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  1. Looks tan like tan to me, although all the pics are taken on sunny days... Maybe it's just the grey weather that clouds your judgement in person? :-p
  2. BrickOn

    Pillage the Village Contest: Out for Blood Edition

    And here is my entry for the Small non digital category "Revenge of the Hanged"
  3. BrickOn

    UK Sales

    Thanks for the heads-up, I sent my other half there to grab a bunch and I got a minifigure for passing the tip along Have any retailers got the pirate's wave on sale yet?
  4. As you like it... I will buy whatever I miss, only after they are no longer available... There is a very unique smell you get when you open the packets yourself, which I love, especially after a bit of a break in buying. Maybe I am just addicted to opening the bags, rather than the minifigures themselves!
  5. Sometimes I prefer the minifigures being on the counter, that way I can straight-out ask the shop assistants if they mind if I feel up the packets and avoid the strange looks you get in the store... I don't mind admitting I am doing it for me, but its much easier if I can tell them what I doing without them looking at me strangely and asking... you never know by being up-front and and owning AFOL maybe we'll realease someone from their own Dark Age! I always feel for the smallest items in the bag... for me its much easier to find the Spector's chain for example, than try and feel the difference between a hood and a hairpiece... they are also much easier for me to isolate in the bag with my shaking technique.. allowing faster feeling through the box (in my mind... anyway). However there is one shop I buy from that has a discount card where they give you stickers for each purchase and when I signed up they asked for the birthday I wanted to use, saying that most people used their kids birthdays... I felt weird admitting I didn't have a child at that point... Also still no sign of Series 14 in Norway :-(
  6. BrickOn

    [LEGO Ideas] Skull Island - Skara Kikos

    Amazing, I am loving the skull's teeth in the water... very scary looking! And the water... and the foliage... all so good! One day I will have enough grey bricks to attempt this. My thoughts exactly, something must be lurking in one of those caves... More pics please!!!
  7. BrickOn

    General MOC-Discussion, WIP-Help, and Teaser Thread

    Yes Well only if you count wanting a tonne more bricks and pieces... (so far) Oooo I have been thinking about making a tiny part of my next MOC for a while... which I'll make post here later :-) That could be a new use for all those blurry shots I manage to take, now I can pretend they are totally intentional! Nice one, great idea for a thread! And once I get started on my next project I will get some definitely get WIP shots up :-) and look forward to everyone else's pics. I am interested, I find the internet very difficult to sift through for historical information relating to the pirates theme and that period of history in general... so if its all illustrated in lego or something fun I would definitely be able to get on board!! EDITED: So my next project will take some time as I amass the bricks I need and try and get a handle on the dimensions, scale and overall look I want to achieve... It will be a redcoat fort and trading place (or something) and I want it to have the feel of the classic pirate forts, so something like the Imperial trading post or Eldorado Fortress but with a more sophisticated design, I don't know like the city modulars... I am scouring this site for ideas and will probably pilfer many ideas from previous members' MOCs... thanks in advance for that! But seeing as I am a bit brick-light these days and have yet to master LDD (I must be the only person who given a full set of all the bricks in every colour manages to make the designs worse not better than with a limited collection) I have not made a start yet.. instead I came up with a couple of characters that will populate my fort. I thought i would have some children in this fort as well as other civilians wandering around... these two particular children are budding redcoats, playing dress up, they have come across a soldier taking a kip, they've stolen parts of his arsenal and are happily recreating their own fort in sand... CheekyRedcoatKids, on Flickr PS this was in part inspired by MiloNelsiano's PtV entry Bartholemew Robbins
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    Nexo Knights 2016

    What if Lego have deconstructed the traditional lego horse into different pieces that can then be built into a crazy, insane robo-horse for all the Nexo knights.... and more importantly, maybe the horse pieces could be used to make centaurs...? That would definitely make up for what ever else comes out of this theme... just a pipe dream though, I guess. But there is bound to be something that will redeem the theme...
  9. BrickOn

    (MOC) Renegade's Fortress

    Very nice, I especially like the fish preparation going on, wish I had a few of those ornamental fish myself :-) Good build and welcome to EB :-)
  10. BrickOn

    River Cottage

    Thanks, it makes a change to only build with the crazy brightly coloured pieces... I need to do more with my Fabuland otherwise they will just gather dust! :-) Also I may have accidently gone on a small fabuland spending spree so I will have a couple extra characters to play with :-)
  11. BrickOn

    River Cottage

    RiverCottageFab on Flickr CloseUpOfRiverCottageFab on Flickr So I have been meaning to make something with my Fabuland for a while (its kinda sad not seeing any Fabuland activity on the boards) and I wanted to mess around with my new foliage pieces ... so ta da, I made River Cottage... hope you like :-)
  12. BrickOn

    The Trojan War

    Horse is awesome, but I really like how you've built the details in walls! Awesome :-)
  13. BrickOn

    PtV: Ay!K-ARR

    Haha, nice one :-) shame its not included in any lego sets (yet! maybe they'll be inspired and make one) I would have bought a few!
  14. Woah this made me recoil in shock and horror from all the pink, in a good way, I think, I was able to smile afterwards. I've just built the BBT set - I like you what you've done with the place :-p At least you have a soft kitty in there, that might appease Sheldon...
  15. BrickOn

    LEGO Ideas Doctor Who

    yes, my bad, I missed typed.. I am much more used to thinking of Doctors in terms of Matt Smith, David Tennant etc
  16. BrickOn

    PtV: Ay!K-ARR

    Nice build with some good plundering :-) I particularly the burning of the the 4-poster, very evil... I wanted to ask where the blue parrot come from? I want one! I tried to google it but just ended up back on a very old EB post which may or may not have answered my question... there were no pics...
  17. BrickOn

    LEGO Ideas Doctor Who

    No, maybe in the beginning, but not so much now, I like the 11th a lot, especially since Amy is my favourite companion... but I like the Dr and Donna pairing a lot too! I like all the Doctors equally :-) nah not really, but it does just take me a bit of time to warm up to them... Capaldi is a great Doctor IMO and after watching the recent trailer I even forgot my previous dislike of Clara (she flirted too much with the Doctor when I was still in mourning for the end of River Song saga, or not the end?) And now I just feel like yay they're back :-) I would be really happy to see a CMF Doctor Who series... otherwise I just can't see Lego ever satisfying my DW cravings once they have started...
  18. Hmmm that makes sense. I think I really like the crow best... okay now I will go look for him :-)
  19. I have all my childhood Fabuland made up in a corner of my Lego cave and every now and again I think about buying another set, just for fun... But part of me thinks it might ruin the specialness,that I feel towards my current sets, I don't have too many: 3622 Rowboat 3623 Beauty Salon 3645 Classroom 3646 kitchen 3659 Playground 3662 Bus 3674 Bonnie Bunny's New House 3797 Fire Chief Barty Bulldog 3798 Hanna's Garden I only have one set of instructions left and on the back has all the other sets available at the time and I can remember pouring over the picture when I was little... So my question is, if I were to allow myself another set or minifigure... Which one or who should I go for... I am tempted by the crow, police dog or maybe a pig or bear... Since I am missing these... Any suggestions?
  20. BrickOn

    Doctor Who Wishlists

    I definitely want Rory the Roman, I kinda want Amy dressed as the pirate captain (because she looked cool and I like pirates and we could get the crazy mermaid doctor with two faces, one beautiful, one scary) but maybe strippergram policewomen Amy from her first appearance would also work! Others on my list are: the master (and missy) Donna (maybe dressed as a roman from Pompeii, with one of those rock priestesses-both Amy pond and current doctor were in that episode :-)). And then we should have little Amelia Pond, the younger Amy. Donna's dad, We need the Ood... Ood!!! I have said before I would like Madam Vastra and Jenny (in all their Victorian Garb, jenny with her sword) and strax. I would also like to see jenny (the doctors daughter- ooooo I wonder if that Jenny is the other Jenny, since we know she regenerated, kinda, anyway! Martha would be good, maybe dressed as a doctor. Obviously Cpt. Jack, Rose and Micky... I wonder if we would ever get the "where's my mummy boy"? -not sure Lego would want to make a gas mask... Shame!
  21. I know and this chain has to be a good customer, they got exclusive Simpsons rights on Norway... However they may turn up but they said they were worried :-(
  22. I asked about the series today (in Outland, Norway) and I was told that Lego are not taking anymore orders from them until after Christmas due to supply issues and they don't know if the will get the stuff they have already ordered... What was once a plump till display of CMFs across the series has now been reduced to a couple of Simpsons 2 racks and one of 13 with a lot of sad empty space :-( (luckily the other half appears to have caught the big and is buying then for me). He's rubbish at feeling packets though, so I got another cheerleader today instead of the banshee... (He did get me another gargoyle though so 1 out of 2 isn't bad!)
  23. BrickOn

    VIDEO Review: 6276 Eldorado Fortress

    Cool review, I am sold, now I just need to find a good one!!
  24. BrickOn

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    yep, that one. To me that's an upside-down, slopey yellow brick :-)
  25. BrickOn

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    The large was £11.99 (with 75p off if you reuse) and I think the small was either £5.99 or 6.99... Can't remember. There were lots of regular bricks in colours I was not interested in and white doors and some windows. The one thing I wish I had got was the upside-down, slopey yellow bricks, 1x2 on bottom, 2x2 on top (no idea what they are really called so I like to use the same words I used as a kid!) The build a minifig had some nice accessories too, if you you like that sort if thing, I was tempted to walk off with all the CMF captain's seagulls, but decided I had enough. Might be worth a look.