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  1. Very nice build, a simple idea, brilliantly executed. I cycle past an old rope making building on my way to work (the building's length is probably a fifth of my journey)!
  2. Beautiful ship, love that green and white checker board and the tiles decking just adds the cherry to cake, she looks fantastic. If you are in want of more investors send me a PM, although I suppose you must build a smaller ship first to make use of the free licence. Good luck!
  3. Nice library (well nice room in your already established library -has the rest of the library been shown off already, I'd like to see more). I really like the floor and that archway. Good to see the sciences taking off in the new world, Sir James would like to become a fellow.
  4. BrickOn

    [ESL-MTF] Bardo's Lonely Hearts Club Band

    Another great scene, looks like the Talent fair is a must visit! :-)
  5. BrickOn

    [ESL-FB4] Banana Shop

    Corrington approves Great roof and just enough monkeys. A very pleasing little shop.
  6. BrickOn

    [OL-FB1] KB's House in Breshaun

    This house has style! Nice colour combinations on the exterior and I really like the beams and the overhang that creates the front porch. The blue roof is a nice touch and makes sense for an Oleander house.
  7. BrickOn

    [ESL - FB] A matter of mayor concern

    Congrats on your mayorship, I do like the corner setup and especially the painting, I like the level of detail you've got onto the canvas.
  8. BrickOn


    Yep that's what I remember my nineties classrooms looking like (mind you I don't suppose my classrooms had changed that much from how they'd looked in the eighties either), you've captured the look perfectly, especially the tv trolley... thinking about it I don't think I've ever seen one like that outside a classroom.
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  10. Nice Bakery! (As others have said the SNOT floor is cool, I really like it too). But what caught my eye to begin with was the dough in the bowl, for some reason that just really works for me. I also like the use of the 90's chefs head, makes me smile. And I am with you on the scrounging tile pieces.
  11. BrickOn

    [OL - MCRA] Exterminate!

    67 blue baseplates is impressive!! But the three ships are cool too, very sleek little micro builds.
  12. BrickOn

    [CH2a - Cor] Fortifications

    Thanks for the comments :-) Bregir, in the photos one of the boys is playing with the cat in the entrance to the main fort, its bad lighting inside, but you can just make him out. I suspect the same boy was responsible for luring the cat into the bell tower.
  13. BrickOn

    [OL - FB2] Visiting Aludra

    Cool scene I like the underground part of the build and the roof looks impressive with the height of the wall, works well for a factory. I look forward to finding out what this spy is up too.
  14. And here was me thinking the natives were a friendly bunch. I will beware. Gruesome little story, I like all the expressions of your guys, even if the situation they've found themselves in is not so nice. Let us hope at least one Corrie gets out alive.
  15. BrickOn

    [ESL-FB1] Please don't take it apart

    I like it, especially the fort layout with the courtyard. I guess you are right sand isn't really bright yellow, but I like the nostaglia. You can get green sand (like on Hawaii) so maybe Eslandola needs an island with green sands.
  16. Great story, even if I am sure parts of it are grossly exaggerated. But the Semaphore station is cool, really well proportioned and well executed. It is good to see the Oleonders embracing technology rather than trusting to the Gods to save them.
  17. Looks like your soldiers have plenty of supplies, I don't blame them for chilling out!
  18. Can I recast a vote for Rosetta, wait I am not sure I ever actually voted for number 2?
  19. BrickOn

    [OL - FB1] Returning to Breshaun

    Nice, I like the characters by the water's edge, especially the guy with the cross, very Oleon. The dark water gives the build an interesting feel and I like the mix of colours you've used :-) But what's going on above the bakery?
  20. A couple of pics to satisfy our insatiable minifigure appetite are definitely not worth somebodies career. That's a shame. I mean, pics are good, but we'll see and even hold the figures eventually.
  21. The baby has a blue elephant on the front, anyone else think there will be a series 17 elephant guy?
  22. Too much meat, we need broccoli guy, tomato girl, pizza slice guy, milk carton girl, Swiss cheese suit guy, and cupcake girls to even the good groups out. Oh and I missed the images before but just found them, banana suit guy is cool and the devil kid is cute, I wonder if a Halloween costume will become a bit of a theme now?
  23. BrickOn

    The pirate ship Juggernaut

    Awesome, a formiddible looking ship. I really like the all black look with so many details in the design. And these guys won't be going hungry, I like the crabs. Stairs in black look good in the ship, wish I had some in that colour to use (I somehow doubt my pink, red or yellow ones would cut it).
  24. Or if you want a variation on red, we could always have Skarletta...
  25. BrickOn

    [ESL] CGH's beach house in Elysabethtown

    Nice house, great foliage on the outside and I love the interior, very cosy. Your gf is pretty fine too. Also a pet penguin!