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  1. higgins91

    [MOC] Modular School

    it's impressive ! all these details, the drink / candy dispensers are very well done! Bravo !
  2. higgins91

    Gamepads for BrickController 2

    Hello, i use this one : https://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/B00GJJ6UYQ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 work's fine with my phones (Honor 7X and Honor 7a) and all C+ app from TLG or not.
  3. higgins91

    42112 Concrete Mixer Truck

    I double a truck like this one this week on the highway and I thought he lost his rearview mirror before! Then I saw the eye of the camera!
  4. higgins91

    Technic General Discussion

    what is this website even the root is forbidden! https://thumbs.worthpoint.com/
  5. higgins91

    GBC Le Train

    this could be a good approach, but I'm afraid that the energy transfer is not enough enough during the short time of loading and unloading ... it would be necessary to modify the operation to stop the wagon when loading the ball while reloading the engine and do the same for unloading
  6. higgins91

    GBC Le Train

    thank you, i will see according to the ideas that come to me
  7. higgins91

    GBC Le Train

    Hello, I present to you my last GBC module: "Le Train" (In French ) GBB Le Train by alex peraux, sur Flickr I wanted to use train rails to make a module, but not wanting to use a battery for a question of autonomy, I wanted a system where the engine would be powered by a wire. So impossible to have the engine in the wagon. So I deported the engine to the center of the circle and transmitted the movement to the wagon by an axle. As you can see in the video, the wagon is not just a simple carrier, there is a mechanism that allows it to be lowered to take the ball and climb to empty them. Without it, a much higher entry system would have been necessary and was no longer interesting kinematic level The entry is automatic, the wagon raises the barrier to drop the balls. Alas it is 13 studs high. The output is 10 studs high, the plate is raised by an inclined beam. The module will be after the ball pump (raised) which allows a regular flow because the entry is not very large (capacity a little more than the wagon in 1 turn). Here is the video: https://youtu.be/xqQLkozJKkI the entry in detail: https://youtu.be/SW7WIoxqFuY the output in detail: https://youtu.be/fn1D7L-Tsd4 feel free to comment ;)
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  9. higgins91

    Are Closed-Loop Systems Possible?

    If you put this to perfection you will be the inventor of the perpetual movement! well done :)
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  11. higgins91

    42108 Roll-off Truck

    impressive! very nice job. Not far from upgrading A model !
  12. higgins91

    MOC modular bookstore

    Thank you, I try to do my best because you have to be able to open the buildings to see the interior . The first modulars that I lit have wires everywhere, I have to redo them entirely
  13. higgins91

    MOC modular bookstore

    Hello, I present to you my latest Modular, a bookstore: IMG_20200419_144255 by alex peraux, sur Flickr Basically I wanted to make a corner building with a rounded facade. I made several designs to arrive at this one. On the ground floor, there is therefore a bookshop with a large sales area and lots of books. IMG_20200419_145107 by alex peraux, sur Flickr There is a reading corner and the cash desk. IMG_20200419_145119 by alex peraux, sur Flickr IMG_20200419_145124 by alex peraux, sur Flickr On the first floor is the reserve. IMG_20200419_145033 by alex peraux, sur Flickr A large shelf where there are 4 boxes filled with books. IMG_20200419_145048 by alex peraux, sur Flickr The desk for accounting and other storage. IMG_20200419_145056 by alex peraux, sur Flickr On the second floor is the bookseller's apartment. A large living room with a sofa and an open kitchen. IMG_20200419_144933 by alex peraux, sur Flickr On the side is the bedroom, the bed is raised and there is the bathroom. IMG_20200419_144943 by alex peraux, sur Flickr IMG_20200419_144958 by alex peraux, sur Flickr On the terrace there is a small telescope, a weather station with anemometer and rain gauge. IMG_20200419_144409 by alex peraux, sur Flickr IMG_20200419_145346 by alex peraux, sur Flickr IMG_20200419_145338 by alex peraux, sur Flickr There are electric wires because the building is lit, I tried to hide the wires as well as possible and I made sure that there were no wires between the floors. I used nails to make the contacts, when the stages are clipped, there is contact and that makes it possible to supply the stages. IMG_20200419_144720 by alex peraux, sur Flickr IMG_20200419_144852 by alex peraux, sur Flickr IMG_20200419_144808 by alex peraux, sur Flickr you will find other photos in my album
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