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    [Cor - FB3 March] On hot Coals.

    Thanks :-) I've never tried it myself, but I saw something about it recently or maybe it was just when I read up on it for the build, but I gather its not that bad really, not sure I would be first in line myself to try it but I'd give it a go once I'd watched a few others at it maybe. Thanks, I tried to be in keeping with existing knowledge of the Ténotclaxcans, so I was using your thread as guide to get the details down, so I'd be really happy to have it included
  2. Intriguing story, I await to find out about this letter. Great build too, I like the large candle stick in the corner and the set-up for the photo taken across the table is really good, such a good angle and it really showcases off the scene with your characters and that bookcase, good job.
  3. Oooo nice rocks, I like really like the overall set up of this build. Looks fantastic. It's nice to see some Corlander/Eslandolan co-operation taking place too.
  4. That's one roomy cabin! I really like the overall style and I particularly like that desk.
  5. BrickOn

    [COR-FB3] The Velvet Room (Port Raleigh)

    Nice room, I am not against purple velvet, looks good here :-)
  6. Cute ships and I really like the depth change in the water.
  7. BrickOn

    Glassworks and Stone Quarry, Port Raleigh

    Looking good, so much going on, I especially like that glass being spun, really good use of the part!
  8. BrickOn

    [OL FB3] Sunshine market

    Approval from Corrington Nice little scene, I like the use of the sail.
  9. BrickOn

    [SR Mar FB 3] – Athena’s Grace

    Nice little ship, Corrington approves
  10. Just thought I'd share some WIP shots of the 4A which will hopefully be finished before I fly, not sure about the stuff going on above the top deck yet, thats still ongoing.. WIP, on Flickr WIPfront, on Flickr WIPrear, on Flickr
  11. BrickOn

    [ESL-CH2A] Fortify the Fortifications of the Fort

    As others have said before, I really like the cannons. And I especially like how green the scene is, perfect Eslander camouflage. Nice entry!
  12. BrickOn

    [OL- FB1] The Temple Courtyard

    Beautiful temple, I really like the blue detailing. And that water looks great. Looks like a peaceful scene, very idyllic.
  13. BrickOn

    [OL FB4] The Aybarra Cotton Farm

    Corrington approves I like the cart and the all the picking activity. Nice little scene.
  14. BrickOn

    [SR-FB3] Whale of a Tale

    Corrington approves Nice tail, although I'm glad he got away, ending up as pirate lube sounds like a horrible ending for such a magnificent creature!
  15. BrickOn

    [COR-Ch2B] Water Party

    Really great story, I enjoyed reading. And a fantastic jungle scene for it to play out in. Nice entry :-)
  16. BrickOn

    [ESL-FB5] Fields of Gold

    Very neat wheat. Corrington approves
  17. As the title suggests, I have a question about being separated from my lego and going into Micro building. This will happen for the first time this weekend, I reckon I can spare a shoe box's worth of space for lego, it has to last me for the weekdays for a month (I may get some lego access at weekends, but not so much). Then later this year I'll be travelling for a month and my space for lego with probably be reduced to something similar sized to a large PAB or lunch box (but I'd like to MOC some of my travels, we'll be doing a lot of train travel etc). So I've read a thread similar to this before, about reduced amounts of lego and I remember Mixels were recommended, and I really like the recent round and have bought quite a few. However, what specifically would you recommend for micro scale landscapes and builds etc? Thanks for advice (I am almost a complete novice to micro building so while I've been looking at la few different MOCs, I still don't feel like I have the feel for it yet). Also those of you who get separated from lego how do you survive (a slight tongue in cheek question, obviously there is plenty of stuff to do outside of playing with lego)?
  18. In his recent visit to Arlinsport, Sir James met his cousin Henry Davenport, a slightly cocky gentleman with a sense of adventure. Henry bored of being idol and longing for high-seas action persuaded a somewhat reluctant Sir James to purchase a boat on his behalf, his chosen investment was a cutter, The Morning Rose. MorningRose, on Flickr MorningRoseBehind, on Flickr She was well matched to Henry's style, her bleached white decks were fine to look at, but impractical to maintain, as a result her crew spent most of the time scrubbing the decks. MorningRoseScrubbingTheDecks, on Flickr And just incase you wish to see her underside...
  19. Great bar, lots to drink, plenty of seating and fantastic company! I like that they leave their guns at the door, keep the booze flowing :-)
  20. Ah ha! The Heretic's hoard is buried under a light house, I can see it on the map! Nice little scene and I like the story.
  21. Dear Sir, The terms you propose are acceptable to myself. For 15 doubloons you may have the use of the vessel until such time you are no longer in want of it, and all profit from her use will be yours. As for the the matter of license, it is my belief that you must fill out the necessary paperwork for the crown, but as this is your first venture on the seas, no doubloons will be deducted from your accounts. While I am at liberty to act accordingly in these matters, I have not yet discovered the name of the vessel in question. Perhaps you, Mr Van Moor, will have better luck in these matters than I. Her size is 2 and it has been suggested that with ample space for cargo and her current guns, she could be considered a Well Rounded vessel. However if you wish to purpose her for Trade you may chuse to licence her as such. You may relay this response to Mr Hawksmoor, and carry out the necessary arrangements regarding this matter. I wish you fair winds and good prosper with the vessel, your humble and faithful servant, James William Chase.
  22. BrickOn

    LEGO Seasonal 2016

    Got my chicken suit guy today, had to get it shipped to the UK since Norway always seems behind on Promos.
  23. BrickOn

    Angry Birds 2016 Rumors & Discussion

    They've been out in Norway from 1st March too... a local shop has them all... although I did not notice them at first because the white on the packaging did not stand out as looking legoish.
  24. BrickOn

    [ESL - MTF] Is Gold an Instrument?

    So pretty, such an elegant design. And I'd like to echo the thanks for the innards picture... I like to see how these things are constructed. Definitely a fitting instrument for Eslandola.
  25. I heard about this well she's not licensed just yet, maybe the sea rats will have had their fill of small fry this month and it'll be safe for her to venture out next month. Well she'd probably sit a little lower if I had more of those sapphires to raise the water line, but yes she is very high. 2 WR thanks, I'll keep that in mind when if I get around to the licence (I feel like I am almost counting on losing a ship this month).