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  1. <p>The pirate endured a terrific storm last night, in which their ship was dashed against the rocks. Many died, but quite a few swam to shore and the first mate is the last to make it off the boat. He briefly wonders what has happened to the crew (and why the rat is staying on the boat remains, surely they are the first to abandon ship?) but all these thoughts are pushed from his mind when he spots the islanders. Beautiful ladies with big smiles and that grinning chap seems alright too, friendly, ahhh he's saved.... IsleOfJewelsCloseUp, on Flickr First mate wades to shore, greeted by friendly locals ShipwreckedWithFriendlyNatives, on Flickr But all is not as it seems on this beautiful island, sure the islanders are the happiest people you will meet, but maybe its because they are preparing for the big feast of roasted pirate... char-grilled and slow roasted over the lava flow provided by the angry Volcano God. RoastPirates, on Flickr The brains are the best bit so its good to remove them from the body and eat them while they are fresh and if you don't keep up with the latest fashion in hairpieces you don't get to come to the feast so its important to get the first pick of the new bones! Brains and Bone Fashion[/url, on Flickr And most importantly of all sacrifices must be made to the mighty Volcano God to keep him happy. Many pirates are beheaded and thrown into his fiery crator (the Islanders keep the brains though). Volcanic Sacrifice, on Flickr Hope you like my entry of Happy Islanders at work! IsleOfJewelsVolcano, on Flickr
  2. As you might remember, Akatu a member of the Berellian Ténotclaxcan tribe was recruited by Sir James to aid him in the establishment of a series of plantations in the new world. And this move, it turned out was rather prudent, for it took much longer than anyone could have anticipated to tame the dense forests of Serentia. The climate was perfect for the sugar crop Sir James so desired, but the terrain was rather hostile, the mangroves at the perimeter of island were flat, but much of the water supply was saline and the land was not suited to farming, The interior jungles seemed to resist all attempts to clear them and once removed pushed back almost immediately, giving the Corlander labourers and Akatu’s Ténotclaxcans no rest in the war against the vegetation. IrrigationOfTheSugar, on Flickr The freshwater problems were soon solved by Akatu and his people, who were experts in irrigation techniques and before long terraces like those Sir James admired and observed on Berelli had been constructed just beyond the mangroves of Serentia, not far outside of the harbour of Stormhaven. PloughingThePlantation, on Flickr It was Gibson who had been charged with inspecting the first crops of the sugar cane. He came in his usual business manner, appearing to not notice the dense jungle and swamps of the island pressing in around them, he did not even remove his top hat. Quill in hand and papers at the ready, he began scribbling notes, numbers and quantities mostly transcribed from the broken Corlandish Akatu spoke. His grim expression never left his face, with Gibson it was always hard to tell if he was actually displeased or whether he just looked that way. AkatuAndGibsonDiscuss, on Flickr The Ténotclaxcans who came with Akatu seemed to be totally at ease in Serentia, the humid climate and abundant flora of the island seemed not phase them. The Corlanders on the other hand appeared to be suffering a little in the humidity, but their spirits were high all them same. “Well everything seems to be in order here”, Gibson finally spoke up as he returned the papers to his pocket, “We’ll arrange a ship to pick up the first harvest and then we’re in business. I trust your accommodation on the island is suitable, do you have enough supplies?” Akatu merely nodded, Gibson noted his new white breeches, he had already started to change his Ténotclaxcan garb and adopt a more civilised attire. ‘One to watch out for, this chap’, he thought, ‘I hope Sir James has knows what he is doing, dealing with these natives’. PlanviewPlantation, on Flickr A slightly hastily (read lazily) edited planview shot
  3. I will post my other Merry Lyric ship today as well :-)
  4. Miss Elena Chase, who we have not heard of since she was first introduced with her elder brother Sir James William Chase, has finally made it to the new world to live with Sir James in his King's Harbour residence. And tonight she is aiding Sir James in his business dealings on the island, namely the establishment of a new school in the neighbouring Quinnsville. You'll have to forgive Sir James his waffle, or perhaps just skip the boring bits of his letter... TakeThisDown, on Flickr SirJamesInArmChairWithCat, on Flickr Take this down Elena: “My dear Mayor Smaugton, Sir, I write to you on this day, to announce that work on the school upon the hill, the one your goodself approved earlier this year, has now come to a close. And with much pleasure, in your capacity of Mayor of Quinnsville, I cordially invite you to the opening ceremony of the Quinn-Chase School. You will be pleased to hear, I am certain, that I have filled the appointment of schoolmistress. A most eminently suitable person was presented to myself and I am happily able to tell you, with much satisfaction, that she is, none other than my sisters’ former governess, Mrs Ward. Yes, what luck you say, and you might well indeed, for she is a lady who I have held in high esteem for many a year. She is lately widowed and in need of my assistance, so I find this to be a most agreeable outcome for all concerned. For a woman, she is highly educated and my sisters learnt a great deal at her hand. I need not tell you, Mayor Smaugton, that my youngest sister Miss Elena Chase, has a sharp mind and has proved herself exceedingly useful in aiding my many scientific discoveries.” Sir James paused at this point to allow his sister time to bask in his praise of her and was satisfied the compliment achieved its goal as one of his sister’s small smiles crept across her face. SmileyElena, on Flickr “Perhaps, you would prefer a man to hold the position? And I can quite comprehend your concerns, but I must assure you that all that is required of Mrs Ward, is that she teaches the children to read, write and do basic arithmetic, the three ‘r’s, and my sister assures me she is equal to the task…” FrownyElena, on Flickr Elena interrupted, clearly affronted, “she is considerably more than equal to the task” “What!? Yes, yes, of course, more than equal, well you must write it better for me Elena, you know all these pretty details escape me…” Clearing his throat again, Sir James ploughed forward, “Did you know I have two boys of 10 and 11 years in my service and they cannot write a thing beyond their own names? A shocking state of affairs and completely against the values our great nation is founded upon. I shall be releasing them from their duties at the Chase Point Fort twice a month to attend the school, for I deem this a matter of great importance. I will depend on you Sir Thomas to see that they find suitable lodgings and supervision whilst they visit Quinnsville, for they cannot stay overnight at the schoolhouse.” Sir James sighed, “Elena I think that is all the important stuff and I am too tired to continue, I trust you can complete the niceties and etcs without my assistance I will review the letter and sign it tomorrow morning. For now, I will retire to my study, for I received a rather fine cask today, as you know and I am keen to take a sample.” Elena sighed as her brother departed, she loved him dearly and his heart was always in the right place, but how he came to hold his current positions she would never understand. Although, upon reflection, he did have Lieutenant Watton watching over him, that probably accounted for a lot. She dipped her quill in the ink again and paused for a moment as she assessed whether the letter would need to be completely re-written to avoid giving offence or whether she could soften Sir James’ words with a well-chosen ending. I hope this request will not be cause for inconvenience, Lieutenant Watton assures me that these are fine, useful boys, they are polite and very well turned out. Any expenses incurred on their behalf, will of course be covered by myself and you may send the bill to my address in King’s Harbour. It will be a joy to finally meet you and I hope this venture is the first of many on this blessed isle Cocovia. I will bring to the ceremony my younger sister Miss Elena Chase, who is eager to make your acquaintance and joins me in wishing good health to you, your family and prosperity to your town of Quinnsville. In these matters, I remain your most humble servant, There, not too bad. Elena left the actual signature to her brother, but she re-read the letter again to make sure there were no mistakes, it wouldn’t do to upset their closest neighbours. And by all accounts Mayor Smaugton was a most agreeable gentleman, despite some of the rumours about wine and women, and she would not be sad to get to know him better. This new world was still very strange to her and it was a comfort to know that there were some civilized places established. She was satisfied the letter could not cause offence to its recipient. Sir James could not be trusted to proof read anything, he was too scattered in his thoughts, he would start reading one sentence and skip ahead three, in his haste to understand the meaning. And as a result his correspondence was absolutely littered with errors. She laid it upon his desk, snuffed the candle out and left the room. ElenaDeparts, on Flickr Sir James William Chase. Sir James, as she expected barely glanced at the letter the next day, before adding his signature and sent the letter with one of his men in the daily supply boat runs (reliable travel by land across Cocovia was not yet established).
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    EB Members Title Archive

    Well probably not since I wrote hamster in my post, however hampster is one of those interesting examples of words where the spelling could change over time, to follow the way we pronounce the word. I like the nadder example too, where the word changed from 'a nadder' to 'an adder', words and spellings can change, best not to get too attached :-p
  6. A gruesome culture, nice foliage and I like the blood stained alter.
  7. BrickOn

    Eslandolan Ship Builders... Humph!

    Oh nice paneling, and I like the exchange that took place, does that mean we'll be expecting a ship to appear tomorrow?
  8. I missed this one too, so colourful, so much going on. It's just cool, I like the idea of using all the small boats and vessels in the port, looks really good.
  9. BrickOn

    EB Members Title Archive

    I got a title... a weirdly fitting one "I want a hampster" because I do, kinda, they are cute, but they are a lot of work. I guess this was given by Phred because of a slightly off topic pet conversation during BoBS...
  10. BrickOn

    [COR - FB1] Design Sketches

    Your water is superb as always and I really like that sloping beach design. I did notice the dueling crabs, what's going on with them?
  11. Elena Arrives and An Invitation is just a room from Sir James' residence in King's Harbour. This build is not licensed, I'll make a full residence to licence further down the line. TakeThisDown, on Flickr
  12. BrickOn

    Elena Arrrives and an Invitation

    Sir, In my haste to deliver this letter I am afraid you mistake my meaning, the lodgings I require are for the two young boys, Mrs Ward will be accommodated in the schoolhouse, but there will be no room to house the lads when they are away from the fort.
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    Oh its very cute, that brings back memories.
  14. I can see it now BoBS, the cabin pets spinoff series... Edit: (Tomsche, weirdly we are having the hamster/cat debate at home right now... I am pro hamster, but my last ones lived for almost 5 years, much longer than they were supposed to, but I reckon I could make an awesome custom habitat for them out of all the large clip lock plastic boxes I used to pack the lego during the house move, just need to cut them to add proper ventilation and and connecting tubes, but they'll give plenty of room for digging tunnels which makes hamsters happy and if done right be easy to clean out).
  15. We are missing a Pearly King and Queen. Pearly King: Would hold the crown for most decorated minifigure. Gender: Male Face: Old and wise, happy and proud expression Head gear: A black cap, cook hat or top hat, but it must be printed all over in shiny silvery/pearly spots. Torso: A smart black suit, with a white shirt and maybe a red necktie of some description. But as with the hat, printing all over in elaborate shiny, pearly dots to create some fantastic pattern is a must. Back printing required. Legs: Black, again covered in shiny, pearly dots. Accessory: A cane Pearly Queen: Would win the crown for most decorated figure back off the pearly king Gender: Female Face: Old and smiling, very happy. Head gear: A black hat with a brim, covered in pearly dots and a big colourful feather in the top. Torso: A tailored black jacket.Same as the King printing all over in elaborate shiny, pearly dots to create some fantastic pattern. Back printing required. Legs: Black slope dress, with pearly dots for decoration. Accessory: A handbag. Um I think a pearly king and queen would be awesome and I really like the folksy minifigures we already have, I'd like more. For anyone who doesn't know what they are, google will provide images :-) Then maybe a morris dancer or a bunad wearer, or a dutch milkmaid... so many possibilities...
  16. Sir James resents this comment, his cat is a ginger tabby, he doesn't own a white cat.
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    Ella "Tall Tide" Kneebone's Cabin

    Okay lego just works soooo well in this scale, I love that desk and globe and Ella's posing just makes the scene.
  18. Lots of piggies :-) But I really like that rock, those bushes and great water too! Looking forward to your future installments on the island.
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    [SR-MRCA] Easy Come Easy Go

    Rubbish MRCA outcome, but an awesome telling of the story, good luck in court!
  20. BrickOn

    [ESL-Culture] Chapel de San Terreli

    Such a pretty church. The colours are perfect and I really like the round windows. Who was getting married?
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    [SR - FB4] The Devil's Fruits

    Inspired chilis, the bigger ones look delicious and the part usage is perfect :-)
  22. BrickOn

    Fabuland Kitty Kat House MOC

    So cool, and the use of the reindeer skins for the bedspread is fantastic.