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  1. Therion

    [MOC] Tow Truck MkII

    Just finished this amazing build. Despite it's huge size and weight, it works flawlessly For more pictures: click here
  2. Therion

    8458 vs 8461

    Does this link work?
  3. In just ran into a small problem with the two legs on page 146. The 2 pieces that should go on both rear sides of the legs won't fit, because the black inverted tiles 2x2 are in the way. When looking at the photos, I can see that those inverted tiles are placed one stud higher than as shown in the instructions.
  4. @Freezer118 On the rebrickable page there's a link to an excel-file with parts per booklet. I used it to sort the pieces for each booklet.
  5. I paid around € 700 for 7.300 missing pieces.
  6. Finally complete, what a beauty! More pics here (when public).
  7. Book 4 is scheduled for next weekend, I'll see how it goes No problems so far:
  8. Finally ready to start building!
  9. Just started ordering my missing pieces for the Agressor I was wondering if there's a partslist per booklet available somewhere? That might be easier during the building proces
  10. One final comment: Page 215, callout step 1: the orange 1x2 liftarm should be one with a pin hole and axle hole. This one does not exist in orange I believe. (Same goes for page 220, same step for the other side of the car) I really must say, it's a stunning car. Very well done! More pics here
  11. Great work, thanks Thorsten! I see you also added the LA's and the mini-LA to the partslist, they were missing (also at rebrickable). page 102 step 89: don't place the long pin with stopbush, there's a 7L axle supposed to go through there in step 95 (page 110) page 174: callouts are swapped page 186: I guessed the 2 pins go beneath the orange panels, but it's not visible from this angle page 187 step 152: assembly is floating, I would move this step after step 154 at page 190 page 207 step 167: partslist says 1x 12L flex-axle, but it should be 2x. I think the total inventory is 1 short too, because of this. Should be total of 8, and not 7. This is how far I got last weekend (page 213): I did a testdrive with the wheels on, and I found that in highest gear some gears were skipping, the other gears are working fine. Standing on the jacks, all gears work fine, so I guess the weight is a bit too much for the highest gear to get it going.
  12. Actually, it's great fun playing with the controls while it's on it's jacks The gearbox works great, even while 'driving'. On the other hand, who needs a gearbox when you have a BuWizz with speed control More pics here (when public)
  13. I've started to build this beauty last weekend, and so far I didn't found any real problems, but I do have some minor comments about the instructions: (note: the pagenumbers correspond to the numbers printed on the page, not the actual pagenumbers from de pdf-file): page 29 steps 19,20: why is the axle in an angle? When you build it, it is straight. Only if you press the springs the axle turns. page 35, callout step 2: I think there's a (3L?) pin missing here, the (o+) connector is floating. page 40, step 7: callouts are switched page 59 step 57: took me a while to find the part, an arrow would have been nice page 60 step 58: the 3L pin overlaps with another pin, so it can't be placed there page 99 step 4: the black pin is out of position, I think it can be left out completely Most of the hoses are a bit long, but I have no real problems tucking them away so far Currently I'm at page 109. I took some photo's while building, but they are still on my camera... I'll post some later
  14. Therion

    [MOC] Avtoros Shaman 8x8

    Yes I did, and no I won't mind, but I don't think it's possible to make public profiles right now, with the current beta version. Or maybe I'm missing something? But you can easily make a profile yourself, this was the first profile I ever made, and it took me about 3 minutes.