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    Marvel Super Heroes
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    Garmadon’s Secret Lair

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    LEGO (of course), Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, hockey (a given for all Canadians), the Toronto Maple Leafs (a given for all good Canadians), and the Pittsburgh Steelers.


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  1. My wife and I attended Bricks in the Six yesterday and had a great time. The MOCs on display were inspiring and wonderful. Every time I attend an event like this it reignites my love of the brick. I’d recommend it to any AFOL in the Toronto area. I hope it becomes an annual event.
  2. Steckley

    Canadian Eh?

    Walmart has had something each of the last few years but it doesn't look like they're advertising anything this year. I guess we just have to hope Lego shop@home has a good deal or two.
  3. Steckley

    Canadian Eh?

    I plan to attend on Sunday.
  4. Steckley

    One Word At A Time Story

  5. Steckley

    One Word At A Time Story

  6. Steckley

    One Word At A Time Story

  7. Steckley

    One Word At A Time Story

  8. Steckley

    One Word At A Time Story

  9. Steckley

    What is your favorite lego series

    Marvel Super Heroes. As a kid I devoured Marvel comics and Lego was my toy of choice. To have them combined is truly a childhood dream come true.
  10. Steckley

    What is Your Favorite Lord of the Rings Set?

    I voted for Helms Deep because the size of the finished model impressed me, and I wasn't expecting that. So often I find their large sets a bit underwhelming but this one did not disappoint. I recently bought the Tower of Orthanc but haven't built it. I might change my vote once I do, based on what I've seen about that set, but I only like to vote for sets I have personal experience with.
  11. Steckley

    Hotel with a small pool

    I love the exterior. You've nicely captured the feel of the era. The interior, though, seems a bit sparse. I'd imagine a building of that era would have a more ornate staircase, with a railing. I think the walls could use more paintings or other decorations to break up the monotony. The pool definitely seems out of place, but I see that seems to flow from the backstory you've presented. I'd expect a dining room or tea room in that space, maybe even a study.
  12. Steckley

    One Word At A Time Story

  13. Steckley

    Recommend A New Camera

    I haven't had any experience with those particular models but have used their bigger brothers (D7000 and D7200). Based on my experience with Nikon, and the reviews I've seen about he D3XXX series, I think any of them would suit your purpose well. As others have pointed out, the best thing about DSLRs is that you can always upgrade your body later and use your lenses with the new body. The creative options that a DSLR provides just can't be matched by a point and shoot. They say a good photographer can create a good photo with any camera. That's undoubtedly true but I also think that a good camera can make you a better photographer, if for no other reason than it makes the hobby fun which leads you to use it more, and any good photographer will tell you that the more you use your camera, the better your pictures will become. I'd recommend getting a used copy of whatever one you can find for the cheapest price and pick up a 18-55 kit lens, if the camera body doesn't come with a lens. It's a decent, yet very cheap lens, that will get you started. Then add a beginners book that can explain the concepts of ISO, shutter speed, aperture, and depth of field in a way that makes sense to you, and start shooting.
  14. Steckley

    Lego Room Build

    Very nice room. You need to convince your wife to bring her chair up to the be ch so she can joe in the fun.
  15. Steckley

    What to do with broken pieces

    Some great ideas in this thread, but finding a real world use for the bricks is definitely my favourite. I'd also recommend donating them to Goodwill if they're still somewhat usable but just don't look nice enough to put into your MOCs. Better to let some kid out there have them then turn them Into landfill.