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  1. Really eerie, I like the display in the chemist's window!
  2. Surely Seasonal is referring to the fact these are related to halloween (just not in name)... pretty sure Lego will be supplying these for a few months yet, why would they voluntarily lose all the sales related to Halloween that these CMFs seem to be targeted at? That said maybe I will check the stores on my way home to see if they are even out here yet and snap up a few of the Banshees, Spectres and Gargoyles... just to be safe :-)
  3. BrickOn

    What could be in a Mythology series of CMFs?

    I knew there was a good reason why she is now standing next to my Spider Lady! So Vampires and werewolves are also mythological creatures (unless they are real), but then defined as Lego monsters... I think it would be better to place the Roman/greek gods etc into a historical themed series.... which could be cool... and you could have a mix of ancient and recent in it history too, to give a good variety and hit a number of the traditional Lego themes..
  4. This is superb, you definitely made it eye catching and thanks for showing the techniques you used to build the towers. This is really cool.
  5. I accidentally ended up with 3 plant guys (I guess I thought I had 2....) But over the weekend (in Outland and WH Smiths) I picked up all but the Zombie business man, banshee, Witch, Mad Scientist and werewolf... got all the ones I was after plus some of the multiples I needed for my other half, who turned out to want a dozen plant guys, so my one mistake was okay! Have not even bothered to look yet in Norway as nothing ever seems to come out early here... might look tomorrow though..
  6. BrickOn

    What could be in a Mythology series of CMFs?

    I just like getting one or two characters per series and seeing them increase as I collect, not sure I would find a whole mythology series as appealing (Actually I proably would like them all but I prefer to get a mix)... however I would like to see.. Centaurs (somehow coloured like the disney fantasia ones, male and female, but they don't fit in the packet... argh just squeeze them in!), Wood nymph, Different pixie/sprites/fairies Faun or Satyr Norsk gods, although I guess Thor is already taken with marvel, shame. more greek and roman gods, I would most like Hermes/Mercury, Venus/Aphrodite, Artemis/Diana, Zeus, still loads to do! Also I think the Genies are part of the current mythology list. Its a strange one because it depends on how you interpret Mythological, is it referring to an ancient religion no longer practised or to creatures or beings from folk law (kinda just another way of saying the same thing). So if you produced a whole series of them, it could just be highlighting the grey area of religious origins...
  7. BrickOn

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    This was my first time going to the PAB wall, in Westfields, Shepherd's Bush, London. I think I could have fitted more in if I were stacking more than I did, but since I wanted the plant bits I guess this was a pretty good first attempt... I regret not getting a second cup! image on Flickr
  8. BrickOn

    La Isla de la Muerte

    Wow, stunning build, lots of details, I really like the rocks of the island itself! Do the pirates make it off the island? It looks like the last visitor didn't make it!
  9. BrickOn

    [MOC] Captain Cookie's New Wardrobe

    Amazing! I like the tall cabinets, the bookcases, the bedding (really simple but detailed and realistic at the same time) and those black chairs are just perfect.... I need to try these ideas and start playing around with furniture! Time to build bigger rooms and fill out the cabins, thanks for all the inspiration!
  10. Except in the London Westfield Lego store they have sold out (I was pretty much the first in the door this morning too) those pesky 6 year olds must have been in and out like lightening while I wasn't looking!
  11. Yay! I just acquired the Imperial Flag Ship (2010)... I started to build it but now I am away for the weekend so I have to wait to finish it :-) Luckily where I am going also has pirate lego waiting for me because I went on a small ebay rampage, and that was a while ago so its going to be a surprise as to what I find... think there will be an extra cannon or two waiting, but not enough to fill the ship yet. Thanks, I bit the bullet and got one in the end, so no need to message, unless its a very good deal (I can have two right? - only kidding I think I would get in a lot of trouble for that!!)
  12. So if they don't reuse the mould for a satyr or in some other way... does that mean we'll end up with a female gargoyle?? (with lipstick *runs and hides*)
  13. BrickOn

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    Wow, how cool. Any good tips for what to buy now and not play with? Should we all buy multiples of the current pirate theme?
  14. BrickOn

    How Many Have Completed CMF Series?

    An army of toy soldiers would be cool, I guess the BR toy soldier minifigure just doesn't cut it for that purpose, not got quite the same appeal! But can it count as a collectible minifigure?
  15. BrickOn

    [MOC] Little Shop Of Horrors

    Haha, I have been waiting for someone to do this, nicely done!! I can't wait to get my hands on the next CMF series... :-)
  16. BrickOn

    MOC Soldiers Fort and Trading Post

    Its a cool fort, I am going to steal your tavern idea and incorporate it into a future build, i like the idea of extending the outwards to include life outside the military :-)
  17. BrickOn

    Bluecoat's Arsenal - 2015

    So as I promised and because you specifically asked my opinion, I have thought about some feedback on your creation. But I preface this with, I have not been doing this long, I am not an expert and I really just want to be helpful... so here goes. Hmmm where to start, well as someone who collects pirate lego, sure I like it and I would buy a small set similar to this, I would probably buy multiples... but the things is, like you said Lego designed a similar set in 2009 and decided not to with the recent release of pirates, they must have had their reasons. Lego knows how to release battle packs and small sets, I don't think they need an Lego Idea to prompt them into doing so. IMHO a lego idea should be stand alone piece (actually I read something along those lines on their website), I guess ideally you want to appeal to an untapped market (even if it is to get more votes for your idea, rather than design a sellable set for lego)... when the research laboratory sets came out my facebook feed was buzzing with excitement from non-AFOLs (are they NAFOLs?, okay buzzing is an exaggeration but more than one friend was talking about it), people who normally did not buy lego bought them, when I tell people I like lego, people tell me about this set. I bought more than one set... My sister thought I was crazy for getting into lego (actually she thinks I am crazy anyway so is wasn't so much about the Lego, really) I gave her a set for christmas and she was really really pleased with it, you get the picture... So with all that in mind, to improve you idea, I would expand your set... just go ahead and copy the Research Laboratories template for now and have three small vignettes depicting the rise of the soldier (maybe even pick a real life person, it will catch peoples attention)... make the tiny scenes distinct and neat, something 10x10 studs and like others have said if you really want all those minifig accessories then build them into the scenes. The reason I don't think your current up is actually very playable at all is because if you gave it to a kid they might take the main minifigure in your set up and make him the hero and then promptly lose all the pieces (I reckon Lego thinks like that too, I mean why else would they always give us multiple epaulets in all the sets... they think the kids can't be trusted, that or its a weird counting thing!). I think the accessories need some kind of little scene to anchor them down otherwise they'll just wander off and be lost forever. And if you are aiming for adults then you need something that can be built and placed on a shelf and admired... I feel like this doesn't really do either. Obviously these are just some small suggestions and I would like to see your project go further so will keep an eye on it in the ideas website.
  18. BrickOn

    LEGO Ideas Doctor Who

    I would like Silurians, specifically Madame Vastra (and Jenny) in their Victorian outfits... Recently they have become pretty main characters with the new doctor so I think there is a good chance... Or Rory the Roman! And Amy pond as a a pirate captain... Or maybe the vampires of Venice... As people had said before there are so many places this theme can go...
  19. BrickOn

    MOD slightly extended blue coat fort

    Gosh now you are asking... All the bricks at my disposal, that weren't being used in their original sets or used anything else: so probably most bits came from, 6410 beach cabana, 6411 sand dune cafe and 6414 Dolphin point, 10679 Pirate treasure hunt, 31010 tree house and 31025 mountain hut... And a basic box of bricks and maybe a couple of things from a castle set (But If I were to buy sets to extend specifically I would use the Scooby doo light house, or probably just another fort, but I think I have convinced my other half that we need to buy all the Scooby doo sets for this reason!) Yes tea of course (and cricket) I had another brainstorm in the office after I posted this and we came up with those... The only teapot I have is the blue Fabuland one (more of a kettle) or else I could try and make the genie lamp more like a teapot. I liked your fort story too, I had already built this when you posted but was tempted to steal your pub idea for my next! I like your style!!! But I would argue that the giant teapot would be sailing on the correct side :-p none of this on the right nonsense, at a time of war you want to be passing on your sword side (I guess that would not matter at sea though, any giant teapot I built would have cannons on all sides!
  20. BrickOn

    How Many Have Completed CMF Series?

    Keeps them from getting dusty! Could start a whole new thread, "where to you keep/display your minifigs?" Mine all sit on top of the beams in my flat, i reckon each beam can have 50 comfortably and I have 5 in my living room, so it will be a while before I run out of room! The Simpsons sit on top of my fridge/freezer...
  21. Wouldn't everyone have to buy the new set to enter? This sounds like a very cunning plan to up the sales of the re-released set... but I am in.
  22. BrickOn

    MOD slightly extended blue coat fort

    Hee hee I am trying to use humour in place of brick skills at the moment, but I am learning fast, or at least I getting closer and closer to placing a large order for all the bricks I think I need to make things awesome! Thanks, I have gathered all of my and my sister's childhood lego, and am trying to use as much of it as I can in my pirate scenes, so more Paradisa plates to follow.. (As a kid I got quite good at connecting everything together to get the most sea possible!) I am not entirely happy with the set up as it is and I have tried to cover up as much of the pale green colour, and the join looks a little weird at the moment, so I will continue to play with how I extend the fort. I need more rock pieces to raise the back up I think, but the ones I have were earmarked for a different project. My base plates with blue on are a bit of a precious commodity in my set-ups, so I am trying to use them wisely, otherwise all the ships, boats, rafts and crow's nests have nowhere to float around! Hmmmm, tbh I know very little about lego pirates, I had three teeny tiny sets as a child, Renegade's Raft, Buried Treasure and Shipwreck Island, I guarded them jealously and they only had beach people to attack (i.e. the Paradisa sets), this whole soldiers thing is kinda new to me and I am still finding my feet! However, I read this forum and I browse the lego ideas so I am more than aware of your sets (you are posting about them quite a lot ;-p). In general I try to support pirate ideas as I like the theme and like most people into pirates wish Lego would be a bit more frequent in their releases, so even before you posted about your soldier arsenal I had supported it. If I am completely honest I don't see a purely pirates set getting anywhere close to the 10k support and if lego wanted to make a set like that they would do it regardless of the idea. But since you have asked, I will try and give you some honest feedback on your MOC thread. I think pirate Lego Ideas are always worth trying, just as a way of telling Lego we are still here and let them not forget us, but tbh I see it more akin to a protest vote, and not something that is likely to ever get through. But I would love to be proved wrong so keep trying! While I feel like I am basically new here, so I really don't feel like its my place to say this but persistently posting about a Lego idea in multiple threads, is almost counter productive to getting support (just a feeling) and borders on breaking the EB rules (yes I read them, I sometimes have a lot of time on my hands) and is just likely to get peoples backs up... just my two cents worth. However, I am glad you like my sense of humour, I am just trying to have fun with my Lego and want everyone else to enjoy it too, in whatever way they choose :-) Anyway I digress, apologies! I know! It kinda bothers me (funny video btw! I feel like that sometimes happen when I attempt to build things in lego) So as a side note, I think very shortly I will have amassed enough redcoats to build them a fort too... and wanted to embrace some British sterotypes in my fort... all I could think of was Roast beef, not exactly funny... and when I asked around I got told bad teeth and bowler hats... there must be something better?
  23. BrickOn

    Lego Minifigures Series 15 Guessing Game

    Oh I was guessing, not wishing in my list, but I just think the groom is kinda boring... Although if you got one of those rings with him I'd be more happy. For the record I also think the bride is a bit boring too (I don't have her yet, but she's no where near the top of my must-have list).
  24. BrickOn

    Seasonal 2015

    I think its neat. I would switch the skeleton for the new CMF, but I am happy with that, I can never have enough skeletons lying around the place, so all good.
  25. BrickOn

    [MOC] Lapidis

    This is awesome and I definitely think you have captured a Mediterranean vibe :-) Brick On.