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  1. Hallo everyone! Thanks James for posting my MOCs here. As you can see I have an account on Eurobricks, but I've not posted here for ages. Really nice to read, that you like my train MOCs.
  2. These are my photos. I didn't receive any confirmation per e-mail, nor tracking number. Just received today a box with the set and with the congratulations letter. As you can see from the letter: another competition is being planned.
  3. solic

    Solic's 4x4 Tanker

    Thank you. It's really nice that you appreciate my two months work. The gear ratio is 12,6:1. Driven from outermost output of the motor gear 12 to gear 36, then gear 20 to differential's gear 28 and at the end gear 8 to gear 24. Of course simmilar set of gears in front and rear axle. Rear axle is so called "floating axle" an has been inspired by this Sariel's prototype. I'm affraid I do not have enough time to publish an instruction
  4. solic

    Three section+ crane

    Thanks Backbone for invitation. Hello to all, it is my first post on EB. In my boom I’ve used string mechanism to extend 3rd section of boom – same as Jennifer Clark's and used in 8421 crane, mainly because of lack of space inside boom for any other more sophisticated solutions. And it is just simple and good working mechanism. @rocky100370: Sorry, I do not have any part list for this boom. Generally you can see from the photos what type of parts are and estimate the quantities required.