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  1. Thanks @Rudivdk, appreciate the effort. I hadn't thought of the issue of the cable just buckling in compression - I guess the plastic ones have enough stiffness to prevent them from doing this over the short distance they protrude from the sleeve.
  2. Thanks @Rudivdk, my forum-searching skills are obviously lacking, as I didn't find that one - will take a look.
  3. Hi guys, This week my boys had a special treat as we brought my old 8485 set out of the garage so they could build the T-rex. Everything is in surprisingly good condition, except for a couple of the flex system cables, which are a lot more brittle than they were 25 years ago and have not survived the building process. (These were always fairly weak parts, I know, but they are definitely worse than I remember!) So the question is: has anyone discovered any way of mending them? Or replacing them in some way? (I have ordered a couple of spares from bricklink, but I don't expect them to last particularly long either, as they are just as old...) Thanks in advance!
  4. Josephiah

    Lego Mindstorms EV3 Monorail

    Just stumbled across this project, and I love it! Particularly like the way the switch track flexes as it moves. Do the train and the switch tracks interact with each other? In other words, does the train "know" the status of the switch, and vice versa? I also like the versatility of the tiled track system with the colour sensor - adding a slow down area or a station is as easy as swapping a couple of tiles.
  5. Josephiah

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Depends whether it has a crane on it or not!
  6. We use it for prototyping stuff fairly often at work, especially for fast iteration around mechanism design. Complex hand tool mechanisms, an adjustable wind turbine blade, bits of a wheelchair, a folding table mechanism, even a new type of horse saddle... (Unfortunately not stuff I can readily share as pictures, as they now form parts of our clients' IP!)
  7. As a few have commented further up the thread, the seemed to be a change of insulation material for the sets around 1996/7 (shuttle/bar code truck) to the matte/rubbery textured stuff which was particularly bad. I have plenty of earlier wires (shiny finish, like in 1995's control centre II) which are in much better condition.
  8. Josephiah

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    What about 8862?
  9. Josephiah

    [TC14] Excalibur (Top Spin)

    Brilliantly executed - accurate motions, and love the folding rails. There used to be one of these that would come with the fairground every year (complete with the independently moving arms with hinge, as in your version), which I was always too scared to go on. Can't remember what it was called, but it had a purple colour-scheme, with lots of spotlights and the words "hasta la vista baby" on the underside of the carriage.
  10. Reminds me a bit of a project my company (a small engineering/r&d consultancy) has worked on now and then over the last couple of years, which uses the same principle for turning crane loads, but uses water as the reaction mass: (In fact, my latest bit of work for them was making a small working model version for them to take to trade shows with them - one of those rare projects that's almost too much fun to count as real work!)
  11. Yes! For this kind of simple model I'd say 30-60 seconds is plenty. (I find even with large and complex MOCs, 2-3mins is usually plenty, and much better to watch than a drawn-out 6-8min epic!)
  12. Josephiah

    [C-MODEL] C-Model Index Discussion

    Also, this rather fine 42053 telehandler by @Hogwartus:
  13. Josephiah

    [WIP] Harbour crane- 42043 C model (Pneumatics added)

    This looks promising! Looking forward to seeing how the pneumatics get incorporated. And, no, definitely not copying, just inspiration
  14. Josephiah

    [C-MODEL] C-Model Index Discussion

    Noting @Leonard Goldstein's excellent model down for future reference:
  15. Josephiah

    [HELP] Which Technic Set Should I Buy?

    Snapped up a 42043 for my birthday before they all disappeared - my first decent-sized set since 42009. THIS IS EXCITING!!