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  1. It's beautiful and I want it. You've done an amazing job here.
  2. Great addition to QV! Will this become a chainstore and spread to other towns, one on every corner? Maybe you can start a franchise with the clam and cup logo... The civet cat scene upstairs is really funny, I assume the expression that guy has is due to the smell?
  3. Nice tailors, I like the use of the minidolls as mannequins and the back rooms are a great addition with the spools and cloth. Would be nice to see a fitting room perhaps in the main shop area and maybe a customer or too. The best bit is probably that snot floor in the main shop, those pieces work really well IMO!
  4. BrickOn

    It flyeth, it flyeth!

    Cool basement, can't wait to see where this story goes.
  5. BrickOn

    [ESL - FB1] Small Villa

    Beautiful Eslander house, the whitewashed walls with red roof looks great and I really like the garden. Nice build!
  6. A Sweet Plantation | BrickOn | Corrington Elena Arrives and An Invitation | BrickOn | Corrington
  7. Akatu, in the employment of Sir James has completed the first stage of works on a small sugar plantation just outside of the main harbour, towards the interior. PlanviewPlantation, on Flickr This is licensed as a small plantation.
  8. Good point about the builds not be square, if I'd have thought about it I would gone with number of studs. However, my brick collection/skill as a builder makes it tougher to make more organic looking builds! (something to think about) Anyway, here's my own sugar plantation, as mentioned previously it has been built on Serentia, just outside Stormhaven. PlanviewPlantation, on Flickr
  9. BrickOn

    LEGO Disney Minifigures - Quick look!

    Oooo Ariel's back printing is goood :-) And actually her hairpiece on the minidoll makes me reconsider that as a useful character, looks really good.
  10. BrickOn

    [SR-FB2] Weed Plantation

    Awesome! On of the most appropriate pirate crops ever and fantastic execution.
  11. Great micro build, I like the burning town and the two-toned wet-dry tiles for the beach look fab. A good month for a Searat ;-)
  12. Haha, batten down the hatches, who's next on the hitlist??? Great scenes, cool storyline and you've captured the Eslandola settlement feel really well. My only nitpick, are those 4 studs visable behind the smoke, through the door, that wall could have gone a little higher to avoid seeing them at that angle, but its only one thing, cause everything else looks great :-)
  13. BrickOn

    [COR - FB] At the Lawyers

    Nice antlers, I had to look the up to see where they came from :-) I like the scene, the lawyers office has an appropriate grand and sombre feel for the occasion. I keenly await developments in the WETEC :-)
  14. BrickOn

    [OL FB1] Silver Mine near Breshaun

    The shot of inside the mine is fantastic, the size is just right to feel cramped enough. The whole scene is great, a real hub of activity, with lots of nice details. I can't wait to see more mining action :-) and I hope this endeavour makes you a tidy profit :-)
  15. Then shouldn't MKJoshA be getting 50 not 45? Edit: nevermind, I worked it out
  16. Congratulations to the winners! And thanks to all the judges :-)
  17. Hahaha, it was the worst mistake I've made with the the build so far, Lego Digital Designer DOES NOT work well with hinges and I would be getting very worked up over that if anything. Sylvanian families!! I always have to go and see them in a toy shop even if I don't allow myself to buy them, I had a lot of sylvanians :-) (the narrow boat was the best, I still have it, I like toys). Anyway back to size limits... sure I agree we can diversify this conversation out to the rest, but since we are not exactly making the rules over here just having a discussion, its not the end of the world. And hey we could be talking about this privately and you'd never know our feelings on the subject I was not actually advocating that the rules should be applied strictly, with borders. But this is my opinion, if a build is licensed as small it can smaller than the requirements as longs as its within the spirit of the game (I suppose everyone is entitled to their own spirit). But if one aspires to licence bigger than small then guidelines are required, these are set out as minimums because otherwise a range should have been stated. *snip* and I deleted the rest because I realised I was ranting and it really doesn't matter... what matters is that everybody ends up singing from the same hymn sheet, to use some hideous management speak. If not, this is probably the source of cries of unfairness... edit, one of the sources, if indeed there were any cries at all.
  18. Bregir, I agree, but since I'm currently finishing off a (small) plantation covering 32x32, I would like to add that I found it a challenge to actually get a uniform area of crops to fill the space... I wouldn't be too harsh on people who were slightly smaller in the sizes in the plantation case, i.e. not making the 32x32, but you have to be close to approaching the minimum... Celes, haha, the dolls house is staying at medium, really considering its functionality as a cottage school, you could easily argue that it is only a small endeavour, but I probably would have stopped fiddling ages ago if that was how we were looking at things.
  19. I was working as all those as minimum sizes... if it said 32x32 I think thats what it means, to my mind adding an extra couple of rows of studs doesn't qualify and I've commented as much before on other peoples buildings, when they asked, not unsolicited comments... Shoot me for using an LDD example, but I've made the building of the school, a little over 32x32 because I wanted to licence it as medium, perhaps I could have gone smaller and argued the grounds are part of the build, and probably if I'd built in actual bricks I'd have done that be happy with the result (with LDD I went bigger than 32x32 just to be safe at licensing medium, call it the LDD bonus). Hmmm while typing this I realised that under some peoples thinking my challenge one build could be licensed as a plantation...? TerraceFarmingIslanders, on Flickr But seriously its 4 times smaller than the requirements, so this had never even occurred to me before?
  20. Is it Dubloons you get for building in Kings Landing? That's how you stay so rich, if you are issuing knock-off gold. I'll stick with Doubloons thanks. I must admit I feel saturated with building this month (and other things), so I've been unable to look at any challenges, I would have liked to contribute to some. So I somewhat agree with Bregir above, but I like to see them come and go, even though I did not participate in the Bardo music fair it was a great one to observe. Not every challenge will suit everyone and that's okay, but equally I guess its easy to feel like one is missing out by not contributing, but if people are signing up and enjoying the builds all is good.
  21. Not looking so boxy now and not long before I am reunited with my bricks :-) One last look at the school progress I before I finish it... SchoolhouseAlmost finished, on Flickr Been a bit busy with non-lego stuff and the momentum has slowed since I'm now mainly just tweaking bits, but its been a fun experiment.
  22. How did I miss this? More stories about the Doctor please!! :-)
  23. Hahaha!! Clara and Donna? But no Amy, no Rose? Neat building, I like a good Eslandola courtyard and fountain. The colours seem appropriate too. I'm intrigued to find out more about this Doctor fellow.
  24. BrickOn

    [OL-FB4] The Tigre arrives

    So the arms race continues... Looks really great, I do like her back end.
  25. Looks great, I finally had time to read the whole story and it was definitely worth the wait. I love the duel shots and the scene where they enter the bar. A fantastic tale!