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    PTV 2015 Small : A prisoner at sea.

    I like the ship section idea, very neat! Hopefully they won't have to use their cannon, because I don't think the cannon balls will fit ;-p I think your shark will help polish him off, he's a gonna!
  2. BrickOn

    Pirate Village Bakery Mod

    Nice I really like the non-right angled idea. I'm interested to see how this progresses :-) Will the inside of the bakery still be accessible when you have it fixed in place or will you have to lift it out of the model to open it?
  3. Why is it not reusing the goblin's head piece... Yellow pointy ears, cheery, happy colour for the hat and you have yourself a pixie hat Didn't see this before, but I agree!
  4. BrickOn

    What could be in a Mythology series of CMFs?

    Well the game stats read Anansi Girl... So they are stating right there that she is not Anansi exactly because she's female... Doesn't seem that odd to me, it fits with the character they made. I wouldn't assume you were sexist for not liking it or whatever, but tbh it's only a character bio... In your Lego world she does not have to have any real like to mythology, she can just be an ordinary emo girl?
  5. BrickOn

    [MOC] Checking In

    I want to try that water too, it looks so good. I like the use of the flower stalks on the tress too. Lots of little things going on here I like it, especially the pig eating the mushrooms :-)
  6. BrickOn

    PtV 2015 Small: Revenge of the Hanged

    It was not my intention. If I were to show a back view you would see she was only wearing her underwear, I just swapped the heads and that's how the other minifigure happened to be dressed... I think the governor's wife would be more formally attired, even during a raid... but you never know.
  7. Oh you mean an American football player... then that's not going to turn up in the German football series any time soon.
  8. BrickOn

    Castle-appropriate Lego Zombies?

    Could you try using calamity drone torso and skirt, its not tattered but you would have grey flesh...?
  9. Maybe its just one of the German Team members on a bad day... I don't really get the zombie thing myself. I can tolerate low levels of Zombies without getting too annoyed, but they will never be my favourites. I had problems with one of the spectre's hands too, not the end of the world but not a good sign.
  10. BrickOn

    What could be in a Mythology series of CMFs?

    Well thats exciting... can't wait to find out which ones!
  11. BrickOn

    Favorite Collectable Minifigure?

    This is my favourite part about the Minifigures is seeing different groups of them emerge that are outside of the everyday lego themes... I like the Egyptian and wild west themes... sometimes I feel like the Minifigures are just there as bait for when lego decides to release full blown sets to go with... but as it stands at the moment I fully intend to build them into MOCs when I get the time :-) Although Cleo goes better with Caesar than the Pharaohs :-)
  12. I finally found them here in Norway, I was meant to only buy 1 a week when I found them (silly rule if you ask me) but since they still had the 2 for 50nok promotion on I decided to get 8... two spectors, two banshees, two gargolyes, zombie business guy and the skeleton... I somehow mistook a banshee for a witch... absolutely no idea how... but I am happy :-) I now have all the multiples I wanted... except the pirate guy... but I reckon I will have no problem picking him up later!
  13. YES! I want one, that would have made the Pirate one of the best in the series! Oh well maybe someone from Lego will read this and at some point we'll get a zombie trendsetter with zombie chihuahua. For me the scimitar is up there with the worst... I can't think of anything else at the moment. As for skirts, I agree sometimes they work sometimes they don't... I think the Battle Goddess skirt is awesome because it makes use of the split issue and she has fantastic golden knickers :-) Yep I broke one just recently, I might have to grab a few zombie pirates, just for spares... (and to eventually make a zombie pirate ship)
  14. BrickOn

    HMS Victory

    Wow! This would be amazing to see in the brick, hope you get to build her! Really enjoyed looking at all your ships, way too advanced for my own building skills but its something to aspire to, thanks!
  15. BrickOn

    Bricklinking 10210 The Imperial Flagship?

    Looks good so far, hope you are enjoying the build! Are you tempted to make any modifications, or will that come after you've built her?
  16. BrickOn

    Favorite Collectable Minifigure?

    I know... :-S
  17. BrickOn

    What could be in a Mythology series of CMFs?

    I agree that if you take a global viewpoint then yes there is a lot of folklore that would be obscure to the average Lego buye... Myself included, I am sure. However, that should not stop Lego from drawing inspiration for their characters from them... And they do... Spooky Girl for example (I learnt reading this thread) :-) However, taking a Eurocentric viewpoint (it is EB after all) a lot of European folklore has been used for centuries as the inspiration for many books and stories so Elves (could argue they are Icelandic, they recently had to reroute a road so as not to destroy one of their homes) trolls, (definitely Norwegian they are all over the place here) in fact all of Northern Europe (it might be too hot in the south I don't pretend to know what they have down there) has sprites, pixies, imps, gnomes, goblins, faeries and all sort running about the place and I am sure all these characters have been/would be popular as minifigures and are recognizable... Maybe the definition is blurred because these are creatures, gods, mythical, magical, make-believe, just damn hard to find... Whatever and the ideas are passed down through many generations and are recycled and reused in 100s of ways... So my mythology, becomes your folklore, becomes somebody else's fairytale and another's monster... You can argue the case for any if them but they would all make good minifigures if done well... However for TLC to a make a minifigure series of them they would need to be able to market to children, right? So I agree "Minifigures Folklore" doesn't quite the same ring to it as "Minfigure Monsters"... Mythology might work as you get the alliteration, but will a kid get it? I don't know because I grew up with by mythology books on the shelves and every other book in the house was about dragons... So maybe my exposure was different. Anyway back to topic I'd like a pixie... Maybe a male one he could play with the fairy... And he would have the elf ears :-)
  18. BrickOn

    small pirate boat

    I am going to go with number two... Nice and neat boat, I like it :-)
  19. BrickOn

    PtV 2015 Small: Revenge of the Hanged

    My favourite bit too... True... everybody's utterly defenceless! Not in this this scene, I'll leave that to the experts! :-)
  20. BrickOn

    PtV: Ay!K-ARR

    Oh no I feel so guilty for asking about it to begin with... I honestly just wanted one!
  21. BrickOn

    Favorite Collectable Minifigure?

    oh yea I forgot about him! :-)
  22. BrickOn

    Favorite Collectable Minifigure?

    Too hard to choose... if I had her I think it would be statue of liberty...
  23. BrickOn

    MOC:Elf Tower

    Nice build, i am liking the foliage creeping up the tower :-) At first I thought the elf was on a weird spring for some reason, then I realised he's leaping into the air? I think thats the only bit I would change, maybe bigger trans bits if you had them, not a huge issue though, and it makes a good photo when taken from the elf-view perspective. Oooo I did not even notice the boats at first, I know what you mean, but I do like the overall look they create... really clever.
  24. BrickOn

    Romeo and Juliet

    Great build, I really like the details in the building and especially the way you have constructed the balcony using that arch :-)
  25. BrickOn

    Ladies, stand up !

    What happens in the Lady's Lounge? And why aren't there different ranks for the girls, eg... wench, maiden, lady, dutchess, countess etc etc..