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  1. Retroshift

    [MOC] Ice Explorer

    very nice design what piece is the white "spiny" element behind the cockpit?
  2. Retroshift

    [MOC] BRICKS & BLOOMS - Modular Garden Centre

    I want this moc. It is amazing. Let me buy and build, please. I voted this on the Lego Ideas site.
  3. 12: 10 20: 6 2: 4 14: 3 22: 2 10: 1 Aesthetics and straightforwardness of the entry designs were an important criterium for me.
  4. Retroshift

    [MOC] – Freebuild – BlueWater Castle

    Did you make digital plans of the project before building it?
  5. Retroshift

    Ideas for a CMFs

    What the heck man. That is very neatly done. Why are you not a professional Lego designer?
  6. Retroshift

    Hello from Belgium

    Welcome to the forum, Marc. Glad to see the Lego hype got the best of you ;-) I'm from Belgium as well, by the way.
  7. Retroshift

    [MOC] New Century Corner

    insanely creative and beautiful
  8. #7 - 2 points #24 - 2 points #33 - 1 point
  9. Retroshift

    Vote for your favourite Category Mega B entries

    27) Series 1 - Spaceman Entry (Build by Qbeat) - 1 point 37) Series 12 - Prospector Entry (Build by LaceVegas) - 1 point 67) Series 2 - Skier Entry (Build by Evillemur) - 1 point
  10. Retroshift

    Vote for your favourite Category Mega A entries

    44) Ballerina Entry (Build by QBeat) - 1 point 55) Laser Mech Entry (Build by Ninja Bomb) - 1 point 60) Frightening Knight Entry (Build by Graham Gidman) - 1 point
  11. Hi Lego enthusiasts, I recently noticed that the seagull from the collectible minifigure series 10 (Sea Captain) does not have the Lego logo mark on it. Is it because it's a soft piece? I think other Lego animals like goats do not have a Lego mark either, if I'm not mistaken. However, this is a hard piece. Is it possible to make a list with (modern) Lego pieces that do not have the Lego logo on them? It would help alot to see if a piece is not really Lego and therefore fake/counterfeit or not. The reason for why the logo is missing, remains unclear to me. It can be dangerous because you often see Chinese BrickLink stores (a country known for its factory facilities) with a massive amount of pieces you would assume are rare or hard to get. No Lego logo on piece - Seagull (col min series 10) - ... - ... Thanks a lot R.
  12. Retroshift

    Bluebrick Layout Software

    Hi Love this software but could anyone update it with the newest modular and other sets and all of the pirates sets? Maybe use top down vue on LDD models? Would be much appreciated!
  13. Retroshift

    [WZ7: E8, DK] The King of Queenscross

    For the video version check
  14. Retroshift

    Brickstore Database

    My lego inventory database shows in the bottom of the screen that there are two errors in my database, yet Brickstock doesn't seem to give me a way to find and solve this errors ... The errors aren't even mentioned when I restart Brickstock so I can't correct them. Anybody knows a way to solve these errors? Thanks