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  1. 857 Motorcycle - Theme: Technic Errors: Error due to ilegal use of fence. Error due to missing hole in new style gearwheel: axle moved and gearwheel replaced by new stryle Replaced old technic parts (major change of part-design): Higeplate 3149c01 2x5 hingeplate replaced by LDD part# 4275 hingeplate 1x2 1/2 AND LDD part# 4531 hingeplate 1x2,5 without knob Wheel 3739 & 3740 wheel and rim replaced by32019 tyre Ø 62,4x20 AND 86652 RIM Ø 43,2x18 Minor standard old technic replacements troughout the model: 3651 axle and pin connector replaced by LDD part#32013 angle element, 0 degrees 3704 2M axle replaced by LDD part#32062 2M cross axle with groove Missing parts: Technic Engine Piston Square 2 x 2 - Old style:See picture Rubber Band (Square Cross Section): See picture Fence 1 x 4 x 1 857 motorcycle.lxf
  2. 854 - gokart - theme: Technics Working my way trough old technic models: Errors in this model: Old joint replaced by new shorter joint. The piston left blank. Also the seat hinge needed replacement. The axle between the gear wheels is moved to fit the new version of the 24z gearwheel. The angle element LDD part# 32013 replaces old version. (a standard-replacement in old technic model, I think) And no stickers. AND no hoses: There might be a solution in LDD but im not that much into the flex tool ... yet. Please feel free add the engine hoses! And one tiny detail (the devil is in the detail): The green axle is too short. LDDTechnician OOOPS! I forgot the lfx! Now attached. 854 go-kart.lxf
  3. LDDtechnician


    Hello again NOTE: New easier rules - I tried myself and it was too difficult to be any fun. I submit an attempt to show the intention af this topic: Level 1 - Red - Lighthouse LDDTechnician lighthouse.lxf
  4. creationary.lxf Hello every body Inspired by the small LDD competition I decided to make a post containing the bricks from the 3844 creationary set (see attachment). I also made a zipfile containing all the images in the set. Now, the idea is that you reply to this post, inserting your LXF's and an image of your "creation". RULES: (I havent tried this before, so I might have to update them later ...) 1) Write in bold the level, color and name of your model. Name is from filename of picture. 2) Insert the image, the creationary image and your lxf. Suggestions: Models should be in one piece Note: The micro-figure and the flex-hose has been customized. Have fun! LDDTechnician
  5. 853 Car chasis Technic lxf Errors in this model: Replaced parts througout due to older model: BricklinID-LDDPart#-(description) 3001old-3001-(2x4 brick) 3149c01-3937&6134-(hinge plate) 3651-32013-(0 dregree angle element) 3680c01-74340-(2x2 turntable) 3704-32062-(2M axle) 3736-2741-(steering wheel) 3739-86652-(rim) 3740-32019-(tyre) re-designs: 1) The engine was redesigned. See lxf. 2) Steering altered a little: compare model with the the original 3) some minor changes, fx. axle-length changed because length of universal joint is different - I will describe them later. LDDTechnician
  6. 852 Helicopter - theme technics lxf Errors in this model: Bricks replaced: BLitemID LDD-part# 3001old 3001 3001old 3001 3002old 3002 3651 32013 3704 32062 3736 2741 9244 61903 x187 3648 Some small hinge-errors: axle too short axle too short axle too short re-designs: seat moved backwards landing gear: the axle in green connector too short, and hole with red connector is used in the original. It might be an error. landing gear: hole with red connector used in the original. LDDTechnician
  7. Im currently working on the 1977 classic 852 helicopter. LDDTechnician
  8. bionicle of the seventies LXF I changed the design to get better proportions and deadlier weapon. It will surely break easily in real life, but in LDD it works fine.
  9. 2) Yes, it is "only" a problem with alignment. I tried many things ... 5) The middle front wing should connect like this. I might mis-interpret the building instruction. I tried the basket once more, and I think there is simply not enough space. Again: Feel free to correct the errors - I´d loveto see the model with no errors! LDDTechnician
  10. 8289 - Fire truck (A model). Theme: Technics Erros in this model: 1) tyre 56 x 30 R balloon replaced by LDD part#55976. They are a little narrow, but fits ok. 2) The crane is not fully conneted: LDD part#32006 does not fit the green bricks.. 3) In this picture you see that the front wings 47712 are replaced by LDD part#32527. 4) and that 75c06 rigid hose is replaced LDD part#55668. Is is too long, and but besides the model. 5) The front middle "wing" and the "basket" does not fit because of friction. They are put besides the model. Get the LXF here. Please feel free to correct the errors! LDDTechnician PS: Thanks to Superkalle for LDD manager, Calabar for updating this topic and to ToreM and Marco999 for keeping up the technics spirit!
  11. 8049 Tractor - Technic Errors in this model: First the most obvious: The rear wheels are too large The pneumatic system has been redesigned - and all hoses left out of the model ... And the smaller ones: White axle-covering brick replaced by hubs. In the carrier some bricks where replaced due to friction - they are marked in green. Get the lxf here along with some more pictures. BTW: Good job on that street bike Marco9999!
  12. 8261 Rally Truck Technic Two errors in this model: The shock absorber is ekstra hard - but is has the correct size. The small crownwheel doesnt fit the larger one. I put the little next to the truck and marked the position with a bush as you can see here lxf
  13. Hi! Found the piston of 8052 Technic truck in LDD - I think its an actuator: LDD Part# 61927 Linear Actuator 10-15M I hope to find the time to make an update in the near future ... Nice build, BasOne. Great to have new Technic-builders joining! LDDTechnician