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  1. Josephiah

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    What about 8862?
  2. Josephiah

    [TC14] Excalibur (Top Spin)

    Brilliantly executed - accurate motions, and love the folding rails. There used to be one of these that would come with the fairground every year (complete with the independently moving arms with hinge, as in your version), which I was always too scared to go on. Can't remember what it was called, but it had a purple colour-scheme, with lots of spotlights and the words "hasta la vista baby" on the underside of the carriage.
  3. Reminds me a bit of a project my company (a small engineering/r&d consultancy) has worked on now and then over the last couple of years, which uses the same principle for turning crane loads, but uses water as the reaction mass: (In fact, my latest bit of work for them was making a small working model version for them to take to trade shows with them - one of those rare projects that's almost too much fun to count as real work!)
  4. Yes! For this kind of simple model I'd say 30-60 seconds is plenty. (I find even with large and complex MOCs, 2-3mins is usually plenty, and much better to watch than a drawn-out 6-8min epic!)
  5. Josephiah

    [C-MODEL] C-Model Index Discussion

    Also, this rather fine 42053 telehandler by @Hogwartus:
  6. Josephiah

    [WIP] Harbour crane- 42043 C model (Pneumatics added)

    This looks promising! Looking forward to seeing how the pneumatics get incorporated. And, no, definitely not copying, just inspiration
  7. Josephiah

    [C-MODEL] C-Model Index Discussion

    Noting @Leonard Goldstein's excellent model down for future reference:
  8. Josephiah

    [HELP] Which Technic Set Should I Buy?

    Snapped up a 42043 for my birthday before they all disappeared - my first decent-sized set since 42009. THIS IS EXCITING!!
  9. Josephiah

    [C-MODEL] C-Model Index Discussion

    My thoughts exactly! Great functions as always, but perhaps not up to MrTekneex usual standards of aesthetics? But then, given the parts he had to work with... Sure, will add it to the list. Good work.
  10. Looks great. Is it possible using only the pieces in the set, or do you need to bring in extra ones?
  11. Josephiah

    Technic 2018 Set Discussion

    What is the light grey ball part at the top of the yacht's mast?
  12. Love it! Now, if you could just rig up another servo connected to a dimmer switch...
  13. Josephiah

    [C-MODEL] C-Model Index Discussion

    Don't worry, it's a (slowly) ongoing process! 42060 is on my list already. In general, I like to include as much info as possible, so videos, topics, instructions - whatever you have - is good to include. Thanks, will add it to my spreadsheet.
  14. Josephiah

    [C-MODEL] C-Model Index Discussion

    Some long overdue updates: New posts added for 42048 (4 C-models), 42052 (2), 42053 (1), 42054 (7) & 42055 (5); A couple of additional C-models added to 42038 & 42039; Running total: 107 C-models documented from 23 sets; Running total still to be added: 27 C-models from a further 9 sets (not counting single user indexes) - which means, comparing to the last update, that I'm overhauling the rate of C-model production at a rate of 2 models every 5 months, so at this rate I'll clear my input spreadsheet in about 6 years' time. Or I could just pull my finger out and get it done
  15. Josephiah

    [C-MODEL] C-Model Index

    42055 Bucket Wheel Excavator The Lego Group - A. Bucket Wheel Excavator EB review Brickset Instructions (free PDF) Part count: 3,929 The Lego Group - B. Mobile Aggregate Processing Plant Instructions (free PDF) CYJB - Excavator Rebrickable Instructions (free PDF) PV Productions - GBC 15 (7 modules) EB topic Instructions (€16.95) msk6003 - Half-Track Vehicle with Rubber Band Gun Rebrickable Instructions (free photo series) MrTekneex - Roadheader msk6003 - Supercar with test stand Polite notice: please do not post in this topic - instead, please direct any comments, queries, suggestions or corrections to the C-Model Index Discussion topic. Thank you!