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  1. floed

    Star Wars LEGO Photography

    Master Windu !! Hope you enjoy this picture Master Windu by Floed, on Flickr
  2. floed

    Star Wars LEGO Photography

    Greedo shot first !!! Greedo shot first by Floed, on Flickr
  3. floed

    Star Wars LEGO Photography

    Hey guys !! today i came across this topic, I saw most of these photos on flickr but I could still discoverd other beautiful pictures I also do pictures so i will show you some of them :) My favorite : Boba Binary Sunset by Floed, on Flickr You can see more on spoiler ;) I hope you enjoy ;)
  4. floed

    [SWBP] - Hutt Lord Enforcers

    I love the Nikto with the "Ronan Hat", good Battlepack
  5. floed

    [SWBP] - Frozen Swamps Recon Unit

    Great Battlepack ;)
  6. floed

    [SWBP] - Swap market inspection

    If only Lego could do a battlepack with jawa ... good battlepack
  7. floed

    [SWBP] – Arc Troopers Battlepack

    This Battlepack is awesome !! i want one My favorite part is the clone with the Reciprocating quad blaster
  8. floed

    [SWBP] Senator's escape

    Good, i really love the Senator and his speeder bike, nice Battlepack
  9. Good battlepack, the minifigs are great , i also like the gun tower
  10. floed

    [SWBP] Angry Senator Battle Pack

    Excelent love the flick pie missile
  11. floed

    [SWBP] Advanced Bomb Squad

    Great !!! i love your speederbike
  12. floed

    Episode VIII: Shaping the Odds

    I am interested too, can you add me on the group PM please ? thanks a lot
  13. floed

    Decal Wish List

    Your welcome I look forward to see your minifig !
  14. I received my minifigs this morning. Thanks a lot CopMike for everything
  15. floed

    Decal Wish List

    Hey ! the decal is done, you can found it here ;)