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    INDEX: Armies

    Since I was having a shake up of my pirate stuff I thought it would be a good opportunity to track down my bluecoats from their various positions and get them in line for a quick photoshoot. Still not got as impressive an army as most people here, but I'm happy with the rate its growing (got my first ever bluecoat back in June last year when the new pirate wave came out, with the exception of the CMF revolutionary soldier). So here is is: LeBluecoats], on Flickr CloseUp, on Flickr
  2. BrickOn

    REVIEW: #40158 Pirates Chess Set

    Cool review. I actually just came on the forum to ask if anyone knew when this set was due to retire as I was thinking I wanted to pick up another one... nicely timed :-) On the set I think I've said before (maybe, not sure) that I personally found some pieces confusing during play, I am not a massive fan of some of the rooks, knights and bishops in terms of recognisability in game and some of them a touch too big. But on the whole its pretty good with a few modifications. As a parts pack its good, with the exception mentioned above: no shakos :-( but also no epaulettes. But back to my original thought, does anyone know when this set retires?
  3. Here's my entry as Sir James for Challenge A, Corrington: Terraced Farming on the Island.
  4. Is there a chance that 2017 could go: Batman; Series 17; Ninjago? But then I guess 2018 will have The Lego Movie 2 series? And Disney 2 has to go somewhere??
  5. yes its Whitefang's review, they are: Three: Queen, tribal woman, animal control officer, jewel thief, pig farmer, laser mech and ballerina. Four: faun, astronaut, scary knight, wrestling champion, winged warrior, janitor Five: Clumsy guy, shark guy, kendo guy.
  6. I know it was bought at a toyfair in the UK but since I wasn't there I was on brinklink price checking, all I thought I was going to get from that trip was a few CMF,but they were all overpriced for fair prices (except Will Shakespear), so I got the ship instead. But about your sails have you checked out this tutorial, maybe its worth a go? Cheers. I am still making up for lost time with lego pirates as I never had an actual ship when younger so now I kinda want them all eventually (and then I will play giant pirate game wars). I feel like the smaller ships are much more easy to play with and access everything, even if they aren't as impressive as the bigger ones, but I am happy to have both. Congrats on your Imperial Trading Post, thats on my dream list of lego :-)
  7. I've just been given (I might be paying them back for the purchase, that was the original deal) the 6271 Imperial Flagship (really doesn't look like its been played with at all, I can fix that :-) Imperial Flagship, on Flickr I've not got my mitts on it yet so it was built and photographed by my other half... hopefully they decide to hand it over :-) But it was an absolute bargain at £40 :-) so I am very pleased with that. Plus it comes with a faded box, original instructions and best of all lego catalog from back in the day.
  8. BrickOn

    2016 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    ooo I like the snowman too, with the golden firefighter hat. More cops and robbers would have been boring, nice to change it up with firefighters. Now I just want a hospital theme to become a regular city theme and the one day with can have an advent calendar full of hospital workers :-p
  9. I am struggling with laser mech too, partially because I did't really feel the need to grab one straight away and so it was low priority when I was going through boxes on my first few trips and now I am just too lazy to look for it. Had I have know it was harder to locate I would have been on the look out earlier since there are only three to the box. I was lucky with jewel thief though, found her fairly easily (twice), the grappling hook was the easiest bit to locate. I just need the laser mech and wrestler to complete the set and I have multiples of the queen, tribal girl and scary knight. The only one I fancy picking up extras of now is the faun and maybe clumsy guy and perhaps one more winged warrior. :-) Oh and I have decided that my mum is collecting animal suit characters so I will pick up shark guy for her, I am sure she will be pleased.
  10. Or she could be based on the original Hans Christian Andersen (Danish) story, Snow Queen, the inspiration behind Frozen?
  11. I am excited about this list. For the Snow Queen I hope we get a new, more elaborate crown/hair piece. I'm still intrigued about how they can make spooky boy interesting, which I am sure they will. Maybe he could come with a ventriloquist's dummy, using the new baby piece? That would be creepy. I reckon the kickboxer could be the one that reuses the ponytail, or maybe she will have a longer one, either way she'll need her hair tied back or short hair, loose isn't an option imo. I hope the babysitter gets some headphones moulded into the hair piece and an ipod (a walkman or whatever the kids use to listen to tunes these days), basically I am hoping something like the trendsetter but with the new baby piece. I am hoping for something good with the scallywag, seems like CMF have been a good source for pirate theme in general, hope this one doesn't disappoint, I guess he will be pretty dishevelled looking (like the prospector was) although not obviously drunk. I guess banana suit guy could be half peeled, you get some interesting results when you google image search... Anyways I can't wait for more info, I think this has potential :-)
  12. BrickOn

    LEGO Seasonal 2016

    Nice set, I haven't got my hands on a ring yet so I'll be grabbing a couple of these :-)
  13. BrickOn

    The Parrot Question

    I like the printed best for nostalgia reasons and it feels more details, but without the new one I wouldn't have choice and its not that bad, I just need a few more to get a decent flock. Also I would not mind a totally new mould with the wings spread open.
  14. I choose to place the Faun in a Narnia inspired setting... Narnia on Flickr Spare Oom on Flickr BetweenTheWorlds on Flickr
  15. BrickOn

    [MOC] Another decayed modular house

    Nice one, I like the colour scheme for the house and the uneven pavement out the front. What's going on in the inside? It looks like you might get access to the inside from by removing the roof?
  16. BrickOn

    Michael Jackson

    Wow, instantly recognisable. I like the way its built up from one foot attached to the base, how stable is the model?
  17. Okay here goes this is my entry featuring the Diner Waitress in her own little corner of the Diner. DinerVin2, on Flickr
  18. I don't think penguin suit would need short legs if the stomach printing was extended down to the legs like it does with panda suit guy. Also yay for penguin suit person, one of my guesses was right, but I guess once they made the shark fins it was just a matter of time. I was never convinced Imp would be a costume person, IMO its a would be a waste of reusing the faun legs. I am also hoping for a more fairy like creature using the faun legs, so maybe with a green or blueish skin. Can't wait for more info on the series :-)
  19. BrickOn

    General MOC-Discussion, WIP-Help, and Teaser Thread

    I like the idea, I was going for a full second deck but now I am tempted change to just halfway across and add the gangway as you show it. Anyway I am still working on getting everything together. Haven't really changed much to the back, just made the cabin a bit higher and longer and built stuff up a bit at the front. The inside needs a little bit of love to get it looking interesting, its currently neglected and I am missing wheels for the cannons extra. I guess I might add a kitchen below deck, not sure yet. IMG_0475 3, on Flickr IMG_0477 3, on Flickr
  20. BrickOn

    Your First Pirate Set!

    Mine was either Buried Treasure 6235 or Shipwreck Island 6260, I had a long hiatus in pirate stuff afterwards.
  21. Apparently they were in BR today in Norway but someone came in and bought the two boxes they had, so I will have to wait a little longer to start buying the rest of the series I guess. I am only mildly pissed off.
  22. BrickOn

    Brick Bounty MOD

    Interesting I am trying to do the same thing right now and the Brick Bountys are taking over my living room. My starting point was to get the Imperial flagship down and use it as a reference point, but I think its leading to my TBB MOD becoming too similar, but for building up the central mast I used something like 5 round 2x2 bricks at the base. Look forward to seeing more pics as you go.
  23. BrickOn

    2016 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Definitely very excited about the volcano research series and airport sets. Both are right up my Lego city street :-) Sounds like the volcano could be a little disappointing, maybe there'll be some bonus animals hanging around to make up for the burps.
  24. BrickOn

    General MOC-Discussion, WIP-Help, and Teaser Thread

    I managed to get my hands on a second Brick Bounty in the sale and spent some time this weekend making my modifications, I want it bigger but too still look like the Brick Bounty, so it may take some time to get right. WIP MOD Brick Bounty, on Flickr Will add a couple more photos tonight, I am missing the pieces to fully make the top deck, but I will attempt some substitutions for a first pass :-)
  25. I have now seen them in the last three toy shops I went into in the UK this weekend, an independent, the lego store and an entertainer, so I think they are pretty much out everywhere in the UK now. I've already broken my only buy two a week rule, but that mainly because I wanted to buy the queen and tribal woman first and could not find tribal woman in the first box I looked in and ended up with the queen, scary knight and pig farmer (and a few others for other people). And then in the next shop I did find tribal woman but not before I had put aside the pest controller, ballerina and the faun. Now I happy that I won't struggle to find the others and will take my time collecting the rest.