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  1. Oh wow, never seen before, but looks very promising. I will download and check it out with the ldd-files from @dunes. Thanks for the tip @Berthil!
  2. Thanks for the update! I will probably want to build the rotary dumper in the future, so it's a useful improvement. In the meantime I discovered that it is possible to import LDD lxf-files in bricklink. Unfortunately the files from @dunes gave an error while uploading them in Bricklink. I could import them in Rebrickable and saw that it was a colour issue with some parts. Easy to fix and after that I could import the files in Bricklink without any problems. Very nice to have Wanted Lists for so many modules already, that really saves a lot of work!
  3. Hi @Doug72, thanks for your quick answer! Ok, I will use your fix with the train module then and use the 13L lift arms. I really like bsx-files as you can import them directly in a Wanted List in Bricklink. So ordering lego parts is just a few mouse-clicks instead of manually adding the individual parts. That works best for me, because most of the time I order all the parts needed for a lego model, not just the parts I don't have. I will definitly have a look at the LDD-files from @dunes, they look very promising with the modifications!
  4. Hi, I am following this topic with great interest. Nice to see how you try to improve the different modules and make them more reliable and robust. I would like to start collecting lego parts for some of the simple modules and gradually expent with the more complex ones (and maybe in the future try to design a module of my own to contributie to this topic :-) ). Before I begin ordering lego parts, I have a couple of questions: In the other Akiyuki topic I have found bsx-files for the train itself, the loader, the unloader and the siding component. - Did someone make bsx-files for the other components like the reverse module, passing module (double crossover) and/or rotary dumper/elevator module? @dunes, or is it possible to extract a part list from Lego designer using your LXF-files? - @Doug72 with your improvement of the train module, did you just simply replace the 15L liftarms with 13L liftarms? I hope you can answer my questions!
  5. It was a great contest with very good entries! The top three is what I had voted with only number 1 and 2 reversed.
  6. Hey, that was the first thing I thougt too! A mini 8868 :-)
  7. Thanks for providing the link! So I really did overlook the inventory
  8. Hi, Very nice little models! I would really like to build them and display them next to their original size models. I just purchased the instructions for the 853 and was wondering if there is also an inventory available for the bricks needed (maybe I overlooked them). That will come in handy for purchasing the bricks with Bricklink.
  9. 1) Stayed away from lego from 16 till 36, so 20 years 2) In total about 10 years 3) As long as nice new sets come out, I will be building with lego 4) New building style with studless brought me back 5) I now am more interested in building and the functions than the playability of a set.
  10. Great, I'm curious to see what you come up with!
  11. The last years I bought a lot of sets I missed during my dark ages. I think the one I still 'miss' is 8448.
  12. Your welcome! Of course all flagships would be really nice, but the 8258 sounds very interesting to me! Nice to see it's extremely likely
  13. A favourite set would be impossible. From the early years I really like 8860, from the nineties 8480 and more recently 8043.
  14. The beginning looks very promising. Good luck with the rest!