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  1. Jezebel would like to join the merry lyric. And Tigerlily would like to join Quick Wing. Thank you :-)
  2. Funny story, I like how they used the clothes for sails, ingenious, I hope your crew find some land or a passing friendly soon!
  3. I've bought stuff from the UK and the boxes were purple, ( I have no recolection of what my original sets came in). But the boxed set I bought recently was an islanders set, so made later on. But there are differences between the USA and European sets, in the US they didn't allow cannons that could be fired, whereas Europe was fine with that.
  4. Turns out I did okay in the last trade run too, I was thinking of founding a settlement or something with the proceeds... A nice stable income... I feel like the seas can be brutal. But I guess really should be building another ship to send out into the mix.. Decisions decisions... Does anyone want to go into part ownership on two medium sized ship/boats, to split the risk of the trade runs? I mean what's the odds of two ships failing...??
  5. If the task were to get passed around a few people, it could be good to get the event live streamed each time, or maybe just filmed. It could assure consistency and act as a demonstration for the next people... Plus 10 hours of dice rolls and and calculations could make for compelling entertainment :-) (well it might beat pressing the refresh button on the BOBS homepage. But seriously, thanks for all the hard work Ska!
  6. This is log cabin is beautiful. Awesome construction technique :-) it's just looks so perfect.
  7. Hmmm I am not sure about order, but I do my best science while screaming...
  8. Mmmm nice ship, I wouldn't mind one of those in my collection. You can find the tutorial by searching for flickr in Help and info forum. The first 3 pics give you all the info you need to embed the images, not sure if it helps for the mobile uploading, but you can always edit your posts later. Welcome to Eurobricks btw.
  9. I feel like I can hear the minifigs screaming as they jump into the water to abandon ship, I bet mine are goners.
  10. I present Tigerlily, a small sloop soon to be joining the Corrington fleet manned by Sir James' men. Tigerlily2, on Flickr Tigerlily3, on Flickr Tigerlily4, on Flickr Inspired by some of the beautiful brick built boats posted recently, I tried to give it a go myself, but I got a little distracted during the process and Lily became Tigerlily. Approvals appreciated.
  11. Um the drop in oil price is definitely, definitely a global phenomena, not just a US one. I am not sure about raw materials. However, energy prices (I guess in terms of manufacturing) are something lego is concerned about and does play a big in their business strategy. As such they have hedged against rising prices by investing in danish oil/energy companies in order to protect themselves against the rising costs of energy (this has been in place for a couple of years and was not something introduced in the current Oil climate) But if oil prices are falling so are energy costs are currently falling (it may be wind farms that they invested in I can't remember without checking)? Maybe Lego is actually making short term loses there, no idea.. I read last year's annual report (out of curiosity), I have not looked in detail at this recent one. Anyway its an interesting topic, I believe, although this is speculation, backed up with no hard facts, that lego has had good relationships with a number of oil companies over the years, but their dedication to the environment and sustainability may drive them to look at new ways of manufacturing lego and perhaps they aim to step away from reliance on fossil fuel based plastic in the very long term. Anyway there are probably other considerations to take into account like changes in currency markets due to oil prices etc, I really doubt its as simple as oil prices go down, price of producing lego goes down.
  12. I still haven't got the laser mech... I've virtually stopped looking and have started blind buying again, there isn't much in this line up that I wouldn't want a multiple of (at least one part of every figure is kinda useful), although I might hit a tipping point soon.
  13. BrickOn

    [ESL-CH2B] Battle of Nelissa

    These have got to be the cutest of the micro ships, and we get to see them in a full on cannon battle too :-)
  14. BrickOn

    [ESL FB1] Port of Terreli

    Such a lot of detail (and so many characters). I particularly like the cracks in the harbour walls and the floating seaweed, looks fab.
  15. BrickOn

    [CH2a - Cor] Fortifications

    Thanks for the comments, I've added a few more photos, but please forgive my dodgy photoshop skills, I'm a bit rusty with it. Well thanks, but I think/hope we will see a lot more entries to come :-) There's nothing under the fort yet, I mean there is definitely room for a prisoner or two, but that was not the purpose of placing gates and its not intended as a prison. I guess the fort is built on limestone (probably an old carbonate reef, situated on a volcanic sea mount or something, that is now above the present sea level), and there is a natural cave system in the rock, it was there when we arrived. The Corries have not explored it yet and the locked gate was just to prevent unwanted invadors using it as a weak point, hopefully there is enough firepower to stop someone entering the caves, but who knows.
  16. Maybe its all a massive conspiracy and they purposefully leak the images for a couple of days to test the market reaction and build the responses into their planning? Or maybe they just don't want people pre-judging their product months before its available as it destroys the hype and they feel they lose consumer interest. Maybe they just wanted to shut down the negativity for fear of it spreading to the kids... who knows, but we all got a sneak peak and hopefully eurobricks and co didn't get it in the neck too much.
  17. BrickOn

    71040 The Disney Castle Discussion

    I wish for a doctor who minifigure set... its probably going to be Disney though? That makes more sense.
  18. He has a fez in the 50th anniversary special too. He chucks it through that wibbly-wobbly time portal thingy.
  19. [Ch2a Cor] Fortifications | Sir James W. Chase | Corrington [Ch2b Cor] A Very Small Scuffle | Sir James W. Chase | Corrington
  20. Apologies for double posting but I have a newly built fort for Corrington. I have not settled on the location, so if there is anyway in need of a fort then I can build it there. In its current state I think it fulfills the requirements of a 16x16 fort as the three building have roughly that footprint, but I think it will need rebuilding or extending to upgrade to a larger fort, however there is room for expansion. Fort, on Flickr
  21. I'd even seen that pic before, clearly I am just not very observant of the details, I missed the central feature.
  22. BrickOn

    Whats the deal with the 2015 pirates line?

    Just out of interest, now that the annual report has been released, is there any way of dissecting it to see how well pirates sold? Maybe I am not report savvy enough to find the data, but I can't see enough of break-down in the figures to judge if pirates sold well or not. Sales were up in general and pirates were not in the top 5 sellers (The Disney Frozen castle being number one), so hopefully they weren't a complete flop, but maybe other themes outperformed? They seemed to have missed out the convenient themes summary I was hoping for :-(
  23. I like the use of micro figs in the fountain, would be nice to see it in situ with the rest of your Quinnsville Village :-)
  24. hahahaha :-) I already have Flounder from the small princess set. I think I will need to get Sebastien (not going to buy a whole set to get him though) and I just found out my god daughter had the ariel princess set on her christmas list, but had already been bought a different set, so I think I will also be a good god parent (for a change) and collect the entire Disney series to give to her.
  25. This is my 3rd freebuild build of the month and first property (so feel free to approve). I've been experimenting with roofing, not entirely sure if this one works for me, but I thought I'd give it ago any comments welcome (the roof itself is one whole piece that rests fairly securely on top of the main walls). Another Corrington Tavern in Arlinsport; The Crossed Swords is more of a shack than a Tavern. With building materials scarce everything was savaged to build this watering hole, including part of a decommissioned ships hull for the roof. But this not stop the Patrons enjoying themselves within her walls. the company was pleasing and the liqueur flowed freely which was as much as anyone could ask. While Sir James was the Patron of the establishment he did not often frequent the place. on the occasions that he did he largely drank alone and swiftly. TheTavernCrossedSwords, on Flickr CrossSwordsTavern, on Flickr Tavern, on Flickr TavernCrossSwords, on Flickr Eeeek I've just realised my title is somewhat lacking please could a MOD edit it to read [Cor - Feb FB3] at the beginning? Thank you.