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  1. Johnny6666

    About buying used sets?

    I say this with all due respect, but these are incredibly offensive statements to make. A) Lego is likely handled (at least in part) by Lego staff in some capacity prior to being sealed in box - even if only minimally. To be 'unable to stand the fact that sets are already handled by someone other than yourself' doesn't sound like a mere concern with basic cleanliness (which no doubt all of us consider when assessing used sets): it suggests a very real obsessive compulsive disorder. B) Buying MISB doesn't make one 'a perfectionist', or suggest a need to 'set the bar high'. Buying MISB might reflect one's economic circumstances and/or disposable income, or be the result of easy access to sealed sets, or indicate a collector's interest in packaging or promotional materials beyond the sets themselves. Buying MISB doesn't reflect 'perfection' in a collector - just the will (for whatever reason) to buy MISB. Nothing more. C) 'Tolerance of used reflective of one's character'? C'mon! That's ridiculous! See above. If anything, exclusively buying MISB is at least partially a reflection of the level of one's disposable income - not an individual's moral qualities! Indeed, I'd suggest that (in)tolerance of used sets and a fear of the great unwashed spoiling LEGO 'perfection' is indicative of one's relative mental health! Any hobby that turns upon the act of collecting no doubt has obsessive elements, but I really think you're taking it way beyond healthy here...
  2. Johnny6666

    Unpopular LEGO opinions

    I think EvanTube is an example of child exploitation, personally. And The Brick Show is annoyingly loud (at best) and obnoxiously grating (at worst). BrickQueen is fine by YouTube standards, although I'd argue Jangbricks to be the most well-produced, comprehensive and watchable LEGO review channel currently.
  3. Johnny6666

    Why is the grey baseplate so expensive?

    I still don't understand why blue baseplates are no longer available - especially given Lego have current and forthcoming lines with an emphasis upon water/ocean/blue (Pirates, Deep Sea Explorers, etc.). I'm sure it's a profit consideration in some respect, but it seriously compromises play value for specific lines.
  4. Johnny6666

    Unpopular LEGO opinions

    I think that the modular building series makes everyone's Lego cities all look the same. And Lego 10190 (Market Street) just looks plain awful. The Lego Movie isn't half as amusing as it thinks it is. Loud and hyperkinetic, it lacks something of the simple innocence that has defined Lego products historically. But then, the often frenetic style of modern LEGO promotional materials (and the play ideas they promote) are at odds with one of the key principles Godtfred Christiansen deemed fundamental to LEGO products: the notion of healthy, quiet play. Indeed, we've gone from these modest depictions of childhood creativity: To the gaping maw of this enfant terrible: We're certainly a long way from the (cheerfully sedate) adventures of Bill and Mary today... :(
  5. Johnny6666

    Fantasy Funnies

    Funny stuff. Very well realised.
  6. Johnny6666

    Review: 31036 Creator Toy and Grocery Shop 3-in-1

    A terrific, very comprehensive review - but I'm not at all impressed with this set. It feels like a mishmash of bricks with no clear design aesthetic and as such blatantly underdeveloped (i.e. designed to hit a price/brick count point rather than provide a solid set in the Creator Town tradition). Compared to other Creator sets at this price point (31025 - Mountain Hut, for example) it feels utterly uninspired and ugly.
  7. Johnny6666

    The Carmen

    That really is exceptional work - particularly the amazing attention to color and tone. Wonderful.
  8. Johnny6666

    10247 Ferris Wheel

    I actually think the size is misleading. A solid brick count, to be sure, but perhaps not as much as one would initially think - lots of technic pieces and hollow scaffolding makes it big, but not especially dense (so to speak).
  9. Johnny6666

    SpacySmoke's Halloween MOCs

    Wonderful pieces. Such control of colour and design, whilst recognising the whimsical nature of the Monster Fighters line - fantastic!
  10. Johnny6666

    [MOC] Slight mod to use Haunted House as corner modular

    This is terrific! I've been looking to bring the HH closer to modular specs and this is a tremendous help! The extended gate/fence design with the masonry bricks looks terrific and works exceptionally well even within the confined space of a 32x32 plate (with sidewalk). Thanks so much for the detailed outline and LDD baseplate view - this is awesome! :)
  11. Johnny6666

    10246 Detective's Office

    Indeed! I love that Lego are giving a nod to film noir territory - even if the whole 'cookie' thing is rather coy. But it's a delicate balancing act, to be sure: pitching to a young audience with play features, whilst winking at the shadow adult market with the Prohibition references. I think it's a terrific set and should sit very nicely next to the townhouse/loft from the Pet Shop set, and the Fire Brigade.
  12. Johnny6666

    A closer look at Emmets apartment building

    That's terrific! Supported! :)
  13. Johnny6666

    MOC: 31026 Alternate Build Modular Bike Shop

    Looks great to my eyes - even without the extra detailing you'll be adding. I've been considering buying a second 31026 set for an alternate build, and this works very nicely between the Pet Shop as shown. Please be sure to come back and show us your additions when completed, as I'm very interested! And can I ask: any chance of instructions/LDD file?