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  1. Kevin Flemming

    Jon Hall's Airplane

    I had to double-take. They don't look like LEGO at first glance. Amazing.
  2. U.G.L.Y you ain't got no alibi.
  3. LDD hates panels, angles and most other things. Quite often there are things you just can't do in LDD. Real manipulation of LEGO is very different to the program's limitations. Trial and error is your best bet. Use small incremental angles and such, or perhaps try to find alternative ways of making certain parts go together. I've had to bodge my fair share of official builds over the years, with jury-rigged methods (such as precision moving floating elements to put them into place).
  4. Kevin Flemming

    [MOC] Lego Hulkbuster MOC 76031 + 76105 Combination

    Man, I wish this was the official Hulkbuster set. Looks so much better than both originals. Fantastic work!
  5. Kevin Flemming

    Is there any huge MOC of Assembly Square

    Be warned, there are a lot of people saying this isn't possible to complete without lots of extra parts. The creator claims it can be done "with no extra pieces" but that is clearly not the case. They also suggest building with Lepin, many of the sections are awkward to connect and overall it seems like a waste of time.
  6. Kevin Flemming

    LDD (4.3.11) MAX # of pieces??

    No idea, or even what LUA is, I'm afraid. I'm just a mere user who knew about the LAA (having previously tested using it in conjunction with a mod for a game) and thought it might do something.
  7. Kevin Flemming

    LDD (4.3.11) MAX # of pieces??

    I'll give it a go. I have the LAA somewhere on my drive. Just added more to my stress test file and it bottomed-out while trying to save 45,000. So that seems to be the limit for basic structures with a non-LAA LDD. I'll see if I can add more now it's been patched, when I have some time. EDIT: No, still crashed while trying to save 45,000. Looks like that is the most you can do (at least from a simple structure perspective).
  8. Kevin Flemming

    LDD (4.3.11) MAX # of pieces??

    Yeah, that's a really good point. I didn't think about the more complex bricks and such. My old castle was mainly larger bricks, to save time and my imagination at the time wasn't too good (this was years ago now). I use maximum settings (because it has been so long, that it looks weird without it now). Went for 2x4 bricks, as they're a good size and you can stack them, so it also renders a taller structure as well as wide. It handled 9 huge blocks of roughly 4,000 bricks before getting a bit stuttery when rotating. Still good enough to build more, provided big sections aren't being moved around. Trying to move one of the blocks is ridiculous lol. Also, takes just under 30 seconds to load the .lxf file. That's another factor to take into consideration, the loading time of a file. It will also freeze up temporarily and stop responding during the load. I wonder if the LAA (Large Address Aware) patch works for LDD, actually. Would be great to give it some more juice.
  9. Kevin Flemming

    LDD (4.3.11) MAX # of pieces??

    Well, that's not entirely true either. Having used LDD on both an old laptop (GT 540M) and my gaming tower (GTX 980), I've noticed very little difference in performance. Only slightly does my tower handle LDD better. It's negligable, to be quite honest. I wouldn't put all of your trust in LDD being able to handle massive builds without issues based on what card you have. There can and will be crashes, stuttering and frustration with anything too large, regardless of specifications. As a test, I duplcated large amounts of bricks and reached about 36,000 until I started noticing stuttering and had one crash while trying to paste in a "block" of bricks. So while I only reached roughly 24,000 on my laptop, it was mid-build at the time (a large castle) and I hadn't finished before the power cable broke. I could have probably gone further with it, if I didn't get a new PC. But me being fussy aside, you should be good anywhere up to about 25,000 to 30,000 without too many problems, even on an older system.
  10. Kevin Flemming

    LDD (4.3.11) MAX # of pieces??

    Yeah, I've used LDD for years now and struggle with the others. The simplicity of the UI is what appeals to me. Plus I know exactly where most parts are in each category and it takes a second to find what I want now. I build them using existing pieces in LDD. It's fun to find alternative ways of doing things. There are some methods that just aren't possible, due to clipping and limitations but generally you can create your own makeshift parts with what LDD has to offer. As an example, I've just built a Baseplate 32 x 32 with Ramp and Pit, using existing LDD pieces. It's not perfect, but the shape is pretty much what is needed.
  11. Kevin Flemming

    LDD (4.3.11) MAX # of pieces??

    No, because LDD is no longer supported by TLG. If they happen to bother making a new update, it probably won't be for a loooong time. I can't even connect LDD to the internet anymore (for whatever reason). You'll have to make your own custom parts for things that are missing, which in itself can be just as satisfying really. I've just created my own Baseplate 36 x 48 x 6 with 4 Corner Pits and it turned-out quite good.
  12. Kevin Flemming

    LDD (4.3.11) MAX # of pieces??

    RAM doesn't work in that way. If LDD isn't being used, it won't use memory. I think you're confusing RAM with hard drive space?
  13. Kevin Flemming

    [KEY TOPIC] LDD custom bricks

    Does anybody have any the old baseplates pre-made? Such as the one from 6098 King's Castle and so on. I used to have a couple that I made myself, but lost them when I reinstalled Windows and really don't feel like making them again lol. EDIT: Ah, don't worry I'm making them myself. The ones available here, while they look okay, they are solid (as in there are tons of bricks inside the baseplates), whereas I've just made the 32 x 48 x 6 with 4 Corner Pits and it's 200 bricks less than a much smaller 32 x 32 baseplate I downloaded from this topic. No offense meant to the original creator. At least someone did it lol.
  14. Kevin Flemming

    LDD (4.3.11) MAX # of pieces??

    I've gotten up to roughly 23,000-24,000 bricks in LDD before, on an old laptop (that is about 10 years old). And mostly it was only laggy when moving the larger sections. But that happens even with a 1,000-2,000 brick model. It just doesn't like big sections being moved around. Split them up into smaller ones, and it'll stutter less.
  15. Kevin Flemming

    [MOC] Porsche 911 Carrera RSR 1973

    As mentioned, the shaping is just perfect. Instantly recognisable!