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  1. Sir James made his way along one of the jetties of Arlinsport, accompanied by Billy, one of the youngest members of his crew. With trade among the islands flourishing and growth booming, the docks were full of fishmongers peddling their latest catches and in places there was hardly enough room to pass without fear of falling into the harbor. But amongst the hustle of the street Sir James spied out Gibson and hailed to him. "Come immediately to Arlinsport", Sir James thought, was easier said than done, seeing as he had built his fort in the easternmost island of the Corrington empire. Perhaps Gibson, acting Captain of the Jezebel was unaware of the distances involved when he sent the message, but I can't keep criss-crossing across the seas every month. TradeInThePort, on Flickr Sir James had been anxious for news from his ships after the recent hurricane. He had not been able to Captain Jezebel himself, for the last trade run, owing to need to oversee the construction of the fort. But now the ships had finished the business, unharmed by both the hurricane and pirates, although it seemed that Jezebel had narrowly escaped two pirate ships. Gibson led Sir James into one of the harbor-side buildings to conduct their business. “We’ve had a good innings with the trade this month” Gibson gestured to the coffer in the corner. “We had a stroke of luck in Terelli with Jezebel, the money we’ve made there should fund the investments you’ve planned for the new world for many months to come” They settled down to go through the monthly accounts. “Perhaps” replied Sir James, as he glanced over the ship’s log, “but a man’s fortune can change in an instant on the seas, it mightn’t be wise to spend it all at once”. The business of checking the books took some time, a tedious but necessary business and the conversation was not much more riveting so I’ll not bore you with more of the details. After they were done Sir James rose, took a couple of doubloons from the recently counted pile and made for the door, “perhaps you’ll accompany me for a drink in the Crossed Swords before I depart? Billy can take care this lot gets back to the ship. We’ll sail again in the morning, we must get going if we are to progress with our plans.” AMeetingInside, on Flickr
  2. BrickOn

    [ESL-FB2] Banana Boat

    So the banana boat supplies the banana shop,? Nice little system you've got going there and a very impressive lantern, clearly a profitable system too! :-)
  3. Yay more micro ships :-) I really like them... About the focus, as the others have said the final effect just doesn't look quite right to me. Personally I find the out of focus minifigure a little distracting... for me he could be placed just a bit further to the edge of the scene... so maybe just cropping the photo just left of his tricorn (and then maybe adjust the top and bottom to get the ratios you like)... I'm usually guilty of just pointing my phone at stuff and seeing what happens, but since you've gone to the effort of doing the forced perspective I think it pays to fiddle with the composition. That could just be enough to draw the eye more to the focal point of the points, or you could go down Bregir's route of a circular crop, that could work too. Either way its a cool scene and something I want to try myself.
  4. BrickOn

    [OL-CH2-CatA] Patrol boat

    A fine looking vessel, I think the effect you've achieved with brown 1x4s looks really good on her sides. I like the story too, especially the message in the bottle part, have a safe voyage. But I reckon with the wind blowing out that main sail those flags on top are definitely flying in an odd direction (and that's the extent of my current ship knowledge used up).
  5. Nice hut, I do like the trans white on grey fro water, looks very realistic. After reading your post, my initial thought was wow your son has a lot of brown tile pieces in his collection... but then I realised you probably didn't build the entire thing for his bricks, just pinched his spider web (typical Sea rat behaviour). Looks good.
  6. “Well?” “Well, what? It’s a tree house.” Sir James and Lieutenant Watton were surveying the newly erected belltower. “Well with limited materials…” Lieutenant Watton tailed off; the bell tower had been constructed quickly, it was important to get an early warning of approaching ships. The waters had become increasingly hostile and these new lands must be defended against the upstart pretentions of the other colonies, even the sea rats were pushing their luck these days. “My younger brothers have better treehouses, back in Corrington.” Sir James continued, “We had the best of the Corrington fort builders in the new world working for four and twenty days and this is what they came up with?” Yes, thought the Lieutenant, he had wondered about the choice of Corrington builders, but on this occasion chose to remain quiet on the subject, instead he said. “I think the men would prefer to be at sea Sir James”. “Well so would I, you know it, but Queen Annette has hundreds of miles of coastline to defend from the Oleonders and we have been tasked with this section. What am I going to tell the other Captains when they see this ram-shackled collection of outposts?” “You could tell them the location is good. But truly, I’d be surprised if they have built much more substantial fortification at this time, it is very early days. Merryweather Lumberjacks, in Port Raleigh has been working overtime to meet the demand for timber in the area. Ship building is at an all time high you know, and maintaining the fleet is top priority. We had to trade the last of the rum to just to secure the wood we got for the treehou- I mean belltower.” “Last of the rum? That is serious.” Sir James frowned, making a mental note to fix the rum supply as well as everything else. “Okay I suppose we could show them the new lens for the lighthouse. It is top of the range, latest scientific advances in lighthouse technology. Amplifies the light more than 10 times you know.” “Yes Sir, its very good Sir” the Lieutenant was ever so slightly sick about hearing this marvelous technology, it was hard enough to get the damned thing up the tower. Just then a messenger came with hurriedly up to Sir James, coughing to announce his presence and before either the Lieutenant or Sir James could react he began to speak. “Sir James I have a urgent message, you have been asked to attend immediately at in Arlinsport” As the Lieutenant watched Sir James stride off into the distance, thinking that could have gone worse when one of the guards came rushing up to him. “Lieutenant, the cat’s got stuck in the bell tower again.” Fort, on Flickr MainFort, on Flickr SirJamesFort, on Flickr Fort3, on Flickr (I'll add more photos later - Done)
  7. 46) Series 12 - Video Game Guy Entry (Build by Graham Gidman) - 1 point 51) Series 5 - Lizard Man Entry (Build by BrickSantorum) - 1 point 59) Series 7 - Ocean King Entry (Build by Ninja Bomb) - 1 point
  8. 29) Astronaut Entry (Build by Puvel) - 1 point 44) Ballerina Entry (Build by QBeat) - 1 point 5) Faun Entry (Build by DwalinF) - 1 point
  9. BrickOn

    [REVIEW] 21305 - Maze

    I wasn't really interested in this set when I heard about it, but the more I see of it, the more I like it, I may even add it to my list of things to get. Great review, thanks!
  10. Thanks Andy D, I have all of these separated out in my regular lego collection anyway so those can can stay behind, now I just have to work out what fills the rest of the box :-) Cool this is just what I was looking for, thanks :-) Well maybe I will when we are on holiday, but my first bout of lego separation will be as I move house and I'll move all my stuff a month before I move myself and will be spending my weeknights in a practically empty flat with a bed and a laptop and whatever fits in a suitcase... ...and for the holiday travel we'll be doing Japan for a month, with a lot of train travel and I just thought micro scale builds of the sites and stuff we see would be a cute alternative way to record the experience (Last year I had my most successful attempt at a travel journal and kept it up for 2/3s of the my trip, thought I'd try something different this time). Yea partly. When I am away, or the lego is away I'd like to still build one or two things for it. I've never had much success with LDD, I don't particularly enjoy the process of building with it... And I'll definitely leave the laptop behind when travelling. Lego is lighter
  11. Having recently picked up another soldiers' fort on sale and not having done much to my pirate layout in a while, I wanted to change up the blue coats' fort (well it is less of a fort now, more of a fortified harbour, in my mind the main fort is not in the picture)... Anyways, I wanted to keep the sets looking pretty much the same as they come in this section, but just extend and add on to, generally integrate them in. I just snapped a few quick photos in the daylight, so enjoy. IMG_0748 1, on Flickr IMG_0752 3, on Flickr IMG_0753 3], on Flickr IMG_0758 3 , on Flickr IMO everything is a little flat, so my next plan is to build up some cliffs to the sides of this and add some height to the surrounding area, unfortunately all I am out of bricks to do this since I am still trying to build up the cliffs for my redcoat's fort. Anyways as always comments and suggestions for improvements are welcome.
  12. Inspired by Kai NRG's recent review I thought I would post my own updated version of the chess set. For now mine has been kept together because I do actually use it for chess. So without further ado, here are the players: Bluecoats, on Flickr Not too much to change here, except the pawns are upgraded with shakos and epaulettes and the small cannons (or maybe swivel guns) were added to the bishops to give some firepower to the bluecoats (it occurred to me while taking the photos that another white 2x2 brick added to the bishops would improve the height contrast of the piece, but I'll do that later). Pirates, on Flickr The Pirates saw a few more changes, the Grey skulls became the rooks, I like the build but the did not work for me as knights. Monkeys on ladders were used as knights, the shape is better and the set was lacking monkeys. and the bishops were made with catapults and the height built up with parrots. The Pirates Side, on Flickr The Pirate side of the board has had a bridge added as the main feature (my other half built this mid game one time and I just kept it as it was). The Bluecoats Side, on Flickr I built the soldiers side mid game, but it was rubbish, so I have torn it down a few times and raided this side for parts quite a bit, but as Stas pointed out in his pirate chess set, there really does need to be a prison somewhere on the board. Not sure mine is big enough to hold all the pirates though, which leads me to the storage compartments... Swimming with the Fishes, on Flickr Not big enough to hold all the pieces before I raised the level by a brick and now the pirates will be swimming with the fishes. Buried treasure (and the former bluecoats), on Flickr And on the beach side, some of the underdressed former pawns have been buried alive (presumably) along with a bunch of treasure chests. Anyway thanks for looking, this was just a bit of fun I had with the game... it doesn't really fit in with the regular MOCs and MODs on the forum but I had fun changing this up in this set.
  13. If I knew I might have to face up to my addictions... however back of the envelope calculation, there are five beams in my living room, each one can hold roughly 50 minifigures. So 250 CMF, plus the simpsons series on top of the freezer, about 282, plus half a shoe box of spares and the ones in my scenes, maybe about 400? They're all about to be packed away as I move home, I am a little sad, the new place doesn't have built in display beams. In terms of keeping track I feel like I just know what I've got plus or minus a few duplicates, but then my collections are not that diverse nor in the scheme of thing that big either.
  14. I just posted my second, unnamed boat for the month. SmallBoat, on Flickr Since I have 3 active licensed ships I don't want to pay the extra right now to get her licensed for myself. My intention was that she would replace Tigerlily when/if she bites the dust in a future month. However if anyone would like to license her this month and take her for a ride, I'd happily come to some agreement.
  15. Thanks for the comments :-) Great advise as aways moving the main mast may prove problematic as that means taking up the entire deck and the trapdoor to below... she may have stay as is... I will look at some adjustments though and see if I can't get her looking better. For the sails, Captain Davenport may have visited the same sail maker as Sir James did with Jezebel (but I did try to put them to better use this time). Thanks, I've been wanting to use them for a while, I picked up a tonne in a PAB cup and they needed to be put to good use.
  16. BrickOn

    [SR-FB2 SHIP 3A] Great Scott

    Very nice, a great capture! Love that rigging (I'd like to steal your technique, but I know I only have one of those yellow pieces at the moment) and as a whole the ship looks fantastic!
  17. Oh Le Dindon is kinda cute, a nice rendition! Thanks for the tip on the translation!
  18. BrickOn

    Another Brick Bounty MOD

    So having finally picked up a second Brick Bounty on sale last month, I have just got around to finishing my modifications combing the two ships. Essentially I was trying to keep something that was recognisable as the Brick Bounty so I forego some realism in the modifications. And I didn't want to create something double the size, just big enough to take on the Imperial Flag Ship. IMG_0845 3, on Flickr There can only be one Captain.. (what to do with the second?) IMG_0846 3, on Flickr Captain's Cabin IMG_0853 3[/url], on Flickr And somewhere for the crew to kip... IMG_0849 3], on Flickr The Ship's galley IMG_0847 3, on Flickr And the final battle... (for comparison) IMG_0856 3, on Flickr Comments and suggestions for improvement welcome (there are still a couple of minor things missing, i.e. wheels for cannons).
  19. Okay can my not-yet-named-boat reserve a spot on Fire Trader please? Don't tell the pirates that Well actually I was concerned that I would steal all spaces and there would be no room for anyone elses ships!
  20. Bregir I like the sound of that, I'll send you a PM today or tomorrow :-)
  21. I sent Tigerlily on a bounty run last month. On the form you just pick which zone you are going to if I remember? In the MCRA description it says that the payouts are randomly assigned before the month starts (so if you send a flotilla to the same zone their payouts should be comparable). I just picked a zone where the trade was likely to be bad, as I assumed the pirates would be after the bigger targets and hanging around the likely trade routes. No idea what everyone else did, I didn't get a great payout, but my ship survived.
  22. I did hear a rumour about more escorts I guess more ships is always a good thing, and having re-read Mike's post it does say first-come, first-served. However I would like to make a suggestion for amendment... that provided one meets the deadline of signing up before the 25th, Corrington could guarantee a place on a flotilla for one ship per member (assuming the ship is up to speed or whatever?). Kinda like your first ship licence is free and first property is free etc. This may just make it more complicated for Mike though, but it might make the sign up process easier for any new recruits, saving them having to compete for spaces against people with established ships...
  23. Oh I meant I don't know if its fair for me to take up a total of 3 slots, especially if there are more ships yet to sign up. I'll only go on the Fire Trader if there is room, I definitely don't want to make you switch!
  24. BrickOn

    [ESL-FB2] Opening the north forty

    Wow, that ploughing looks fantastic, great extension! I like the updated road, I supposed the all the stones for the road were cleared from the field before ploughing...
  25. Is there room for another ship on the Fire Trader? I will be finishing off a 2F this week and would like to reserve a space for (I have not named her yet). That would give me one boat in each of the trade routes, so I don't know if that is really fair? Edit: Okay I did not spot Puvel's ship on the route, hmmm that means its full, hmmmm, maybe she could go on the Merry Lyric along with Jezebel, risky month for me then :-)