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  1. I am very happy to see the Palaeontologist, have there been any pics yet? I hope the accessory will be a fossil tile :-)
  2. BrickOn

    2015 LEGO Pirates Rumors and Discussion

    Hmmm the store I saw it in is in Norway, they seem to carry a lot of lego, more than most stores, although they only had the one ship on display from the pirate theme, but they may have more hidden away, I will ask.
  3. BrickOn

    2015 LEGO Pirates Rumors and Discussion

    I kinda want them all. I was always very envious of people with pirate ships growing up (I only had a couple of the small pirate sets) and now that I decided to start collecting again, I am really pleased the pirate theme is back. My only dilemma (well one of them) is that I popped into one of my local lego-selling shops today and found they had Brickbeard's bounty for sale and and now I not sure if I will be able to wait for the new releases... decisions, decisions!
  4. BrickOn

    What was your first LEGO set?

    I am not sure if this was my first but i got it a couple of weeks before my second birthday, courtesy of my newly born baby sister... Not sure if we still have all the fabuland, but I am about to fight her for our combined lego stash
  5. BrickOn

    Hello from Norway too

    Hello, BrickOn here. I am new to the site and currently residing in Norway... I accidentally ended up with a couple of packets of minifigures this summer and then quite a few more this Autumn... One thing led to another and I remembered that I never did get that pirate ship as a kid and that it might be time to make up for that!