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  1. Sam Vimes

    Star Trek (General Discussion)

    I actually own a Book of all the Q Scripts,It's Quite good..
  2. Sam Vimes

    RIP Whitney Houston :(

    Don't Ya Mean 1980's right...I may be wrong, But I thought Whitney Was a big star of the 80's...Correct me if I am wrong..
  3. Sam Vimes

    Batman Films Discussion

    Guys, Guys, You Do Realized they never Made Batman and Robin..I mean they talked about making it, but it never happened.. *Walks off to bed with good dreams* Yep, Batman and Robin Never happened, the 90's films stoped with Batman Forever..
  4. Sam Vimes

    Batman Films Discussion

    Your Joking Right, I mean Seriously.....
  5. Sam Vimes

    What was the last movie you watched?

    I Know this is Off topic, But if you want Intersting and Scary Vampires, I would suggest Reading The Dresden Files By Jim Butcher...His thoughts on Vampires is quite interesting.
  6. Sam Vimes

    What are you reading?

    Why Thank You Guys for the Title...It make me feel part of Eurobricks to here such comments, even when I don't post much...
  7. Sam Vimes

    What are you reading?

    I am reading Jim Butcher's Ghost Story, which is Dresden Files Book 13
  8. Sam Vimes

    What are you reading?

    Currently Reading: Scott Snyders Batman: The Black Mirror, Just Finished Reading: Heaven is For Real Going to Read Next: Changes a Novel of the Dresden Files, By Jim Butcher.
  9. Sam Vimes

    Which Comic Do You Read?

    I haven't Read it yet, But I did Get Geoff John's FlashPoint Story Arc, Batman The Black Mirror By Scott Snyder, Battle for The Cowl Companion and Bought a Copy of Batman Cacophony.
  10. Sam Vimes

    Batman Films Discussion

    Im not trying to Start another Debate...But I really like most of the Batman Films the Three Films they made in the 90's and BB and TDK... I Agree with Penguin, TDK, and BB had no major Theme song...Which is probally why Im not the biggest fan of TDK and BB...Batman Begins I like for it's Quotes... But I am a fan of Quotes, I like TDK, Because of The Long Halloween Refenences in it.. I honestly think that The Dark Knight Rises, will be based of Knightfall, No Mans Land and Year One..Maybe... Overall...I Like Batman Films...Im Glad they Stoped Making the Films in the 90's with Batman Forever and then brought him back in 2006 (I think It was ) and Made Batman Begins...
  11. Sam Vimes

    Batman Films Discussion

    There is Talk about a Batman Reboot After Nolan is done, if this happens, Who Do you want to see in it for Villians and Who should Direct it?
  12. Sam Vimes

    Batman General Discussion Thread

    Guys..It's been Confirmed as Katana as the Sidekick, Katana For that Matter is from The Comic, The Outsiders...Which was a Comic about Batman's Special team of Hero's..( I want to read that in Trade ), And No that is not Dent, that is Alfred, they already Confrimed that it was a Gun Totting Alfred...So they want a different approach to the character...Let Warner Bros, Do that, and to base the show with Batman's Lesser known Foes like Professor Pyg, Mister Toad, etc, is a really good Idea, It really gives those characters a chance to shine on screen or more like the small screen.. For People who don't really read much Comics, to learn about Proffesor Pyg, And others read Grant Morrison's Batman And Robin Series...The First Volume starts with Proffesor Pyg, Mister Toad, and Also I wonder if this Series will have The Pink Flamingo in it.. That would be awesome, cause it looks like this show is going with almost a Grant Morrison feel to it...except for Gun Totting Alfred and using Katana...(Lovely Character )
  13. Sam Vimes

    Batman General Discussion Thread

    Could This Mean that the Chances of Hush or Black Mask having a bigger role is possible...Then Heck yea if that happens.. The Joker is nice Character, but Hopefully they will not give him a crappy redesign like they did in The Batman Show from what 2006, or so.
  14. Sam Vimes

    Batman General Discussion Thread

    Is it just me or does Katanna Look like NEWBTAS Style Nightwing.....And I love how Profesor Pyg is in this..and not the regular characters such as Joker and freinds..
  15. Sam Vimes

    What are you reading?

    Eragon...Yeah Rereading the series.. Eragon...Yeah Rereading the series..