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  1. What is the light grey ball part at the top of the yacht's mast?
  2. Love it! Now, if you could just rig up another servo connected to a dimmer switch...
  3. Don't worry, it's a (slowly) ongoing process! 42060 is on my list already. In general, I like to include as much info as possible, so videos, topics, instructions - whatever you have - is good to include. Thanks, will add it to my spreadsheet.
  4. Some long overdue updates: New posts added for 42048 (4 C-models), 42052 (2), 42053 (1), 42054 (7) & 42055 (5); A couple of additional C-models added to 42038 & 42039; Running total: 107 C-models documented from 23 sets; Running total still to be added: 27 C-models from a further 9 sets (not counting single user indexes) - which means, comparing to the last update, that I'm overhauling the rate of C-model production at a rate of 2 models every 5 months, so at this rate I'll clear my input spreadsheet in about 6 years' time. Or I could just pull my finger out and get it done
  5. [C-MODEL] C-Model Index

    42055 Bucket Wheel Excavator The Lego Group - A. Bucket Wheel Excavator EB review Brickset Instructions (free PDF) Part count: 3,929 The Lego Group - B. Mobile Aggregate Processing Plant Instructions (free PDF) CYJB - Excavator Rebrickable Instructions (free PDF) PV Productions - GBC 15 (7 modules) EB topic Instructions (€16.95) msk6003 - Half-Track Vehicle with Rubber Band Gun Rebrickable Instructions (free photo series) MrTekneex - Roadheader msk6003 - Supercar with test stand Polite notice: please do not post in this topic - instead, please direct any comments, queries, suggestions or corrections to the C-Model Index Discussion topic. Thank you!
  6. [C-MODEL] C-Model Index

    42054 CLAAS XERION 5000 TRAC VC The Lego Group - A. CLAAS XERION 5000 TRAC VC EB review Brickset Instructions (free PDF) Part count: 1,977 The Lego Group - B. CLAAS XERION 5000 TRAC VC with Silage Plow Instructions (free PDF) BrickbyBrickTechnic - Crop Sprayer EB topic Rebrickable Instructions (free photo series) BrickbyBrickTechnic - Forest Skidder EB topic PV Productions - GBC 11 (5 modules) EB topic Instructions (€12.45)[/url PV Productions - GBC 14 Strandbeest Module EB topic Instructions (€12.45) Offroadcreat1ons - Monster Truck EB topic Rebrickable Instructions (free LXF) M_longer - Wheel Loader EB topic Rebrickable Instructions ($10 PDF) Part count: 1,580 (79.9%) Aventador2004 - Mini Track Loader EB topic Part count: 300 (15.2%)
  7. [C-MODEL] C-Model Index

    42053 Volvo EW160E The Lego Group - A. Volvo EW160E EB review Brickset Instructions (free PDF) Part count: 1,166 The Lego Group - B. Volvo L30G Instructions (free PDF) Nequmodiva - Cherry Picker EB topic Rebrickable
  8. [C-MODEL] C-Model Index

    42052 Heavy Lift Helicopter The Lego Group - A. Heavy Lift Helicopter EB review Brickset Instructions (free PDF) Part count: 1,042 The Lego Group - B. Tandem Rotor Helicopter Instructions (free PDF) PV Productions - GBC 17 Wing Lift Module EB topic Instructions (€11.45) BrickbyBrickTechnic - Twin Spin Helicopter
  9. [C-MODEL] C-Model Index

    42048 Race Kart The Lego Group - A. Race Kart EB review Instructions (free PDF) Part count: 345 The Lego Group - B. Track Car Instructions (free PDF) BusterHaus - Cement mixer EB topic Instructions (free PDF) jyd80 - Formula 1 EB topic Petros - Formula 1 EB topic BrickbyBrickTechnic - Lawn Mower Rebrickable Instructions (free photo series) Part count: 353 (102.3%)
  10. Remember the Compressor Truck (as it was known in the UK) fondly - from my and my school friends' jaws dropping when it first appeared in the Lego catalogue, to the point when I stupidly sold it on as a too-cool-for-lego teenager (fortunately I held onto my other 90s flagships!). And yes, the B-model is well worth the build with it's automatic pneumatic loop. Also shows up the modern pneumatic sets on how pneumatic tube routing ought to be done!
  11. Thanks all, seems like consensus favours the Arocs - I shall consider the matter!
  12. Heh, exactly the answer I was expecting. For the sake of argument, leaving the availability aspect out of it, and assuming I can only buy one in total, which would you go for?
  13. I suspect I can probably guess the answer to this, but which of the following should I go for: 42043 Arocs @ £130, 42054 Claas @ £90, or 42069 Extreme Adventure @ £120? Like the look of all three, but can probably only justify one (if that!) at the moment. Like the pneumatics of the Arocs, and motorised stuff of the first two, but realistically after the joy of building, most of my technic sits on the shelf until I dismantle/rebuild it. Love the look of the Claas, but the lack of B-model is a major negative for me. 42069 looks great but fewer interesting functions. Your thoughts please! Edit: P.s. I have plenty of old flagships from the 90s, but 42009 is my only major modern set so far (so closest to the Arocs in form/function of the three).
  14. Thanks @BrickbyBrickTechnic, had seen some of those but not all of them - will add to my list. Unfortunately, at the moment my life is such that only very sporadic updates are possible Noting this one down for future reference:
  15. That, and you didn't have to cut/tear part of the box to get in...