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  1. Black Orchid

    CCCXII – Malcumus Erlond Cottage

    A truly work of art ! Thanks for sharing.
  2. Black Orchid

    CCCXII – Barrenroot Tree

    The chimney is brilliant, as is the rest of the build !
  3. Black Orchid

    Winners MEC Contest

    Congratulations !
  4. Black Orchid

    MOC: Dunehill Castle

    Liking it overall but esspecially the different colors in the landscape !
  5. Black Orchid

    Ch. III, Cat A: The Trees are Listening

    Nice landscape and lovely colors for the trees !
  6. Black Orchid

    Market Day

    Great looking, the market seems a great place to visit, very lively !
  7. Black Orchid

    The Court Hall

    Very nice, I love the tower !
  8. Black Orchid

    Thieves Guild from Riddle of Regicide

    Good looking MOC, especialy the figures. Good luck with your book.
  9. Black Orchid

    MEC Cat. A - Tom Bombadil's House

    Very nice indeed !
  10. Black Orchid

    Ch. III Cat A. Men: Spying

    Very nice build, especially the way the shadow hides the spy. You have reasons to be proud.
  11. Black Orchid

    CCCXII - Dilemma in the Desert

    So much storytelling in 1 picture! Very nice.
  12. Black Orchid

    MOC: Groothoofdspoort (Groothoofd City Gate)

    Great looking piece ! And coming from the area of Dordrecht this is extra special.