 2 soldiers, one with sword & shield and one with spear & shield 2 elven warriors with spears and shields Gil-galad with his spear Aiglos and blue shield Elrond with his sword Hadhafang 1 orc archer with a shield 1 orc with spear and shield Sauron with the One Ring and his mace A banner carrier with a lash 1 orc with sword and shield @all viewers: Now it's up to you. Vote for my project on lego ideas and make the dream come true. Please also look at my other projects and consider supporting and sharing them with your friends! :D Thank you for your attention.
  5. Anduin1710

    Lego Jurassic World (Video Game Discussion)

    You can travel only to the parts of each movie, because Jurassic Park and Jurassic World overlap. You have to open the map and select the JP icons. You can't travel from Lost World into Jurassic Park III on Isla Sorna, (They don't overlap.) that's very sad. And the game loads at some places for a second. That's a little bit awful.
  6. Anduin1710

    [MOC]T-rex skeleton

    Oh they changed already the titel. @ Peppermit_M So what should I say about that, well everyone could see what it is. ;-) My thought was that this could be on the selfs on every Museum. Well last time I visited the famous Berliner Museum für Naturkunde with his famous Giraffatitan aka Brachiosaurus skeleton (Guinnes World Record) and Archaeopteryx and I was a litle bit disapointed on the stuff at the museum's shop. So I wanted a little Lego set that could be bought for a small price. And with 270 pieces it would cost 25 - 30€. The skull was a difficult thing on this skeleton. How to get the jaw open? How to build the teeth? How to buld the eyes, becauce there is only a eye hole in the skull? The skull is the most iconic part of the T-rex, so this should fit. And I had to find a way to bring this all together. I think this version is the best I have made.
  7. This picture leads to my lego ideas project. Please click on the images to see it in full size. This skeleton of Tyrannosaurus rex is in Lego Minifigure scale! I made it next to the T-rex figure, so it has almost the same size. Functions: flexable tail moveable arms and legs moveable neck and skull moveable lower jaw platform with a information display a night watchman with a flashlight It includes 270 pieces. @all viewers: Now it's up to you. Vote for my project and make the dream come true. Please look at my other projects, sare these with your friends and support these. LOTR - Barad-dûr Ultimate Collector's Set (more than 2.960 supports*) LOTR - Rivendell Part 1 LOTR - Rivendell Part 2 (more than 1.070 supports*) LOTR - Rivendell Part 3 LOTR - Rivendell Part 4 LOTR - Rivendell Part 5 (more than 1.590 supports*) LOTR - Rivendell Part 6 LOTR - Rivendell (more than 1.150 supports*) LOTR - Doors of Durin Minas Morgul The Hobbit - Halls of Thranduil The Hobbit - Dale (more than 1.150 supports*) The Hobbit - Dale expansion set The Hobbit - The Side-door of Erebor The Hobbit Ravenhill Hobbit Showdown at Ravenhill James Cook and the HMS Endeavour(only 227 supports) Presentation platform * on June 27, 2015 Thank you for your attention.
  8. Anduin1710

    Lego Jurassic World (Video Game Discussion)

    Oh I wouldn't buy it for PC, I read on amazon that some people bought it for 28€ and installed the game and had to registred on STEAM too! They had to download a patch with 13GB and payed 18€ for that! I payed 49€ for the PS3 special edition.
  9. Anduin1710

    Lego Jurassic World (Video Game Discussion)

    Awesome game with some little bugs.
  10. I love your SC2 siege tank! This would be the best technic set ever! I would buy it.
  11. Anduin1710

    MOC: Dwalin - Battle of the Five Armies

    This is so awesome! I would buy all of them, if their were awailable at the lego stores. How tall is this Dwalin? And could you please build a Thranduil figure? A Bard figure would be great too. :D Last time I had an idea to build Jim Raynor, Kerrigan and Zeratul from StarCraft.
  12. Anduin1710

    Minas Morgul (by Anduin1710)

    Well Tolkien had many places which are made in circles. For example Orthanc, Lothlorien, Edoras, Minas Tirith, Gondolin
  13. Anduin1710

    Minas Morgul (by Anduin1710)

    Thank you for comment. :D Well, I sad this allready to saabfan on ideas in german, because he had a similar suggestion. The final coice of the colors should be done by the ladies and gentlemen of the disigner and marketing team of lego. If my project really get into the Review stage. Until then, I will not change anything on the city. Because many people like it as it is. Only the fell beast could get an update. My thought is it to build it after John Howe's diesign. It was a white city, and it was the sister-city of Minas Arnor (Minas Tirith) and that should be remain recognizable.
  14. Anduin1710

    Minas Morgul (by Anduin1710)

    Do you want to start trouble? All scene of Minas Morgul are at night or under clouds! And all cats are black at night. I can confirm that, because my cat is white. I'm prepared for your thought. You will see that white turns into gray when you change the light. And now I show you the fifty shades of white. :p This rendering is with 90% light. This rendering is with 40% light. And this rendering is with 0% light.