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  1. higgins91

    Pictures of fire service bike and ATV, ideas for MOC?

    can't see your pictures! did you share them in google ?
  2. higgins91

    Diy LED system

    you're right, this kind of micro LED is powered by 3 1.5V batteries but there is a resistance in the battery box. Powering them directly with 2x 1.5V batteries is enough to light them properly. Either you use 3 batteries and a resistance, either the 5V USB and a resistance (bigger), or just 2x 1.5V batteries without resistance!
  3. higgins91

    Diy LED system

    No, only 2 batterie 1.5v ! But you can use 5v USB with a resistor
  4. higgins91

    Diy LED system

    depending on the case, either several to illuminate a room or a single LED for a floor lamp or a detail, in any case, I cut the number of LEDs necessary and I solder wire to extend the power supply. some exemple: IMG_20180114_165709 by alex peraux, sur Flickr IMG_20180219_181605 by alex peraux, sur Flickr IMG_20180303_152846 by alex peraux, sur Flickr IMG_20180303_152957 by alex peraux, sur Flickr
  5. higgins91

    Diy LED system

    i buy micro LED on amazon, the led kit to illuminate bottle or other stuff. often on sale, you can have 100 for less than 10 euros I used it for the lampposts of my modulars as well as for the interior of the buildings
  6. Wow! I do not particularly like LEGO bikes, but your achievement is really beautiful !!
  7. the same for me! very nice car transporter wagon ! thanks for sharing your lxf file ;)
  8. higgins91

    [MOC] Modular Fire station

    thank you very much, I wanted to make simple for the facade to the way building modern style. For the gym I tried to put the equipment of the room in which I go!
  9. higgins91

    [MOC] Modular Fire station

    Hello everyone I present you my last MOC, a fire station (I know, there are already many!) IMG_20190722_184453 by alex peraux, sur Flickr Quick presentation: On the ground floor two garages for trucks on the left. On the right the hall with accessories, the famous bar to go down. At the bottom, the stairs (to go up :)) IMG_20190722_184941 by alex peraux, sur Flickr On the first floor there is a large gym, HQ (I have to complete it), again the bar to go down and at the bottom of the stairs. IMG_20190722_184839 by alex peraux, sur Flickr On the second floor there is the captain's apartment. The living room on the right, the kitchen left. The bedroom with the bathroom is at the bottom left. And on the right, the bar and the stairs! IMG_20190722_184553 by alex peraux, sur Flickr On the terrace, a barbecue area, a rest area and a small basketball court. IMG_20190722_184542 by alex peraux, sur Flickr I let you discover more in photo: IMG_20190722_185231 by alex peraux, sur Flickr IMG_20190722_185002 by alex peraux, sur Flickr IMG_20190722_184902 by alex peraux, sur Flickr IMG_20190722_184806 by alex peraux, sur Flickr IMG_20190722_184724 by alex peraux, sur Flickr IMG_20190722_184513 by alex peraux, sur Flickr feel free to comment ! more photo on the album: https://www.flickr.com/photos/162272407@N06/albums/72157709810803061
  10. higgins91

    Lego Idea Chemical Plant

    there is a difference between a construction machine for which pollution is not "visible" in a lego set and a chemical industry that immediately evokes pollution. Still, I find this set great and that I supported it on idea ...
  11. higgins91

    Lego Idea Chemical Plant

    I would have liked to see this set for sale. But from an ecological point of view, TLG can not release a set whose theme is industry and which is polluting ...
  12. higgins91

    GBC General Discussion

    Thanks for the instructions.
  13. higgins91

    MOC : Church

    it's beautiful, all the details are impressive
  14. higgins91

    [GBC] washing machine

    Thank you