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  1. On the previous page of this topic, I posted a link to one of my MediaFire folders which contains both the PC and Mac versions of the LDD installer, if you are having issues with the official page.
  2. Kevin Flemming

    LDD Tricks

    Can't seem to duplicate the fine move anymore. Have they patched it out or something?
  3. Kevin Flemming

    Kev's Decorated Pieces.

    Ah, okay. That makes more sense for them to be reliable. Well I'll leave them where they are, for the time being and if I happen to notice any issues, I'll definitely consider making the switch. Most "lost" files tend to be users removing files themselves, the files are against the ToS (i.e. illegal copies of things, or indecent material), or simply users cancelling accounts. I've had this MediaFire account for a few years now and never deleted anything I've posted for forum use. In fact, I don't think I've ever removed a single file from there at all (should see what I have there, to be honest lol). But you never know with these things. Still, at least there are two alternatives, so thank you for those. I've bookmarked them, should the need arise. So should this be somewhere else, or not? I'm still none the wiser, with what you've said.
  4. Kevin Flemming

    Kev's Decorated Pieces.

    Thank you, but I'd rather not sign up to even more sites, I'm afraid. I already have far too many things that I rarely use (such as this site lol) and all of those have access to my personal details, such as e-mail and so on. With how much spam I receive on a weekly basis, I'd prefer not to exacerbate the situation further by passing more details out to sites I don't know or trust. My block filter list is getting rather full. Affordable? I'm not looking to spend money on hosting either, with the two perfectly-capable free and useful sites I currently use. Hope you understand my reasoning. I did look but it was just simpler to post a separate topic in the LDD general page. Feel free to remove this if it's violating any rules or such (if you have the authority).
  5. Kevin Flemming

    Kev's Decorated Pieces.

    You're welcome. Might tackle the faces today. I'll just add them here, instead of clutter the place up with multiple topics.
  6. I've gone through and added every standard decoration currently available in LDD to separate torsos and heads, in order of how they are in the decoration menu. The best way I've found to use these, is to grab which ones you want, separate them from the rest, select them all and Ctrl-C to copy. While LDD is open, it will remember what you have copied into the clipboard. Open your current project and Ctrl-V to paste in your desired pieces. Or you can simply press Ctrl-I (that's "i") and import the decorations files as a whole. This import method might cause some lag or crashing on weaker systems though, as you will be pasting over 300 pieces into your current project. If you are copying an existing official LEGO set, then it's better to look at the instructions, and use the former method to grab what you need beforehand. Just personal experience from using LDD for years. Torsos: Link to shared file: Some of the backs have been done, but not all. To be honest, I'm burnt-out after doing 340 of the buggers lol. Not all colour schemes are 100% correct, as most are from memory, and I'm not going to look through over 300 torsos to find the right colours. But fear not, friends. Ones that don't have the correct colours have been painted logically (dark decal has a lighter torso, and vice versa) to make them relatively-easy to find. Heads - Updated (22/06/18): Link to shared file:'s+Decorated+Heads+-+Updated.lxf Update: I've now sorted the heads into a couple of categories. From top to bottom of screenshot: Back of head decals, Female decals, Male decals, and Monster type decals. Hope you find these useful. Anything beats the awful menu that has a mind of it's own, right?
  7. Kevin Flemming

    MOC: Modular Surf & Ski Shop/Travel Agency

    That's very tidy. Nicely done! As others have mentioned, the main entrance is especially tidy. Always striking to see angles other than 90 degrees. Do you mean the top of the parking meter? It's a Technic Catch w. Cross Hole (4107800) on top of a Light Sword Blade, with a Connector Peg w. Knob inside.
  8. Kevin Flemming


  9. Works fine for me. Able to click on the Download button and receive the file. I'm the UK, if that makes any difference. EDIT: I've downloaded both the PC and Mac versions, and uploaded them to my MediaFire account. So if you still can't download them, feel free to get them from here:
  10. Same here. File is most likely out-of-date and incompatible with the latest version of LDD.