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    [ESL-FB1 March] City Gate Bardo

    Nice gatehouse. I like the brown on the bottom, grey on top, two-toned approach to the build. But if its a city gate I think it needs to be set inside a city wall, because otherwise visitors and raiders could just walk around the building and those golden gates won't keep anyone out .
  2. BrickOn

    Market Day

    Approval from Corrington Such a bustling scene, so much detail, definitely worth a visit. I like the traders who have their wares out on the rugs, rather than on tables, adds a different dimension to the usual market scenes. The pig crate is cool too. Looks like a properly busy Eslandian market, nice one!
  3. Thanks for the comments and approvals, it seems Friends Forever should undergo a change in her name after the MCRA since so many disapprove, if she survives the Searats, that is. I knew I was skimping on the sails, but I was running out of time before a flight and the machine kept jamming up, so I abandoned more elaborate attempts, however I have plenty of material (its an old double bed sheet) so when I get back I'll add some more to the mix. Sir James will be redoubly devoted to pursuit of science next month despite his new appointment. With his sister Miss Elena Chase at his side, he'll be out exploring the new world in his free time, and probably taking credit for her work when he is engaged with the Royal fleet.
  4. Those trees!! They're amazing, and the vegetation overall is fantastic, such a beautiful setting for the horrible attack on innocent Corries. Great depiction though, the blow-pipe idea with the poisoned darts is inspired.
  5. BrickOn

    HMS Enterprize (1774)

    Such a masterpiece, a truely impressive build. The level of detail is fantastic, not only the ship itself with the decoration (love the black and yellow colour scheme), but all that rigging, the interior, the crew, I keep coming back to take it all in.
  6. BrickOn

    [OL - CH2B] The Diary of Derelin Magini

    Great story, very creepy and I could almost hear the drums as I was reading. Awesome build too, I really really like the terrain of the island, such nice curves with the sand, and the water and palms just set the whole thing off nicely. The minifigure placement might be a pain, but its definitely worth it, the shot with the fort being overrun is perfect for the story, looks fantastic.
  7. A truly great scene, you've captured building in the mangroves perfectly. I'm really liking that vegetation, can't wait to see how your building on the island continues.
  8. This is fantastic, I love how you've done the scenes from both the boat's and the fort's perspective, great idea and well executed!
  9. Nice ship, seems like Corrington are doing a job lot on promotions, with James William Chase and William Chase making it to Captain in the same week, perhaps they were on the bottle... (Edit: just to be clear, if you google William Chase, you'll find he really is on the bottle )
  10. BrickOn

    [OL - FB1] The 'Royal Shipyards' in Breshaun

    That house looks cool and the interior is looking great. Plus I really like the way the arch is constructed with a proper keystone.
  11. BrickOn

    [SR-CH2B] Victory Is Short Lived

    The whole scene looks great, but I think those Corries can manage a few undisciplined pirates...
  12. They look awesome, I really like the SNOT deck and the colour scheme looks fab for Oleon. Also good use for the for those white pieces at the top of the masts, not sure what they are called but I want to steal that idea and use some for the same purpose at some point.
  13. For my Hot Coals build I typed in "photo montage" to the Mac app store and downloaded some free software (photo editor or something, it was translated to norwegian) to arrange the photos to get this effect OnHotCoalsMontage, on Flickr, once I'd chosen the photos it was a case of dragging, dropping and resizing. It wasn't perfect, I had to compromise on the number of photos to get the layout i wanted, but it was quicker than setting up the strip myself. I added the captions using illustrator afterwards. But I am sure there is a better way out there.
  14. Cool scene, I like the lookout post and the overall setting makes the build. I especially like the pond, it adds to the feel of low lying marshland, is the fort set in specific island?
  15. BrickOn

    [OL - CH2A] Shields and Daggers

    The water is incredible! I really like the untouched look of the beach, like nobody has ruined the surface of sand by walking on it yet. All the details add up to a great scene!
  16. Corrington approves. I really like the different ways you've made the wood, both carved and uncarved.
  17. Looking good, good luck with the rigging, hope you get her finished before the MRCA
  18. BrickOn

    [Esl - Ch II A] : Fort Severus

    Great entry! The fort looks really solid and I like the way you have integrated it into the beach and cliffs. Minifigure action is really good too
  19. Late at night a small boat (name unknown) has been seen docking near the Sir James fort on Cocovia and unloading a large amount of cargo before sailing off into the darkness. SmallBoat, on Flickr The reason for this secrecy seems to be linked to the nature of the cargo- a seizable amount of gunpowder, that Sir James and his men are keen doesn't fall into the wrong hands (and it may explain the number of guns she has. Why Sir James is taking delivery for such a large quantities of gunpowder in a time of peace is not entirely clear. CargoHold , on Flickr Removing the top deck gives a better view of the powder in the cargo hold. I realise this boat is probably not the most realistic of builds and I have no current plans to licence her this month, but when and if I do I would like suggestions for what class she should be, I was thinking perhaps a cog, but she is a tad stubby looking perhaps? Suggestions welcome.
  20. Thats absolutely fine, I added a post anyway, since I have now licensed the fort. Its a small fortress at the moment.
  21. The Fortress and Lighthouse are now licensed as a small fort. Fort, on Flickr
  22. Thanks, the ship is now finished and ready to serve in the Corrington Royal Fleet... WarBrig, on Flickr
  23. BrickOn

    Science or Nonsense?

    This scene is awesome, great story too. The crates are cool, I'd like to steal that design someday and the spiral staircase is really well done. So much to look at here :-)