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    Lego Minifigures Series 15 Guessing Game

    Okay here's my prediction... Female gamer, player two on shirt pastry chef Zeus- Greek god figure Penguin suit guy Medieval serving girl/wench Pirate henchmen with triangular hat.. Professor university Native American girl Goalie (football) Tuxedo guy (James Bond-style) Female islander Airline captain (modern) Barista Jewel thief Rocket scientist Prince Charming
  2. I looked for the answer to this and could not find it, so sorry if this has been asked before! I want to cash in my lego VIP points in the online store, but since the sets I want are worth far more than my current point balance, I wanted to know if I will still earn points for the remainder of my purchases? - I guess I would, but wanted to check...
  3. I understand. That's what I hoped for, so that's okay. Thanks!
  4. Oh cool, I guess that means I should definitely just go ahead and buy things, thanks! So in theory... if you spend £2000 (or whatever currency) on lego in the store, you'll get £100 worth of lego VIP points; which you could then spend and get £5 worth of VIP points again... bargin!
  5. BrickOn

    Cross Bone Frigate

    I like the green too, gives it an eerie feeling somehow... not sure if thats what you were going for, but i like it.
  6. Another great review, thanks! Now that we've seen tiger girls tail I am even more excited for her. I don't want an army of gargoyles, just enough to sit in the corners of a big house... maybe 8? Not too fussed about the ratios, the monster rocker and mad scientist are probably my least favourite so would not have wanted so many of those.
  7. Well I guess that depends on how many boxes the shop has in store, when they are gone they are gone. But my local place is still selling series 10 and when you ask they will bring out fresh packets, pretty happy because I finally got medusa today :-)
  8. BrickOn

    VIDEO: LEGO Ideas The Big Bang Theory Review

    Nice review, I think I need this set, it's just been bumped higher up my wish list!
  9. BrickOn

    LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 14 poll

    Wow there is a lot of love for the fly monster, I think he's my least favourite. I hope this means that everybody tries to grab him and there won't be tonnes of bags left over.
  10. BrickOn

    [MOC] Shaun the Sheep

    Very cute and very cool! There are currently 70 giant statues in Bristol atm, I've only made it round half of them so far, but will see them all before the end of the month. Saw some lego sheep around town while I was there (a few people is cashing in on the shaun theme).. but now I think I have to make a shaun and probably Gromit. I wonder how it would work on with lego, the shaun collectable figurines start at £35 up to £70 with proceeds going to children's hospitals in the UK (or something like that)... I guess an official lego shaun could fit in with that line, needs to be done!
  11. BrickOn

    SDRnet Winter Village 2015 (complete diorama)

    Wow, I want to start a winter collection. Great inspiration!
  12. BrickOn

    2016 LEGO Pirate Set Wishlists

    This makes me sad, I was hoping for at least some smaller battle packs and a bigger fort. I guess I will look for duplicates of the current theme if I can pick them up cheap at some point and build them into something different and now concentrate on collecting the vintage pirates... :-( I guess it really was too much to hope for an advent calendar!
  13. BrickOn

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    Last christmas I went back to my parents houses, found all my old lego (and my sisters) and fabuland, built almost every set (I was missing a few instructions, plus it took ages) to account for the parts and bagged every thing into sandwich bags (except some larger parts). We kept all the lego together in two big plastic boxes and managed not to lose anything. So those sets are pretty much as is in their little bags, in some semi open loft space... But I currently have a big swathe of creator sets and basic bricks and a load of random accessories and spares parts littering my living room floor, although mostly on a large rug... and a big pirate scene I am making taking up all of my table... So realising lego had become a problem I bought a load of stackable clear plastic boxes for the different bricks... but its so expensive, I felt like I could have just saved the money and bought more lego! However, I have less than a week before I have non-lego guests stay in my home and I need there to be much less of a lego footprint in my living space... So now I intend to slowly build up my storage system in-line with my lego buying, maybe I buy one or two new containers every time I buy a big set (I guess this will only be the case if I am buying it for parts). And I guess my lego collection, display, storage and all needs to move up to my loft space to become a den of lego... There should be just enough head height for me to sit up there and play with my lego :-)
  14. I just finished buying all the 2015 pirates sets (my first Pirate ship) and scooped up a couple of vintage Islander sets on ebay (did not have any when I was younger) together with my own 3 tiny pirate sets from when I was a kid everything is now expanding to fill my table... this is turning out to be a dangerous obsession! Not sure how I want to expand next... they still have the Imperial flagship, brand new in box in a local shop, but they have doubled the price since I started looking last year and now its 10000nok... too much to spend I think, so I will content myself with expanding my blue coat army and looking out for a good deal on second hand ships and sets...
  15. If the series comes out in September, does that mean there is a chance of a December release for the next series and that it might include some holiday themed characters? - just thinking ahead...
  16. I was just thinking that they have missed a trick if they haven't printed the back of the head as the scary monster and the front in the minifigure being devoured. That is unless it really is just a guy in a monster suit, but it does not make sense with him looking so scared...
  17. I have mixed feelings about the series, but the cat woman is growing on me, especially when I noticed she has a tail?
  18. Great Review White Fang, thanks! Can't wait for this new series to be out, seems like a good distribution too :)
  19. I am not sure how I feel about the lipstick on the lady cyclops, unlike other standard "lady figures" you can't swap the headpiece out to remove the lipstick to change the look, limiting it use, whereas normally its easier to tweak the look to suit... although as others have said, one can always remove the offending lipstick, but to me, this will always feel a little bit wrong... As a kid I always used to balance out my boy/girl ratio by putting girl wigs on neutral faces and making the lipstick faces wear baseball caps, doubling the intended number of girl figures, I am sure I am not the only one who did this and its nice to see a bit more variety in the figures nowadays, but they are still just models and will always be stylised in someway and thats the charm of lego... anyways Have Lego ever attempted an overtly female dwarf, now that could lead to an interesting discussion! But all this talk about the cyclops makes me think about the potential origin of the myth... fossilised mammoth skulls have a central hole for the trunk, but it's thought that maybe ancient greeks found these skulls and mistook them for one-eyed giants. So I am imagining a scene where the palaeontologist is discovering an ancient mammoth fossil on some greek island, with a thought cloud above her imagining the ancient greeks thinking about the fearsome cyclops... that way the lipstick is just added whimsy created in her imagination and completely in keeping).
  20. Hi All, So I have a few spare minifigs to trade: Series 5: Egyptian Queen Cave Girl Small Clown Boxer Eskimo Series 9: Mermaid Battle Mech Roman Emperor Series 10: Motorbike Mechanic Sea Captain Paintball Player Trendsetter Medusa Series 12: Rockstar Swashbuckler Series 13: Disco Diva Egyptian Warrior Wanted: Almost all the minifigs from series 1-4,6,7,8 and am open to suggestions... I am currently based in the Norway, but also have a UK address so can be flexible with posting stuff etc
  21. hmmm going by the facebook photo of the fencer I would say an absence of lipstick on the minifig suggests male.
  22. Okay I really want them all, but after seeing the pictures i really want the hotdog guy, the king, the Egyptian warrior and the snake charmer... I really like the printed detail on the cobra :-) Can't wait for these to come out. Also slightly intrigued by the winning prizes part, is that related to the online game (I have not looked at that because I didn't realise they had made it mac compatible).
  23. Argh I want ten posts already... Okay so I am practising posting... So this part of the forum disappears after 10 posts, does something replace it?
  24. I think it depends on how its coloured, plus I have not seen so many aliens in the flesh for comparison :-p But to me it looked like it could definitely form the basis of a good ood minifig, which is a definite bonus for me!
  25. Okay I am very new to all this, but I really enjoyed looking at all the entries so far and thought I'd give it a try too! So all I want for christmas is some pirate lego and a glass of sherry (or two)...