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  1. Kevin Flemming

    [PRESS RELEASE] 10265 - Ford Mustang Creator Expert

    This is easily one of the best-looking replica models to date, and it's not even Technic.
  2. Kevin Flemming

    [PRESS RELEASE] 21316 - Lego Ideas Flinstones

    The original idea was far better than the actual finished product. Bit of a shame to see it reduced to an utterly basic and boring build, really.
  3. Kevin Flemming

    Review: 76105 The Hulkbuster: Ultron Edition

    Overall, I just think it looks weak and pathetic. The design is rubbish (especially the shoulders, and legs), and if it wasn't for the colours and decals, it looks nothing like the Hulkbuster.
  4. Kevin Flemming

    [MOC]Spaceship built with 14,400 bricks - VIRGILIO

    I would love to have a go at building that in LDD, for sure. It's outstanding quality and a real looker.
  5. Kevin Flemming

    lego piece height difference

    LDD's collisions were making it tricky to get them all flush with one another, and after a while I decided to just quit rather than become more annoyed. Not sure how other people did it, but looking at the sets that have been made, it's possible at least.
  6. Kevin Flemming

    lego piece height difference

    It was the body plates that I got frustrated with, so you've got a way to go just yet. They're always a pain on every Millennium Falcon in LDD. But others have made it before me, so it can be done. I just have a short fuse with these things lol. Keep at it, and you can do it. Best of luck.
  7. Kevin Flemming

    lego piece height difference

    Also bear in mind, that there will be many parts of the instructions that you will simply not be able to do, due to illegal connections. I have already tried to make this in LDD (I got about 3/4 of the way through before giving up), and it's not an easy build. Especially for LDD, considering the lack of up-to-date parts and methods they've used to create the real-life model.
  8. Awesome. Thank you for the suggestions, guys! It's greatly appreciated. I'll be gearing-up for some hardcore building soon. It's been a while, and I'm feeling the urge to do something other than smaller official sets. Technic ones can be a little bit of a pain in LDD at times, but even just doing the steps up until the point where you can't continue is still fun for me. LEGO is so therapeutic, even when it goes wrong lol.
  9. Those are outstanding. Way above my pay grade I think, but I'll still keep a hold of them if ever there is a time I'm feeling more than adventurous lol. Thank you! Don't worry, I know about LDD and limitations. I've managed to get some custom builds to around 26,000 bricks before it started to get a bit of a hassle. That was on my old laptop, and now I have a dedicated gaming tower, so performance-wise I should be okay. The only issue that should occur is with LDD itself not being able to handle it. If you're interested, this is what I was building that required so many bricks: Wasn't even a quarter of the way through what I had planned. It would have never been finished lol.
  10. Oh, wow. That is an impressive beast of a build. Will take some getting used to not having LEGO instructions, but that is far too amazing to not try out. Many thanks, friend!
  11. LDD. Figured I would ask, as who knows their MOCs better than the builders themselves.
  12. I'm getting a little bored of the official sets, and was wondering if people had any suggestions for free MOCs, that were doable in LDD, please? Preferably ones without lots of "plate" jiggery-pokery, such as with the official Millennium Falcon body and so on. I don't mind a little bit of hard work, and there is no limit to size. I sometimes build my own projects, but haven't been able to concentrate recently (due to a new relationship lol). Any recommendation would be greatly appreciated!
  13. Ah, yeah that's true actually. Not firing on all cylinders today, it seems lol.
  14. In LDD, you can also select the pieces you want to group and press Ctrl-G instead of messing around with the UI. Much faster.
  15. Kevin Flemming

    MOC: Wolverine vs The Sentinels

    Wow, this is truly amazing. The whole scene is simply perfect. I would give my first-born to own this as proper set. Good work, bub.