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Hi, Krikkit here, based in the UK. I am extremely partial to the Marvel and DC Superhero lines and have found some pretty great uses for Chima sets to help improve these.

I was bitten a while back when I saw the #6863 Batwing Battle Over Gotham City set. I always ment to go back for the #6864 Batmobile and Twoface Chase set but never did... Update: Bought this the other day!

Anyway, a couple of years, a few £ and many bricks later, I am building my teams... My Bat Family, The Justice League, Legion of Doom, The Avengers, The Sinister Six, The Fantastic Four, The Dark Avengers and The X-Men!

Not to mention the many forms of Spiderman!

I am also quite partial to the one offs that appear such as the Ghostbuster's Ecto 1 and the Back to the Future's Delorean.

As much of a LEGO enthusiast as I am, the clone and Knock Offs of late have been big on my listings, you will probably see me most active in the bootleg thread.  Don't jude me on that though, I still buy all the official sets, but there are gaps that these Chinese companies fill very well.