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  1. The beehive with the honeycomb is so clever, the bees themselves (or are they daffodils?) and the lavender is so appealing. Its a beautiful scene, with so much thought in the details. I wish I could approve but as a loyal supporter of Corrington, I cannot, so will leave that to others.
  2. The Crossed Swords Tavern | BrickOn | Corrington Its not a property but Sir James paid a visit to Arlinsport after the Feb MRCA. A visit to Arlinsport | BrickOn | Corrington
  3. So good, can't wait to see more pics. Looks like My Fair Ladee is coming along nicely :-)
  4. Nice one. You beat me to posting a tavern :-) but yours is much more impressive. The frontage is beautiful. Nice idea to have a dance hall at the top, I am guessing thats not a purist lego violin, I wish they made one.
  5. BrickOn

    [OL - FB4] 'Amphitrite's Lily'

    I approve . Cool design, I especially like the sail, very eye-catching.
  6. I really hope they don't use the hairpiece, I have made my own Ariel with it, using the CMF merman tail and the mermaid top (okay she is yellow which reduces the effect) but I think the hairpiece does not work well IMO.
  7. I would have thought that the White Rabbit would be more likely than the Cheshire Cat as an actual minifigure. It was a bigger character in terms of the plot, without him alice would not have gone down the rabbit hole in the first place, he appears in many more scenes, is pretty iconic an works much better as a minifigure. Plus he has an instantly recognisable outfit with waistcoat and could be done with a pocket watch... I just think he makes for a more interesting figure, but probably not for this series. We just know two unconfirmed princesses, no-one was specified.
  8. BrickOn

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Is minidisc scale a thing?
  9. Outland in Norway carries a lot of discontinued sets, anything from minifigures, starwars to modulars. But they charge the the going rate, however the NOK is very weak, the dollar strong and you can claim most of your VAT back (20%) when you spend more than $50 as you leave the country... plus its Norway so you'll want to visit the fjords and stuff ;-p
  10. BrickOn

    [MOD] Ultimate Chess Set (Just for fun)

    Redcoats vs Bluecoats would be a good set to have, I guess it would not be so much a pirate chess set though. Perhaps Ultimate was too bold a statement, I guess I just meant I pimped my chess set, that's all. And yep it would cost more, I was not advocating that LEGO should have made the set like this, the set they made was fine, actually pretty good price per part wise.
  11. Yes please. Apologies I was getting mixed up with different channels of communication etc.
  12. BrickOn

    Western House

    Beautiful build. Everything just looks so good and well finished.
  13. BrickOn

    Islander Business

    Nice Trees, great story. Now I'm worried about going into debt, better go make some money! I approve
  14. This is awesome, really enjoyed the story updates :-)
  15. BrickOn

    Useful Pirate Pieces from other Themes?

    Nope Minifigure. Its part of the Collectable minifigure line, topic in the licensed forum, so definitely a figure. The official list at the beginning of the topic still has him a rumoured, although I suspect that is because the only ones that have been confirmed are the ones where the new moulds have been leaked or Alice (special case where Tragic Banjo changed profile pics to confirm/hint). Seems like Lego are pretty good at including at least one pirate-themed or pirate-useful figure in most CMF series (or at the very least they alternate between Pirate and Western themes).
  16. BrickOn

    Useful Pirate Pieces from other Themes?

    Its doesn't appeared to have been mentioned here that we are getting Captain Hook in the disney CMF series in May, so thats another Captain to add to the collection and hopefully another useful hat with hairpiece. And we get Ursula too, which is pretty good too if you want to add some fantasy to your pirate scenes.
  17. BrickOn

    LEGO Seasonal 2016

    No I meant he probably can't be made into a key chain so if they wanted to reuse the mould then re-releasing him makes sense over other minifigures which can be made into a keychain.
  18. BrickOn

    LEGO Seasonal 2016

    This is cool, I recently bought Chicken suit guy, but now I can get another... I wonder if his choice for rerelease was motivated by the fact it would be harder to get a screw in the top of his head, meaning he can't easily be remade into a key chain (not sure if that is a fact?), like other popular characters, i.e. bumble bee girl or hotdog guy... Just wondering because bunny suit guy would have also made a good easter choice.
  19. BrickOn

    Monstrum Maris

    That wave is superb, but compared to the ship its a drop in the ocean; the ship is so sleek looking. I really like the ship's finish and the details are awesome, the rigging, those ladders, (I want to steal that idea), the bell, its perfect. Argh I keep having to look back to see all the techniques used.
  20. BrickOn

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    That sounds like more of a cautionary tale than a potential play feature... I'd like something medical but I wonder if it would be harder to sell the Dentist to someone who isn't already on the modular bandwagon. I'd like to see a bookshop or a library, potential play feature maybe a rotating bookshelf that leads you somewhere else in the build, perhaps a bit too scooby-doo? I guess a hidden speakeasy is out of the question. A hospital would be cool, although I think the play features could be interesting, some kind of mix up with the newborn babies? An insurance scam, with whiplash fabrication (no not that one)? A 50s diner/mechanic car workshop (grease inspired) with a little bit in love story for interest, would definitely have curb appeal and there is lots of potential for the interior detail in a diner.
  21. The dolphins were racing her, jumping to and fro in the jewel-like water, but even they were not fast enough to keep up for long... Introducing my first ship, intended to be Cutter (F2) and sailed by Sir James and his crew. Jezebel, on Flickr AViewOfJezzy, on Flickr Jezzy, on Flickr ShipJezebel, on Flickr JezFromBehind], on Flickr It is my first attempt at making my own sails, so feedback on those appreciated (I wasn't really measuring so I had to slightly rethink their arrangement at the front). Edit: Updated the photos, more on flickr.
  22. Great build, so many details to see. I really like the wood stack, the arrangement of the the plans (where is that little tattered scroll from?), and especially the supports for the ship.
  23. Upon landing on an unchartered Island, Sir James and his man encountered some rather ingenious natives. The hillsides of the islands had been carved up into magnificent terraces, hundreds of terraces that stretched skywards towards the heavens. Each terrace bearing a different crop, and such variety of produce that Sir James had ever seen in his life. He met with the chief and expressed a desire a to be taken on a tour of the terraces, being a man of science he wished to observe their practices up close. Both men and women worked the land; everyone seemed to have a role in the process. Though it was thoroughly unclear to Sir James who actually owned what (he’d sort that bit out later). TerraceFarmingIslanders, on Flickr Later that evening, back on the ship, Sir James wrote in his journal, a slightly pompous account of the techniques he had seen that day… “In many ways the simple technology of these rather primitive natives is superior to our own horticultural practices. I discussed at length the method for creating terraces with chief’s son. At first glance the sheer size of each stone block is impressive, it’s a wonder that they can be moved at all. I am told that the entire village is required to move a single block up the slope to build the new terrace. The precision at which they are carved is impeccable; the chiefs son told me the blocks must fit together with a precision of two micrometres (their measurement system is very foreign to me) But there is more to intrigue than simple master masonry, once constructed each terrace is filled with no less than four different materials: · At the base are large boulders, placed to reinforce the walls · Next is a layer of gravels to increase drainage, · Above this lie silts brought up from the river valley bottom, these are a lighter brown colour · Finally a layer of nutrient rich humus from the inner jungle, a much darker brown than the river silts. Each terrace has its own micro-climate. And how this is possible without the use of glass? I must admit, I can consider myself somewhat of an expect on the matter, having personally overseen the construction of my own hot-houses back in Corrington’s fair homeland, in anticipation of the obtaining many unique plant specimens from these voyages. The temperature varies because of the aspect of the terrace, the different amount of sunlight each terrace receives. And most ingeniously the width of the terrace itself controls the soil temperature. The stone walls that form the terraces heat up during the day and this in turn heats the soil in the terrace. The smaller the terrace the warmer the soil becomes. The larger the terrace the less impact the heat from the walls has and they remain cooler. Although these people lack the skills to work glass, they have managed remarkably well to work around their shortcomings and have build hundreds of these terraces in the jungle hillsides.”
  24. The idea itself was inspired by Inca terraces (and pre-Inca terraces) I saw in Peru last year and the details I described are taken from my own notes and journal from the trip, so are true to the best of our/my knowledge on the practices (I was very fortunate to have very passionate and knowledgable guides).