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  1. Thanks everyone for your insights and comments! Glad you can appreciate it as much as I do! There is more stuff to post as well that I have created for fun. For an example... Different types of Hydrolator Crystals and Sub Vehicle Profiles...if anyone is interested in checking them out of course...
  2. Hi Hobbythom! Interesting question. Maybe telling you why I did this could answer your question. I really have a passion for building maps. Last Christmas, my roommate and I decided to do a Lego Exchange for gifts. Of course Aquazone was my favorite theme and Space Police was his. He got me the Hydro Search Sub. With that gift I decided to finish my sets that I could afford. I purchased the Crystal Scavanger, Deep Sea Predator, and the Crystal Explorer. Before last Christmas I didn't touch my lego set for years. It was a nice nostalgic feeling to have. When I was a kid I would also make random stories and maps for the toys I played with. I found a very old drawing of the map I created for the Aquazone which motivated me to make one in photoshop. I started to search for Aquazone lore if there was any to start building on it or to start to add to it. As I started to design the map story ideas came forth and I just decided to make up a basic origins story for the map. I really don't do anything with the lore persay. I just associated the lore with the map I created so it could have some substance to it instead of, "hey here's a random lego map I did". It was just merely a fun project to do and I wanted to share it with lego fans who would appreciate the lore and the map itself. I hope that answers your question :)
  3. Dang! Hopefully people will reply and comment more here. :)
  4. Hello all, I am new to the forum and been looking for a good lego community. I am a massive Aquazone fan. It's by far my favorite themed sets! Anyways, I have came up with lore and a world map for the Aquazone Theme. I followed the lore that Lego used for it and then added to it. I designed this map in photoshop. Scroll down below if you want to see the map. I hope you enjoy! :) Legoverse Each planet is dedicated to a Lego Theme where those inhabinates live. Aecor Neptuna Aecor Neptuna is the second largest planet in Legoverse. The planet consists of 88% water. There are 2 main continents and 4 sets of island chains. This planet was not explored until the 4th epoch. The Exploriens deemed this planet inhabitable because of the lack of land. A renegade Exploriens Starship that was not following orders to retreat against the UFO Fleet crashed on Aecor Neptuna. The starship housed 14 members. Their communication was broken and was deemed killed in action. The brother of Nova Hunter, Quasar Hunter was on that ship. Nova sent a rescue mission. This was the first time Aecor Neptuna was mapped. They found Quasar alive and well. He wanted to settle on this planet and form a new way of life. Setting Quasar Hunter sent his brother back to the Exploriens planet to bring back resources to start building submarines and recruit anyone who was intrigued to explore the ocean depths. While waiting on resources to build, research indicated that the water chemical makeup was different. Instead of H2O, it was H4O another form of water that was sharper and clearer. After a short time, the oceans where rising and the lands were becoming sparse. Behind schedule Quasar and his team had no choice but to build faster and dive into the abyss. Shortly after their initial dive, they realized quickly that these sub marines they've built where not running efficiently and their oxygen was not thick enough to last in the ocean water. A team member started to drown. His oxygen escaped his tank quickly as he started to descend into the dark abyss. A shiny silver crystal appeared on the sea ledge. It immediately gave him thick oxygen. These crystals would be the life source for these new oceanic explorers. It was priority one to find and obtain these crystals for oxygen life. Aquanauts, a worthy name for the new Explorien faction on Aecor Neptuna. They would be coated in yellow and blue and wore red bandanna's to signify their new wild life style under the sea. Building the Neptune Discovery Lab on the shelf of the water would be their primary hub for research and science for these new crystals, which they called hydrolator crystals. These silver crystals would also be used as fuel for their submarines. Soon, crystal mining became the primary source for the economy and way of life for the Aquanauts. While exploring deeper into the ocean they found other types of crystals that could eventually be used for more efficient means of fuel for their evolving submarine builds. After finding an abundance of crystal patches and mines different agendas started to run amok inside the Aquanaut faction. The Aquasharks Emerge Thresher, a crystal scientist became rogue and convinced numerous people to side with him in the promise of wealth and freedom from the laws of the Aquanauts. He wanted to control all of the crystal mines for him self because he believed they wasn't getting evenly distributed among the ranks. Thresher took the sigil of a shark and coated their subs in orange and black for a more intimidating look. They named themselves the Aquasharks. They made their debut to a small colony called Marine by ransacking and stealing crystals from Neptune Discovery Labs. This started a 10 year war between the Aqaunaut and Aquashark factions. The Aquasharks began to develop high tech weaponry to combat the Aquanauts and ward off other dangerous sea life. They developed sonar jams, sea rockets and cloaking devices. Thresher the leader of the Aquasharks died before resolving the conflict which lead to a stalemate between the two factions. The Aquaraiders Grasp While the Faction war grew a group of Aquanauts disbanded their faction and wanted to find other means of survival instead of relying on crystals. They developed top of the line mining equipment. As proof of their disbandment they changed their color to green and their sigil as piercing eyes. This group called themselves the Aquaraiders, with new subs built for excavation on ocean floors, reefs and coral walls. Trying to convert other Aquanauts to their cause the Aquaraiders feared that the crystals would be depleted soon. No one listened. Instead of hoarding the remaining crystals and wanted to end the war the Aquaraiders started their mission to destroy all crystals. They used the Hydro Reef Wrecker to destroy crystal mines and the Aqua Dozer to excavagate ocean floors. These techniques actually started to disrupt and destroy ocean ecosystems which caused a threat to the while way of life. While in stalemate of Thresher's death, both Aquanaut and Aquashark banded together to rally against the Aquaraiders. A common enemy. Crystals After the collapse of the Aquaraider Faction, the Aquanaut and the Aquasharks became allies in hopes to maintain sea life and finding new crystals. In the far reaches of the ocean they found large crystal farms. In the center of these farms there was a slightly larger silver crystal with a glow. This crystal charged and reproduced other silver crystals. The Aquanauts researched and experimented these new Silver Glow crystals for a more efficient use for oxygen while the Aquasharks researched to find a more efficient way for fuel. After a short time they couldn't find a proper way to contain these crystals because of their unstable attributes. They would categorize these Silver Glow crystals as Radiance Class crystals. With their power and conflicting properties to their engine and sonar systems, it causes random explosions which almost wiped out both factions. The Rally of the Hydronauts The remaining Aquaraider faction decided to explore and journey way beyond zone lines. They found a colossal reef and decided to make that their new home. A leading scientist for the faction, Hank Hydro was experimenting new ways to prolong the crystals lifespan. They used Hydro-fissure technology to make Aqua Cores to prolong the life of the crystals by double. In order to make Aqua Cores they needed a special chemical called Ocam One which was found in the crevasses of the Riptide Reef. The Riptide Reef was also very unstable and oceanic plates moved quite frequently. After seismic shift of the plates Ocam One canisters broke and melted their masks to their face. Ocam One completely rewrote their dna and wiped their memory. Hank Hydro survived. The Hydronauts where born. While Ocam One splattered everywhere, it drained into a large crevasse into the bottom of the deep. It melted a barrier of a hidden city. The Rise of the Stingrays The Stingrays are a hidden race that lived at the bottom of the ocean floors. They were awoken from their hibernation from the melting of Ocam One. They are fish like mutants that want to control all of Aecor Neptuna. With their mysterious technology and submarines they forged their way out to battle against the Hydronauts. The Stingrays wanted to rid of this new "parasite" in the oceans of Aecor Neptuna. They believed the crystals gave life to the planet and wanted to full control of all crystals. However, their efforts and their moral compass was very much out of whack. They found any means necessary to rid of what they called a new "parasite". There was no intention negotiating with the Stingrays. Reef Wars It seemed like a never ending war. Over time, the Hydronauts were loosing the war. The Stingrays had technology to completely omit the energy and oxygen charge from the crystals. The Hydronauts had no means to combat that. Their leader Manta Ray and his wife Raven Ray were very intelligent. They could out maneuver any techniques in combat. With danger of the extinction, a gleaming luminescence of color arose from the cliffs of the Reef. The Aquanaut, Aquashark and a stranded few of the Aquaraiders came to aid the Hydronauts to ultimately drive back the Stingray forces into their deep crevasse. Aquazone Federation After the defeat of the Stingrays, each faction decided to create a peaceful establishment called the Aquazone Federation which allowed all factions to specialize in different means of improving life underwater. Decades later with no conflict between the factions, the Aquazone Federation blossomed into their central form of government. Each faction was issued a territory to colonize in the explored sea to dedicate their specialty to the new Aquazone. You can freely enter in any colony. The Aquanauts would specialize in exploration and crystal farming and housed their colony in the Nautical Coast. The Aquasharks specialized in crystal transportation and combat training and housed their colony in the Sapphire Sea. The Aquaraiders specialized in crystal excavation as long as they maintained ecosystems and sea life. Their colony is housed in the Coralvine Cove. The Hydronauts specialized in the science of crystals to further prolong the crystals lifespan. Their colony is housed in the Riptide Reef. After 10 decades of peace their colonies grew from sea exploration. The map below is the finished map. It's in four sections. The Southwest section was the first explored which is called Aecor Neptuna or the Primary Colonies. East of the Primary Colonies is the Crystal Sea Expansions. North of the Primary Colonies is the Northern Trench Expansion and east of the Northern Trench is the final expansion of the Atlantian Deep. Also a new factions started to merge who didn't necessarily wanted to be associated with either factions tradition. They are known as the Neutrals. Legend Yellow Bricks = Aquanaut colonies Orange Bricks = Aquashark colonies Light Green Bricks = Aquaraider colonies Dark Green Bricks = Hydronaut colonies Black Bricks = Stingray colonies Grey Bricks = Trench or Kelp Neutrals Dark Blue Bricks = Trident or Lagoon Neutrals 3x2 Brick = Capitol City 2x2 Brick = City 1x1 Brick = Village 2x2 Column Brick = Sector