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  1. Hi Tomic-- I still prefer SR3D as its easy to use,easy animation and the ability ,on a 2 monitor system,to have the parts on one screen and the project on the other.-- I would really appreciate a share of your installer.-thanks
  2. Thanks for your reply.I will have to wait for an update as my graphics card will not support your suggestion.--Great program!
  3. The undocking of the colour and parts bins is a very useful:: Is there a way to show them seperately on one screen of an extended display, with the other used just for building. I cannot move them beyond the programme bounderies,even if i extend the display onto the left hand screen.Any ideas would be appreciated--thanks
  4. Thanks for that Roland. Your absolutely spot on,and I can now use these functions ok. Thanks also for a great program with so many good features(esp 2Dview). Please keep up the good work!
  5. Hi ---I have recently begun to try LDCad after a couple of years using SR3D. I can follow the editing tutorials ok, apart from the rubber band and three wheels example. I just cannot add the second or third ring, either being told 'invisible part selected' or the wheel reappears. I have watched (frame by frame) the 1.3 features video using a rubber drive ring and two wheels and still cannot copy the action.I would appreciate some advice and possibly a detailed list of actions required.--thanks.