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    [COR -FB] The Bacon Plantation

    Piggies!!! Great little farm, a very nice build :-)
  2. Not sure where Itaria No Shintaku got that from, but perhaps its a little out of date. I was there with my bf Sept 2015, and swapping was the best bit (one of the best bits). So Yes Stas definitely you can. There is an official "swap-shop" in the middle of the park, where you can trade the official lego minifgures, i.e. minifigures that have come from official sets and CMF, here they also sell CMFs and build your own minifigs incase you need more to swap with. All employs wear name tags with lego minifigs on, you can swap with them, they just might be mixed up crazy ones, they might not be though. You should probably refrain from knocking the kids over and stealing theirs ;-), tempting as it is, but everything else I mentioned is fair game :-) This is a collections of our swaps: Our minifigure trades and other Lego, on Flickr
  3. How did I miss this earlier? A truly gripping story, once I started reading I couldn't stop, I agree, more of this please!!! And the whole build is great too, love the black and white shot too, really isolates the characters amongst all the action!
  4. BrickOn

    [COR-FB2] HMHV Athena

    Looking impressive, I especially like the rigging, need to look at that in more detail. And very nice guns!
  5. Shouldn't announcement of amendments go in their own geeky, little thread, um, I mean Official Keeper of the Records and Totally Cool Thread? This place if possibly one of the first place new members might come looking for info, we don't want to scare them off entirely with the rule changing minutiae? Also conversation can sometimes move fast here and it would be just as easy to miss the announcement and end up being in the dark about recording minifigure population bonuses or whatever the latest rule tweak could be. If Kai wants the role, then she has my vote too, I look forward to reading the updates as they come in :-)
  6. This is the story of, in the grand scheme of things, a very small scuffle somewhere in New Terra between two of the factions, Oleon and Corrington. It was of course all Oleon's fault, they were sailing in what had clearly been marked as Corrington Waters, and sailing far to close to the newly discovered Island of Cocovia for the liking of Corrington. , on Flickr Luckily Corrington had faster ships and upon spying the vessel one of these ships was able to head off the offending Oleon vessel, overtaking the ship and forcing her to deviate from her course. There was a tense stand-off in the water, but Oleon knew she was out gunned 2-1 by the larger Corrington ship and slunk of into the distance. , on Flickr And that is the story of a very small and insignificant scuffle between Oleon and Corrington, may there be many more to follow. (this is my first proper attempt at micro building, with a very pared down travel lego kit, in hindsight I would have grabbed a larger range of bricks, especially for making the sails, and some more inverted slopes for the ship's hull).
  7. That build looks great, and its about time Sir James took his redcoat to the drycleaners, I reckon he looks rather dapper in navy, still a Corry through and through though.
  8. Great layout, the redcoat fort looks great. if I vaguely remember rightly, you posted a work in progress on that fort a few months back, perhaps? Cool to see it finished. The skull waterfall is fun too, very piratey :-)
  9. BrickOn

    [CH2b - Cor] A very small scuffle

    Yes I should have done that... that would have been cooler, next time :-) The travel kit is still being refined, its a stack of three clear trays each with 6 compartments, found in Tiger last month very good for the job of holding lots of smaller pieces. I'll have another go at micro scale soon. Was it fitting very recent events? I don't remember hearing about a scuffle? I just wanted to build a couple of ships and it seemed like two likely candidates, but you are right about the sails especially as the Oleon ship had two and its smaller - next time. And yes it was a combination of poor lighting and taking the pics on an old ipad, as my phone was stolen (grrr, I'm almost over it) and that's what I normally take photos on. Don't worry, I'll use it as an opportunity to fix up a decent photography spot in the new house and learn to play with the grown-up cameras, silver linings and all :-) Yes that's what I was thinking the red represented, but equally I just wanted to make a bigger base with limited bricks so i was using those to join the bricks up. It all makes sense now, well no harm done, both the ships survived with barely any feathers ruffled, it was only a very small scuffle after all. And maybe the Oleon ship is better, I liked the colour scheme on that one :-)
  10. Thanks Kai, I thought it would be that but then I started to question myself :-)
  11. I have a question, which is not wholly unrelated to Bregir's proposal above. Does the limit that applies to building a maximum of three properties in one location or 2 properties in different locations per month apply only to those properties that one builds themselves and licenses themselves? So if someone was feeling particularly on fire with building, could they build and licence two properties themselves, build and sell one to someone else (Bregir for example) and allow the other person to license the property, and similarly could they build more properties but leave them to be licensed in a future month?
  12. Awesome build, I like the level of detail you went into in describing the processing and you've captured the likeness of the trees fantastically.
  13. Thanks guys Ayrlego, I think I have about 20 of them, probably fewer. I might be able to manage a small vignette based off this, or I could just use it as an excuse to buy the GBHQ (I'd probably get in trouble for that though).
  14. :thumbup: We approve anyway, the exploding cannon is soooo cool and truly great posing! A great hero in the making, the Corries missed a good one here :-)
  15. I've not done it but, just unlicense the class 1, then use the freed-up free licence to license the class 2 with the free licence as its your only ship. Then re-license the class one with a paid licence. As fair as I can tell the current rule change does not change this bit. But if I've got this wrong maybe someone can correct me.
  16. QV is looking really fab, good luck showing her off this weekend!
  17. Her hairpiece is the best, I am happy I was right that Lego could do a better job with that :-) I am very happy with those two :-)
  18. Just another update on my School House which will be ready to teach the young Corries (and actually any other youngsters of good breeding) before the end of the month. It's currently a bit boxy (I have some ideas to change that) and more house than school at the moment. The school is a bit lacking, partly because I have yet to master combining furniture placement and SNOT floors :-). Anyway, this my first proper go at LDD (well where I've got further than placing 20 uninspired brick combos), and I reckon it's going all right, I've learnt the hard way to save often, especially when play with hinges and my ever-so-slightly addictive personality is driving the build forward at a good pace... :-) SchoolhouseWIPcontinues, on Flickr
  19. Neat, story, idea and build! And I do like Black Sails, almost wants to make me turn to piracy... I won't give anything away though :-) But back to the build, that shield is cool, almost makes me want some nexo knight stuff :-) and I like the stands, the crowds look almost orderly. Personally I don't think it can be anything other than a small build in terms of licensing, but see what others say.
  20. BrickOn

    [SR-FB1] Whale Oil Factory

    Its really good, and if we were going to bring modern day ethics in animal welfare for food production and experimentations, this small-scale whaling wins hands down IMO. Great build though, really like the tail inside, it's just graphic enough, and the rest is a good way to use lots and lots of barrels :-)
  21. BrickOn

    [COR FB1] HMS Citadel

    Looks great to me, especially the colour scheme :-) I agree about the sail, but then she wouldn't look so clean a build, so either way. I'm never that sure about licensing, Bregir would probably have a better idea than me.
  22. BrickOn

    [OL-FB1] A visit to the Harbour Master

    Great scene, with all that junk (one man's trash... and all that)! I particularly like the second photo, I think that worked out really well especially the glimpse we get of the harbour master. I like the throwback style of the fort too, very nostalgic.
  23. Jezebel for the Merry Lyric and The Morning Rose for Fire Trader again please. Also can I be cheeky and reserve a spot on the Merry Lyric for my soon to be built ship? I'll make her pretty, I promise. Edit: are they really all closed?
  24. BrickOn

    House of the Scientist

    Looks great, seems like a very fitting style of build for Eslandola and well proportioned. I like the statues at the gate and those railings, plus more scientists, yay!
  25. BrickOn

    [MRCA Mar2016-ESL] Outran a Pirate ....

    Cute ships, glad to see you escaped. I like the glasses, very elegant, where are they from?