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  1. BrickOn

    [MOC] Lake house

    Perfect, I wouldn't mind living there!
  2. BrickOn

    PtV: Bartholemew Robbins

    Oh no, anyone but the teddy!!!
  3. BrickOn

    WIP: Medieval city gate

    I can't wait to see how this develops, I wish I had enough grey bricks to build something like this. Brick On.
  4. If we get Peter, we would need Hook? - I would really want him anyway...
  5. Stupid question, maybe, what is the DAC? And really? Simpsons, Monsters, Disney... back-to-back...?
  6. BrickOn

    Blacksmith Duel

    So cool, such a neat scene :-)
  7. Oooo, I am jealous, still looking for one... any chance they had more than one for sale?
  8. BrickOn

    [MOC] The Lone Chieftain

    This is really cool, I love how the whole scene is put together!
  9. BrickOn

    MOC Fully Loaded Little Ship

    Thanks for the comments! I'll be aiming for a bigger ship next time otherwise they'll never catch the pirates! :-)
  10. BrickOn

    Second post gone

    Aw (you even say in your post you are not that keen on trains), oh well its a nice build :-)
  11. Really nice build, I like all the details! (Makes me want to visit the original next time I am in Vienna).
  12. This is fantastic. I really like the way you have captured Sherlock's character :-) this is cool!
  13. BrickOn

    10249 Winter Toy Shop

    I was just thinking the same. I am happy but it really does seem like a shame though for everyone who has the original, what a let down. Any chance there could be two sets to offset the disappointment?
  14. BrickOn

    LEGO Ideas Doctor Who

    This is going to cost me so much money, but I can't wait. Weeping angels are my favourite bad guys (I would love to see a version of the statue of liberty, have always thought about that ever since I saw the CMF). The first thing I built by myself when I came out of my dark age was a Dalek and it seems like Cybermen were made to be built in lego (although not my favourites in the show).
  15. Wow good work :-) Willow is my favourite out of your collection. Instantly recognisable. Did you try the trendsetter minifig's hair on Buffy? I just wondered how it would look.
  16. 10:10 14:6 4:4 17:3 9:2 1:1 Good luck to everyone! :-)
  17. BrickOn

    How Many Have Completed CMF Series?

    I only have 117, not even halfway! But I did only start collecting a year ago, so I feel like a made a good start. Initially, I was not bothered about either Simpsons, but then recently started getting them for a friend and really liked feeling up the packets again that decided I might as well add some to my collection, with the added bonus that we can trade our multiples. And I was not really that into the Lego Movie Series because, I just wasn't a fan of all the robots, so although now I want a full set, I currently only have 3. Everything else is mostly series 5 onward, with one from series 1 and one from series 2 my mum picked up from a guy at work (which makes up for the fact she over paid for a few other random non-collectable minifigs he convinced her to buy off him).
  18. BrickOn

    2016 LEGO Pirate Set Wishlists

    Hmmm now that you mention it, I would have an army of pirate princesses... :-) I may have accidentally bought another shipwreck defense and outpost the other day. Yea I was thinking about the chess set and ordering a load of shakos, but since they were sold out last time I checked I have held off...
  19. BrickOn

    The Brick separator Virus

    Mine all have eyes, they are always watching!
  20. BrickOn

    Eskimo MOC (first build....)

    Nice little scene, I guess the diver is lucky the shark decided to go for the fish instead! :-p
  21. BrickOn

    [MOC] Watchtower on Sabatina

    This build is awesome, a fantastic inspiration. I love the height of the fort and the overall dimensions of the piece, really well done! :-) And very cool palm trees I want to try that (I have a collection of old bases with snapped leaf pieces I was wondering what to do with them, now I know).
  22. BrickOn

    2015 vehicles from my town

    Ooo I like the vintage theme, one or two of these done in dark green or blue would be nice, especially the flat bed!
  23. BrickOn

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    So I would like to see I shop with a candy canes round the door and other candy/gingerbread house style decorations outside... I guess the shop could sell toys or candy inside, but the outside would be all candy themed :-) :-)
  24. BrickOn

    2015 LEGO Pirates Rumors and Discussion

    And what are the possibilities of getting a blue coat ship similar to the 2010 Imperial Flagship? If its not soon I am tempted to go ahead and buy one next month, but for the money you could have two at the original RRP :-( I don't know whether to wait.
  25. BrickOn

    [MOD] One More Brick Bounty MOD

    So as people have said, we basically need two ships... Is there then enough left to make a second smaller ship with the remaining bits and mast? -tempted to try this