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  1. looking good, I especially like the pastry being rolled out.
  2. BrickOn

    [Cor FB2 - Ship] Jezebel

    Thanks for the feedback :-) Bregir you comments are really useful, I think I will try to make the changes you suggest.I knew the mast placements were not right but couldn't find the right way of fixing it. A second pass at doing this with the guidance you've given will hopefully prove more fruitful (I'll probably make the updates for next month now). To answer your question about the sails, they sails were made from one of those cloth shopping bags. I'd actually found it while tidying up a few days prior to making the ship and something inside my head clicked and went... "these are sails". From there it was just a case of cutting out (I use a roller knife on a gridded cutting board, makes it much quicker) and then pressing some seems (folding the edges twice to avoid visible raw edges, and running them through a sewing machine. Actually with the cloth, the key to getting a good finish is just ironing everything at every stage of the making process, everything stays together much better and looks better, that way very minimal sewing skills are required.
  3. I wonder if they would reuse the mould from the CMF series two Pharaoh's staff for Jafar. Its not perfect, but also not too far off. Also really happy about Alice and the Cheshire cat, this just gets better and better.
  4. Great Scene, I love the way the walls are constructed and for some reason I really like the way the letter is set into the desk, looks so much better like that.
  5. BrickOn

    [Cor FB2 - Ship] Jezebel

    Cheers. I've updated the photos since we've had a good 20 minutes of sunshine today, hopefully a little better.
  6. BrickOn

    [OL - FB1] A Small Shipyard

    That boat is cool, I really like the rudder at the back. What is the bottom piece of the rudder? Anyway great scene!
  7. BrickOn

    [COR - FB3] Ship: the "Eliza"

    Cute little ship :-)
  8. BrickOn

    [ESL-FB5] Class 5T Heart of Eslandia

    Impressive ship. I love the attention to detail like the tiles on the deck, gives it such a polished finish. And I am a fan of the colour scheme, the dark red on the ship matches the sails and I have always liked the slightly clashing combination of dark reds with bright yellow, its on of my favourite combinations :-) I approve
  9. BrickOn

    [MOC] Clockwork Heart

    Oh this is cool, makes me want to expand my Lego collection to make everything move.
  10. If we get her I would love her to come with a flamingo...
  11. Amazing those trees are to die for, you have captured the feel perfectly.
  12. BrickOn

    [ESL-FB3] Weelond Brewing Company

    Great build, looks like he's making a fantastic brew and everything is clean and spotless as it needs to be... He might be a little ambitious to be distilling rum with that equipment though ;-) (but since I've never attempted distillation myself, maybe I am wrong). Approved
  13. Awesome build, I really like the cotton, that really must have taken a lot of patience. Nice use of the flower middles filing up the cart (I can never bring myself to throw those away). Approved
  14. Nice build, I like the fort on its place in the beach section.
  15. BrickOn

    [MOD] Double trouble, Blue Coat Fort

    That particular one was picked up for a couple of quid at a toyfair in the UK. He came with the wrong hat, but I had spares from an ebay purchase of a couple of vintage firefighters who both wore the admiral's hat. I have another one who came with the Eldorado fortress and in my Lego Pirate world, he still lives their with more of the older style bluecoats.
  16. There's an impressive number of minifigures in this thread and some that have been mentioned a before that I really like the sound of, like Napoleon, Mozart, Barbershop quartet guy, Chimney Sweep, ladybird girl and Golfer (male or female, the sport has such an outrageous fashion trends that I think we can have both, form different time periods). These were all on my list when I was trying to think of missing ones. I have a couple more suggestions Milkmaid: A Dutch inspired minifigure... Gender: Female Expression: Sweet and innocent, maybe dual moulded with a hard-working, strained but determined expression for while she is lifting heavy buckets of milk Print on Torso: white cotton under shirt with a blue corset on top. Arms a dual moulded yellow on bottom white on top, maybe with lace printing. Headgear: recoloured pretzel girl girl in a light brown colour, with a white milkmaid cap on top, a cotton cap withe a ridge at the top, attaches in the hairpiece hole. Legs: Either a cloth skirt in blue with a white apron detail over white legs with blue shoes or a blue slope piece with apron printing. Accessory: Definitely a bucket, ideally to buckets and a new moulded piece that goes over the neck to hold the buckets, but minifigure arms don't bend right so maybe that won't work. Bird Watcher (Twitcher): Gender: Male or Female. Torso: Tweed jacket with things in the pockets like notepad, brown with lighter brown check pattern on top, olive green patches printed on sleeves and olive green pockets Legs: Jacket printing continued onto legs, duel moulded legs to give green wellies (rubber boots) Head gear: wide rimmed hat, could be the same hat as farmer and scarecrow in olive green. Accessory: Duck, a male mallard and maybe binoculars.
  17. Sir James and his trusty advisors have begun preparations for a their first fort, surveying the land from the safety of their camp, but not escaping the sweltering heat. After the initial camp was constructed, more timber was bought forth and stacked on the beach, ready to build the fortifications. SurveyingTheLand, on Flickr
  18. BrickOn

    [Cor - FB1] Surveying the Land

    Cheers, that was the bit I was working on when I decided to build the scene :-) Nah he's just really into his looks and cultivating a slightly eccentric personality, he's and old friend of Sir James but truth be told he is a bit self-centred.
  19. Surveying the Land | Sir James W. Chase | Corrington Jezebel | Sir James W. Chase | Corrington The Crossed Swords Tavern | Sir James W. Chase | Corrington Tigerlily | Sir James W. Chase | Corrington
  20. BrickOn

    Pirate torso(most of them) Evolution through the years

    I like the comparison, other than the pirate captain I first noticed the update on the female pirate torso. I do like they way that they have referenced back to the original designs. Makes me wonder what we'll get in 5 years time :-)
  21. Oh I think that was probably just a joke, a play on the words rather than an opinion or a comment on anyone's else's opinion. But moving on... that video gives us the dimensions that the babies head is two studs high, from the picture it therefore appears that the body is the same size as a regular brick? Just my opinion but I think the child would look strange with a regular sized head as that would mean the head would be the same size as the body and legs. It does seem odd that the stud on top is not a standard size since this prevents the babies from being stackable and limits the ability to build on top of them like you can a standard mini figure. It would be interesting to see them compare to a micro figure which I believe are 2 bricks high and have a standard hole on top. I did initially think maybe they have a small hole that would allow friends-style accessories to be added on top; something that would add a nice element of cross-over between the lines and limits the need for new moulds, but it looks like its solid on top. Anyway I am happy with the new baby, to me it looks cute and adds diversity to the minifigure population without deviating too much from the iconic minifigure proportions. I want lots of babies.
  22. BrickOn

    Which set should I buy?

    Assuming these are your only Paradisa sets? Then I recommend the Sand Dollar Cafe 6411 to extend your coastline and the Poolside Paradise 6461, er because it'll add some height to your collection and you get a waiter. One thing to note is that the colours of the baseplates changed with the later sets and they use a different colour green for the grass which used to annoy me.
  23. BrickOn

    REVIEW: #40158 Pirates Chess Set

    Hmmm I think the situation is different in Europe compared to the USA since its not and has never been on sale here, still full price. In all the European shop-at-homes its not on sale and has the green "available now", but all of the other pirate line up is gone from the website. Whereas the USA site has it on sale and all the other pirate sets are listed as sold out. But I guess I should buy sooner rather than later.