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  1. I'm a huge fan of The Legend of ZELDA. After the Temple of Time from Ocarina ot Time (see my last post) i also built the Clock Tower from Majora's Mask. To stay as true to the game as possible i included two functions: The clock is connected to the gears on the side as well as the tip of the tower with a mechanism that can be activated by turning a knob in the back of the tower to make the clock "tick". You can find a video demonstration here (unfortunately I couldn't figure out a way to embed it properly). The clock can be lifted up and tipped over for the final showdown on top of the tower against horror kid - see video here. As an additional tiny detail I included the owl statue next to the tower that functions as a save point/warp point in the game. My next project will be the Tower of the Gods from The Wind Waker. If you are interested in how it will turn out, you can follow me on Flickr.
  2. Thank you for the kind words - glad you like it! The only thing that bugs me a bit is that the interior is so dark because it does not let much light in. I was playing with the idea of putting some LEDs in there somewhere, but that's something I have never tried before.
  3. matterich

    [MOC] IT - Pennywise the Dancing Clown(2019)

    I love how you managed to get the facial expression to look so perfect! What technique have you used for the eyes? Is there actually some black insid the yellow parts?
  4. Hi, this is my micro scale version of the Temple of Time from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I've been working on the design on and off for probably more than a year using LDD and Studio until i finally ordered the pieces from Bricklink to actually build it. This is what the temple looks like in the game: The Lego model opens in the front and in the back to reveal the interior including the three Spiritual Stones, the Door of Time and of course the Master Sword: I am currently also building the Clock Tower from Majora's Mask (including moving clock faces and the transformation function) and working on the design for the Tower of the Gods from Wind Waker. I will share pictures of those as soon as they are built! Flickr PS: I wasn't sure which forum to post this in. If it would better fit somewhere else please let me know - thanks :)
  5. matterich

    Steampunk Millenium Falcon

    Really amazing! I love that your creation has an interior as opposed to the UCS falcon. Also great job on the steampunk style!
  6. matterich

    [MOC] Minas Tirith

    Amazing build - you have my support on lego ideas!
  7. matterich

    Hi from Austria!

    Thanks for the welcome. Contest entries sounds interesting - going to check them out right now!
  8. matterich

    [MOC] Goblin Pirates (79010 Alt Build)

    Looks awesome! I love this idea of alternate builds for existing Lego sets. Is there a place where I can find more creations like this? For example I have already seen someone create an amazing Ent from the Ewok village set. I would love to see some more creations that only use parts from any other set out there. Can someone point me in the right direction of where to look?
  9. matterich

    What are you listening to?

    Mostly Rock and Metal for me. And I have a thing for medieval music and especially Folk Rock/Metal. I also enjoy some other cross overs, like with music from video games, movies or TV shows. There's some very interesting things out there in the musical world :D
  10. matterich

    Occupation thread

    Interesting to see what everyone is doing for a living - seems to be quite a diverse community. Well and here I am, another engineer. Software engineering to be more specific. I love the similarities in programming and building Lego. In both cases you a creating something completely new out of existing parts :)
  11. matterich

    Hi from Austria!

    Hello everyone! My name is Matthias. I recently got back into Lego, when I discovered LDD, which I have been spending a lot of time on creating a few custom creations over the last months. I also dug out the collection from my childhood and even bought the first Lego set in many years - the remote controlled Volvo Wheel Loader - I have always had a thing for Technic :) Now I have also been browsing r/lego on reddit a lot lately but I am always on the lookout for nice MOCs, so I am very much looking forward to exploring your creations and maybe also sharing some of my own!