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  1. looks great, i guess those grey studded block are supposed to be AAA battery boxes?
  2. there is only one thing I want from the new PF, a BT reciever
  3. TheNextLegoDesinger

    Technic Photography

    yeah thats probraly rught, still not an original photo, probrally because it's much easier that way
  4. just search lego 42083 and you wil instantly get the video
  5. you need to have at least 10 posts, after that you are allowed
  6. TheNextLegoDesinger

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    yeah stupid me :) looks nice, maybe i'll buy this set if i manage to get some money as it's gonna be an expensive year, by wallet
  7. as always nicely and highly informative review. had to wind back sometimes as the text was changing to fast. Thnx
  8. TheNextLegoDesinger

    Axle Collection Thread

    very interesting, clever way to use those studded frames
  9. TheNextLegoDesinger

    Technic Photography

    nice picture of the BMW, i really like it, if LTG would use such pics for there advertisements i think the boxes would look som much better. there is only one problem with the picture, THE BIKE IS TO CLEAN :D just kidding Greetz TNLD
  10. TheNextLegoDesinger

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    PICS PICS PICS, i want pics. sorry, i haven't followed the 2018 discussion so i haven't seen pictures yet. anyone who can put some pictures?
  11. i would opt for a solid front axle and an live rear axle, this way you have some suspention, and it will be pretty sturdy. this one has that type of rear axle i'm talking about. i don't know if your school has these parts. otherwise you could use a hinge system for your suspention
  12. thnx for the info on the suspention, very clear explenation and a very clever desing. can't wait to see the end result