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  1. I use them on my shelves as bookends.
  2. Jules35

    MOD: LEGO Bike Shop & Café 31026

    Hi Tobysan Thanks for listing the extra pieces. When I get the set I will make up the regular versions and then have a go at your version when I get some time. It really does look great.
  3. Jules35

    MOD: LEGO Bike Shop & Café 31026

    That's a beautiful piece of work. I've been considering buying this set for a while but seeing what you've managed to do has finally made me order it. The original is decent but that is just wonderful. Did you use any other extra pieces apart from the base plate and 2x2 tiles?
  4. Jules35

    [MOC] Little Modulars

    Love the en-suite shower room in that first one - beautifully done.
  5. Jules35

    List of Star Wars sets that are retiring!

    Well - the Lego shop now says Out of stock, expected ship date 28 Nov 2014 So clearly the guy I spoke to when I called up customer service was misinformed when he said they would not be getting any more in.
  6. Went out and bought 7965 Millennium Falcon, 75049 Snow Speeder and 75054 At-At today. I've been getting a bit carried away with purchases recently but thankfully now have all the Star Wars sets I want.
  7. Jules35

    List of Star Wars sets that are retiring!

    Well I called up the Lego Shop UK this morning about the Millennium Falcon and they conformed they won't be getting any more in so I guess that means it's about to be discontinued. Having said that when I called about the Christmas decorations with red bricks in they said I got the last one and there were no more to come - then they got some more in stock - so who knows. Even so - with that in mind and Something_Awesome praising the set I couldn't resist going out today and getting one.
  8. Jules35

    List of Star Wars sets that are retiring!

    I'd love a UCS version. I gather there are rumours of another coming out because of the release of Episode 7. Fingers crossed for that one although I'm not sure where I would put something that big at the moment. I might reconsider the 7965 as well. I actually got close to buying one from a store near me as they had them on sale but then they put the price back up - probably because of Christmas coming. I was thinking I might buy one in the New Year if they dropped the price again but if it's becoming retired then that seems unlikely. We shall see.
  9. Jules35

    List of Star Wars sets that are retiring!

    When I looked on the Lego UK shop last night the 7965 Millennium Falcon was shown as being sold out. Still plenty in stores and other places online but was not sure if this was a sign of things to come. Was sorely tempted to buy one at one point but was a bit put off by the amount of stickers and the gaps in the top between the flaps. Still a decent enough set though.
  10. Jules35

    [WIP] Millennium Falcon landing gear

    He's probably trapped under a collapsed pile of gray Lego pieces.
  11. Bought Lego Tie Fighter 9492 brand new in the box off ebay. Got it for what seems like a decent price compared with what others are selling for but still a little expensive for what it is. I guess that what happens when a set is discontinued. After having got the x wing and y wing recently I couldn't resist though.
  12. Jules35

    What was your first LEGO set?

    My memory is a little hazy but I'm pretty sure it was this one - I was only about four or five at the time and my older brother had some fairly basic Lego which I played with - but this was the first set I remember being for me. I thought it was the best thing ever. A short while later I got a motor to go with it and then a few other bits and pieces such as a level crossing and extra track. Happy days. I think my brother still has all the Lego we had as kids - including the Lego town and space stuff I got when I was older. I should try and get it back off him.
  13. Bought 9495 Gold Leaders Y-wing Starfighter and 75055 Imperial Star Destroyer from Toys R Us this morning. Really pleased I got hold of the Y-wing as I gather they're discontinued - plus they price matched Amazon on the Star Destroyer and I got a £15 voucher for having spent over £100. It's been a good day so far. I've also ordered the 9493 X-wing from the Lego shop - hopefully that will be here soon.